Friday, October 30, 2009

Challenge Stuff

The results for the "Time Attack" challenge will be posted soon. I've been kinda busy! Soon!

Thursday, October 29, 2009

SASA Fanart Contest Extension

For those are feeling that December 1st may not enough time to complete your submission for the Schwer and Schwer Alike's Fanart Contest, I've decided to make an extension to the deadline.

The new deadline will be December 12th, 2009, which is on a Saturday. The update to the deadline has be made to the rules and entry information.

Friday, October 16, 2009

RKS Challenge 009: Time Attack

And here comes the triumphant return of the RKS Challenge series! I'll try my best to make this bi-weekly, so it'll give us something to do. That said, let's get on with the show.

This one is a Freudenstachel Web Trial Demo challenge, so load that one up, and make sure it's updated to v0.04a or whatever the latest one is. Your objective is to beat the prologue stage and Sichte's stage under specified conditions within a certain time range.

Prologue Stage Conditions:
- You may only slide when it is necessary to progress in the stage.
- Any damage taken will add five (5) seconds to your overall time.
- Every time Eifer uses her vine attack, three (3) seconds will be added to your overall time.

Sichte Stage Conditions:
- You may not fire any weapons during the course of the stage.
- When fighting Sichte, only one shot at a time may be fired (no holding the shot button).
- Any damage taken during the stage will add two (2) seconds to your overall time.
- Any damage taken during the boss fight will subtract seven (7) seconds from your overall time.

The goal is to get as close to eight minutes (8:00) as possible without going over.

To submit your replays, please e-mail them to us at grollschwert [at] gmail [dot] com with the subject line "RKS009: Time Attack". You may only submit one replay, and all replays must be received by one week from today. Good luck!

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Freudenstachel Secrets

As ViperAcidZX pointed out in the last post's comments section, the password system has not been updated for Freudenstachel's demo, so old passwords will still work.

- Dolis Warmind provides a new weapon that probably acts similarly to Remilia Scarlet's weapon for Alice, Bloody Curse, in MegaMari: Marisa no Yabou. It is an aerial projectile attack, but its flight path is currently unknown. Because it has no sprite, the attack is currently invisible.
- Dolis's weapon has no effect on any of the bosses.
- Use of any blank weapon will deplete all weapon energy from every weapon you have except for Freudenstachel and Weissteufel.
- Freudenzwinger completely devastates the Astaroth mid-boss in Grolla's stage.
- So far, there is no evidence of a substitute for Eins or Zwei.
- The image portraits for the blank weapons are slightly different from the ones with names. Most notably is that Freudia's image is improved from the blank prototypes.
- Story Mode passwords still work, and it even labels replays accordingly, but there's no dialogue to be had.
- Entering the Iris Palace password will still take you there, though everything will be blank. However, you will still hear the Iris Capsule, and if you wait, you will enter an empty Golden Palace stage.

If we find anything else, you'll hear it here first.

Friday, October 2, 2009

Freudenstachel Replay Time Glitch

I was messing around with the Freudenstachel demo today, and I found something rather interesting. Check out this replay to see what I mean. (Note: Watch the timer.) This is probably doable in the original as well, but I'm using a Freudenstachel replay, so hey. PS - You'll need 0.04a, which I'm sure most everyone has.