Tuesday, February 8, 2011

New Luste Teuber Official RKSF Art

Well we're back, everyone. I know this got mentioned quite a bit in the comments of the previous post, but I feel as if this Luste concept art by WOMI really needs an honorable mention here on the blog in full detail. (After all, this is an Rosenkreuzstilette blog.)

You can view it here in the latest site update: NWS http://kurotama.sakura.ne.jp/diary/index.html NWS

One quick thing I'd like to add: I also stumbled onto WOMI's personal blog, and [erka:es] is still hard at work with ~Freudenstachel~. Hopefully Summer Comiket 2011 will be the date we see ~RKSF~ in it's entirety. I hope.