Saturday, June 27, 2009

RKS Fanfic Script from 2ch

A short while ago, someone wrote up a small RKS fanfiction script on 2ch. It took us a bit of time, but we finally got around to translating it, so here it is. Enjoy!

I don't think it has a title, so...


  1. Epic lawlz! Wow, Zorne REALLY loves fire. XD Is it me, or the beginning of the fanfic reminds me of the beginning of the second half of Gurren Lagann?

  2. Wow, you guys have time for all this stuff, yet Letty has yet to respond to any of my posts on my blog. >:(

    I think the Super Justin squad can have a better barbecue.

    In fact, that gives me an idea...

  3. Reminds me some scenes of burning food, in real life...

    Nut unlike Zorne's cooking... That was not intentionnal ^_^;

  4. Not bad. A nice quick read.

    "Perhaps I should cool your heads down for you."

    This type of line gives a special image to Nanoha fans like me, and the image fits Freudia very well.

  5. This just gives me the motivation to ask people this question.

    Who is the better cook: Raine Sage (Tales of Symphonia) or Zorne Sepperin?

    My money is on Raine 'cuz she can bake an awesome cake and she pwn people with a piece of chalk! XD

  6. *knocks on the door repeatly*


  7. Heh. For some reason, I ended up picturing Freu wearing reading glasses in that fanfic. Nice image, actually.

    Viper: That was a hilarious Symphonia strip. Thanks for posting it. I have one question, though: where did all the characters' clothes go in the last panel?

    Justin: I'm going to break the commandment "Thou shalt not feed the trolls" and throw you a bone so that you know exactly what's going on. Others have tried to bring this to your attention before, but it doesn't seem you're able to take a hint. This isn't meant to hurt your feelings, but if it does, I won't apologize since I warned you in our email transaction that this would sting.

    From what I have seen, the good majority of your posts have said at least one of the following:

    1) "There's something new on my DeviantArt page! I know you think my art sucks (and I don't think it does), but here's a link anyway!"

    2) "I could make a better game / drawing / fanfic myself. Now, here's a link to my DeviantArt profile that proves I can't put my money where my mouth is!"

    3) "I don't know how to rip graphics from this game I accused of being completely unoriginal on my blog. Can someone do it for me!? C'mon! Hey, it's been a few hours already!"

    4) "Why is everyone ignoring me? Hey! Listen! HEY!! LISTEN!!"

    You need to realize that these antics make you out to be, at best, egocentric, and, at worst, every single definition of the word "blowhard". While you're not outright insulting anyone (except [erka:es], which is reason enough for the rest of us to ignore you), often times you do not contribute anything meaningful (or even related) to the discussion at hand.

    Second, you need to acknowledge that many of the "regulars" here (myself included) are in their mid/late twenties and have more important things to do with our time than lurk around a blog dedicated to an (unfortunately) underappreciated game (or a derivative blog that seems to openly parody it). I pop in from time to time when I am taking a break from my work, but many of the others have less free time than I do. When we do visit, the last thing we want to see is an attention-starved teenager claiming he's better than people who have already proven their worth. There's an expression, "put up or shut up", and I'm honestly not sure if you're capable of doing either. You've done quite the opposite of both, actually.

    Please don't try to refute any of the above - even if you don't think what I have said is true, this is what the good majority of us think. In a world where perception is reality, you need to learn to recognize how people see you, and correct yourself if the image you project isn't really you. If you can't do that, don't be surprised if the rest of us refuse to give you the time of day.

    I have shown you what it is that you are doing wrong. It's your job to learn from your mistakes and use them to better yourself. If you don't want to acknowledge your faults, that's fine, but remember that people would rather ignore that which they find undesirable.

  8. @TDOMMX:
    Well, for those who've actually played Tales of Symphonia on the GameCube (also on the PS2 in Japan) should already know how infamous Raine Sage's skills as a chef are... :D
    All I can say is that there's something in the cake that must of put in when she was making it... O.o

    No offense, but I have to agree with everything TDOMMX said. I bet Letty would agree with this right away... -_-;

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  11. TDOMMX, Well, to awnser some of those questions, THIS IS AN RKS BLOG. People are expecting a crudload of RKS pictures and related stuff, which I am trying to do) and only rarely is Letty providing this blog with one (however, there are occasional other stuff) Unless Letty suddenly decides to make a "Gallery" section which has every single RKS-related fan art here on the web, people like me will be a bit disappointed. Also, the reason I'm insulting [erka:es] directly is because the Rosenkreuzstilette series proves that they have little cretavity, as something either is an exact copy of, or a parody of, as well as a bunch of Christian crosses and jewish stars, not to mention that MOST OF THE CHARACTERS WERE ALL GIRLS, and some of the stages were very un-fitting to some of the characters, and if you have *censored* you would know by now that some of my fans totally agree and that *censored*. Literally, I wanted RKS to be a standard run-and-gun game that didn't parody Mega Man. So I know everyone here thinks that I should hang myself and shoot my face with a gun cuz I'm a total jerk and a terrible artist for my age, but I am only a 15 year old teenager who was thinking up of wonderful ideas since he was in second grade, and that same teenager is still doing so.

