Tuesday, June 30, 2009

English Patch Progress

I am happy to announce that Spiritia's Story Mode scripts and graphics are done, and Grolla's scripts will be ready for review and insertion very shortly. The hour of completion is nigh, and I, for one, am getting excited.

Nothing new to report on [erka:es]'s end, though. Kiora has some new pictures up on his blog if you're interested. That's about it. I'll report back when something interesting happens. If anyone wants to contribute anything, please do. I need something to post.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Comment Moderation

Due to unfortunate circumstances, I have activated comment moderation on Schwer and Schwer Alike. I can no longer tolerate certain actions occurring within the comments section of this blog. When things die down a bit, I will reassess the situation, but as of now, my patience has been worn very thin. I apologize for the inconvenience.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

RKS Fanfic Script from 2ch

A short while ago, someone wrote up a small RKS fanfiction script on 2ch. It took us a bit of time, but we finally got around to translating it, so here it is. Enjoy!

I don't think it has a title, so...

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Shameless Plug

Since this is my blog and I can do whatever I want with it (heh), I'm going to post a little side project of mine: "This Is Not An Anime Podcast!" Every week-ish, what winter left behind and the last hope for mankind will be presenting a podcast show about whatever the heck we feel like. Please take a listen, and we promise/hope/don't promise that you won't be disappointed!

Download Episode 01 here.

Thanks, and hopefully soon, I'll be back with something RKS-related.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Introducing KreuzChannel, RKS HQ's Official YT Channel

I'm sure some people were wondering why the video I had uploaded to YouTube were deleted, and the reason is this! I've been working on transferring the videos over to an "official" Schwer and Schwer Alike channel called KreuzChannel.

This channel will be the one-stop YT channel for pretty much any videos that get showcased on this channel from here on. One thing to note is that I have now included a glitch showcase video (see below), and I changed the Grollschwert C72 Trial to contain all-new footage and a new translation of the opening. Some videos, such as the hidden Freudenstachel stages, mod vids, etc. will remain on my personal YouTube channel, mostly because they're annotated, and I really don't feel like doing that again.

The channel serves another purpose, though. This channel is for you guys, the Schwer readers as well. We will be accepting contributions. If you have a replay or something like that you would like to showcase, I'll record it to video and toss it up on the channel with the proper credits. Future challenge submissions or time attacks also have a place there. My intention is to create what amounts to a bulletin board of various things from the RKS community, much like how this blog is something of our public forum, since setting up an actual forum to my liking, is cumbersome for me.

Well, I hope this turns out to be something great.

2ch has started their 7th RKS thread, but it looks like discussion is pretty much dead until either Summer Comiket rolls around or some major update happens, like the web trial, so we won't be hearing much from that end for a while. In the meantime, I'll do my best to give you guys something so you don't end up bored. If anyone wants to contribute anything like fanfiction or art or whatever (AND IT'S REASONABLY WELL DONE, YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE), it may give me something to put up in our downtime. We shall see.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

RKS English Game Over

And here's the game over text to finish this off.

(video temporarily removed)

I'm moving the RKS English Patch release date to July 15th at the latest. As TDOMMX said, things are moving as quickly as possible, and we're ironing out everything we can, so it may take a little longer than planned. However, if we finish at any point before the deadline, we'll release it immediately. Alright then! Stay tuned!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

RKS English Showcase Series

We present to you this portion of the near-finalized Spiritia script. This showcase features the prologue stage and the 8 bosses, as seen from the RKS Trial Extended Preview patch. Please enjoy.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Tearis - Page 07

A little late on this one, but no big. In this page of Tearis, Zorne makes her first appearance. Undoubtedly, it won't be her last! The DDL has been updated to include this page. Enjoy!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Rosenkreuzstilette Grollschwert - C72 Trial Version

TDOMMX decided to mess around with the trial disc and discovered this amazing little jewel. There was a version of RKSG with an alternate opening and a variety of differences. He gets full credit for discovering this and providing me with a copy. We will be showcasing the other differences in the demo in a later post.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Keeping a Promise

Wow. In true Calypso fashion, Superjustinbros. drew pretty much what I asked him to (that's what I get for not specifying), and as promised, the piece gets showcased here. I have to say that it's actually colored pretty well. Keep this up.

Letty's Request

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Zorne's Birthday

You know, I'm really surprised at the amount of love for Zorne, especially considering her position in the popularity poll, but hey, the more RKS fans, be they Zorne or anyone else, the better. To commemorate all the Zorne love, here's Kiora's other mini-doujinshi called "Zorne's Birthday". Thank you, Kiora!