    And because of your comment TDOMMX, I am going to say this: the main reason I am here is because I want to collect a good amount of RKS related sprites of the boss characters, (Freudia, Zorne, etc.) and since all you guys were able to easily rip much of the game's sprites for use on both this blog and the RKSWiki, I was thinking that some of you would be kind enough to post maybe a full sprite-sheet of the characters, either here or on the Wiki, so other people (NOT JUST ME) can use them.

    Speaking of the RKS Wiki, I have ripped the character images from the official RKSF site, which shows the new and old characters in their re-designs, but without the backgrounds and Christian Crosses. Would you like me to upload them for use anyway?

    Also regarding before the RKSWiki surfaced, there was a fourth tab in the "links" section called [RKS:SITE], what was that supposed to be, another RKS fan-site?

  12. Also, the reason I'm insulting [erka:es] directly is because the Rosenkreuzstilette series proves that they have little cretavity, as something either is an exact copy of, or a parody of, as well as a bunch of Christian crosses and jewish stars, not to mention that MOST OF THE CHARACTERS WERE ALL GIRLS, and some of the stages were very un-fitting to some of the characters, and if you have *censored* you would know by now that some of my fans totally agree and that *censored*.

    Rosenkreuzstilette's original concept was that of a bishoujo H-game, so I think that somehow turning that into a Mega Man clone shows an exceptional amount of creativity, and since it was going to be what amounts to a dating sim, you weren't going to get your way regardless. You're lucky it even turned out to be a platformer.

    In addition, your arrogance for your art is appalling to me, which is why I refuse to showcase it at this point. You won't stop hounding me about showing off your artwork when clearly 1) people don't want to see it, and 2) you don't care enough about artistry to even put forth effort on it. Your artwork has no heart behind it, and it shows. You've pretty much flooded pixiv with your terrible nonsense, so much so that the Japanese users on 2ch had a LONG conversation about it. Kiora ended up apologizing, as he thinks it might be his fault that you even found the place, and in the end, they flat-out said they would leave me to take care of it. If they knew that you didn't give a damn about improving on your art, then they'd be as disappointed in you as the rest of us are.

    And if you REALLY want to bring up not being creative, you created Super Justin, who is also something of a Mega Man clone, and you even want to create a game based around Super Justin using the same exact engine style. Also, in case you don't think anyone saw it, a few of us have noted a comment you made on the Rosenkruezstilette Demo Movie on YouTube in which you specifically state that you could make a better game. Well, Justin, put your money where your mouth is and make a better game with an original concept, better art, and a better engine. I will be the first person to play it, and, if your blog is any indication, I'll be the first person to point out that, at this point, it seems a giant portion of the Super Justin cast consists of self-made relatives of the RKS cast, and there's no doubt they will find their way into the game. I'd venture to guess it'll even take place in the RKS universe somehow. Hell, your most recent creation is Rewchs-Atum, a re-color of Schwer-Muta with Luste's wings, which is more of a copy of pre-existing work than the Metal Man homage in Schwer's stage. So don't start spouting off drivel when you have no idea what you're talking about.

    To further my point, you have a complaint about the use of religious symbols in the game, and what you either fail to realize or are blatantly trying to ignore is that religious references are as much a part of RosenKREUZstilette as any other reference. The organization's primary enemy is the Orthodox Church, and the entire idea of the character Rosenkreuz is based on this man, the founder of a sect of mystics and alchemists of a strikingly similar name. Complaining about religious elements in RKS is like complaining about them in Neon Genesis Evangelion or the Xenosaga/Xenogears series.

    You talk so much, Justin, and yet you say so little. I will not bar you from continuing to do so, but don't be offended when people finally snap and lash back at you, because we can only take the insolence of a yapping puppy for so long.

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  14. First of all, Justin, the Rosenkreuzstilette series is meant to be the POLAR OPPOSITE of Mega Man; the original Mega Man series has mostly male characters in the games and it set in the future where robots and human can co-exist peacefully. Rosenkreuzstilette, as the opposite of Mega Man series as it is, should have mostly female characters and have a German horror theme to it.

    Secondly, off course its gonna have religious symbols all over the place. I mean in games like the Castlevania series has religious symbols too, though as much as Rosenkreuzstilette, yet an anime called Neon Genesis Evangelion has a ton of religious references all over the place. Sure a few people b*thced how it offended some groups of people, yet this anime became the very definition of an post-apocalyptic because it was a good anime (if my memory serves me correctly). So really, people don't really mind these symbols, hell, if I can recall correctly I read somewhere about the creators of NGE using religious symbols because "they thought it would looked cool" if they did. I think it was on Wikipedia before someone changed it.

    And really, if you're gonna be a critic about the Rosenkreuzstilette series--let me rephrase that; if you're gonna be a total critic about ANYTHING that's Mega Man or Mega Man-related, then why bother with a franchise you don't even like...?

  15. Uh letty, I hate to disappoint you, but the main MAIN reason ...;cx,blfmnk

    Whowowowo Wait a sec, I got mentioned on 2ch? OMFG.

    Oh, and I am trying to give a DAMN of improving my artwork. I started to shade, I did a pencil sketch of Zorne which includes shading, I did a pic of my beloved Trauare in Photoshop shaded, What do you want me to do? And don't say "work on a single picture for 2 days or something like that", cuz it usually takes me only an hour to finish a pic, no matter how hard I try to make it last forever.
    Also, I can swear that Kiora was probably not the reason I joined Pixiv, It was because after doing a Google search of RKS, I discovered Pixiv, then later one night, I discovered your "Pixiv and RKS" post, which encouraged me to create the Pixiv account.

    Oh, and if you think RockJustin is a bad concept, then have you ever heard of Mushroom Kingdom Fusion? That's a game that certainly parodies a lot more games. Or how about the Great Giana Sisters?

    So tell me this, Would you play a game where you run at maybe 250 miles an hour bashing blocks, shooting fireballs, and traveling to many baare locations, or a game where you run at like 2 mph firing little pellets at robots with no relation to their owner and you only go to castles and fortresses?

    Now I will enjoy reading your comment to me.

  16. @Letty:
    Um, Letty... I think I'm also one to be blamed with Kiora with that whole fiasco with 2ch because I linked my Pixiv account on the RKS Wikia and my main home at YouTube... D:

  17. And now to ViperAcidZX/Amethystviper, I don't mind the religious symbols in those animes cause those I didn't choose to put those characters in the Super Justin franchise, plus I'm not really a big fan of those franchises.
    Second, take back what I said about RKS, The characters (mostly the bosses) mad rock. but until someone makes either a Mac port or a Java emulated version (of the full version, not the stupid trial) that saves instead of a password, and they put Zorne in a volcano, Trauare at a beach resort, Luste in the canyons, Grolla in some chinese building, Sichte in a rainy town, Liebea in a beautiful garden, and Schwer into a casino, dropping all the non-Mega-Man references, (Like no SMB refrence in Schwer's stage, and don't make Zorne's bombs explode in a cross-shape (instead a regular circle) and change the soundtrack (except the title theme and stage select), then I will say RKS defiantly deserves a 9.9 on a scale of 10.

  18. Also don't worry, VAZX, you a NOT to blame. :)

  19. Wow, I didn't even knew that RKS was originally suppose to be a Hentai bishoujo series. I know the artist is an art hentai doujinshi (given that I've seen his site), but wow, thank GOD he changed his mind... |||_|||

    Well, at least fans of the RKS series will be happy for the RKS hentai doujinshi by zaku6 that's coming out at Comiket.


  21. VAZX, that's OK, I make a lot of those sometimes. :P

  22. Here's some experienced advice to the RKS fanbase except for Justin.

    I have a very old history on Gamefaqs so as you could imagine I know a lot about identifying and dealing with trolls. Trolls generally value attention (they prefer bad because it crates more posts) above all else. So...

    The usual advice DOES eventually work. Ignore them. Pretend they're not even posting no matter what they post. When this is followed trolls do eventually vanish, lurk for a bit to see if anyone says "yay he's gone" then return. If they don't see anyone saying that, then they never come back at all.

    I breaks my heart to see such a good solid english fanbase finally get such good blessings from the japanese fanbase AND the japanese creators, only to be turned upside down by a 15-year-old who acts like I did when I was 9. If he actually makes something worthwhile we'll see it from other sources.

    We might not have much news to discuss, but I'd much rather a guy give me a handful of pennies than a handful of steaming crap. So please, just ignore him so we can get on with RKS love. That's what I'm doing. Comiket is right around the corner and I'm itching for the bounty it brings.

    By the way, is anyone actually going to Comiket? I was planning it but to be honest the mobs scared me away.