Download: (Mediafire)

RKS Fanfic: "Love and Duty"

Schwer reader Dragnfly has provided us with a fanfic entitled "Love and Duty" about two brothers who stand together to protect their master at any cost.

Read it here!

Saturday, June 6, 2009

One Other Thing

I made this in Photoshop. Hope you all liked it. :3

Luste Stage Remix

Schwer blog reader zun!bar sent us an awesome remix of Luste's stage theme. (I really should check that e-mail more often.) I encourage everyone to download it and give him some feedback! And if you guys are willing to compose stuff like this, I'll change the music mod to include all RKS theme remixes, which would be a pretty sweet gig.

Download here!

Everybody's Favorite Bomber Girl (Also Wiki)

Once again, Kiora shows his love for Zorne by drawing this nice picture of her in a cute outfit. You know, if I had better sprite editing skills, I'd probably create some alternate costume patch for everyone... Maybe I can practice that or something.

I finally got around to adding the profiles for the Black Cross Organization/Dark Magi, so check them out if you're curious. Their pages still need work, but I can save that for later. You know, if I had bothered to do any research, I would've known that zaku6 is an H-doujinshi artist and is making an RKS H-doujinshi. Oh boy.

Friday, June 5, 2009

RKS's Best Kept Secret

More Wiki Stuff

The wiki is slowly getting there, so once again, thank you to everyone making contributions. Just a couple more things I want to point out:

1) Please use the profile pictures I made as the headline pictures for character profiles.

Case in point, Spiritia's profile page. I uploaded a collection of pictures that are similar for each character, as well as custom ones for Lilli and Iris. I'd set them myself, but I can't seem to make it work the way I want to. One of you who knows what you're doing, leave a comment about it so I can learn how to run my own Wiki. >_>

2) With the exception of the squid Zeppy, all Sepperin/Zeppelin articles are to be listed as Sepperin.

To start, Zeppy has no official romanization (same with Carl/Karl Palesch), and for the English version, we've decided to use the name "Zeppy". However, Zorne, Iris, and Graf Michael all have names officially romanized as Sepperin according to the [erka:es] website, despite the obvious issue that comes up. Therefore, it's my decision that the articles remain headlined as "Sepperin"; however, a note is to be included. For example, the Zorne article should say something like this:

Zorne Sepperin (ツォルネ・ゼッペリン, Tsorune Zepperin) (Zorne Zeppelin in the English version) is the second boss character in Rosenkreuzstilette.

Whether you agree with this decision or not is up to you, but it's my story, and I'm sticking to it.

3) Zeppy is not a plushie.

I keep coming across it in places on the wiki, and it's driving me crazy. Stop doing that.

And that's pretty much it for right now. Relatively soon, I'll be adding the RKSF character profiles, so look forward to it!

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Alternate Trial Download Link

It appears that some of you are having trouble downloading the trial version from the site, so here's an alternate upload link on Megaupload.

Download available here.

Sorry this took so long, I was kinda lazy about it. But I do listen! I promise! I'll also put these download links on the sidebar for now. So yeah, enjoy.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Strudel and [erka:es] Update

This is a placeholder until I get more information (and until I finish doing some work), but [erka:es] made an update today with a new picture of Strudel, Freudia's fairy partner! I'll be back with more soon.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

RKS English Preview Video

YouTube user djrelllik has uploaded a video showcasing our preview release of the full English patch for Rosenkreuzstilette.

Good to see that Darkside Translations got all the credit. I'm not bitter. :P

While I have this post up, I'll also say that 2ch has taken notice of the RKS Wiki, so over the next week (or whenever I finish watching Toradora!), I will be hard at work fixing up articles and making everything as accurate as I can. We have to dress to impress to show them that we are serious and love RKS! The Wiki will be complete in time for the full English release, that's for sure.

And still no Freudenstachel web trial.

Monday, June 1, 2009

Rosenkreuzstilette English Trial Version

Thanks for waiting, your patience will be rewarded. As promised, here it is: The English trial version of Rosenkreuzstilette! This demo showcases some of the various changes we've made to the game in the localization process, be they graphic error repairs, minor typos fixes, or subtle changes. You can use this demo to give everything a looksie, as it will give you a general idea of what to expect for the final release.

In addition, the installer also includes an option to preview the script of the full version of the game in English! You'll get the Prologue and all 8 bosses in English for Spiritia Mode, which is a pretty sweet deal. Give it a try, and tell us what you think.

And here's the link to the official announcement on Darkside Translations.

By the way, full English version will be released no later than July 1st. I have another little RKS-related project I'm working on, and I'm hoping to include it with the final installer. More information later. Well, have fun!