Thursday, June 18, 2009

RKS English Game Over

And here's the game over text to finish this off.

(video temporarily removed)

I'm moving the RKS English Patch release date to July 15th at the latest. As TDOMMX said, things are moving as quickly as possible, and we're ironing out everything we can, so it may take a little longer than planned. However, if we finish at any point before the deadline, we'll release it immediately. Alright then! Stay tuned!


  1. The English version's delayed?! Aww... T_T

    Well, may as well play Super Robot Taisen OG Saga: Endless Frontier on emulator until than... -_-

  2. Could you post the actual game over screens as well?

  3. The game over screens aren't quite done yet, so I didn't have them to showcase.

  4. Overall, good work. It's wonderful news.

  5. And people wonder why Traurare is considered to be a yandere sadist... xD

  6. Yay :3
    (incase you're wondering why I'm so happy, it's because I don't like Spiritia, but I do like everyone else.)

    Anyways, Thanks for the notice, and I hope you guys can maybe make a version that we can actually modify, or one that can go on Macs.

  7. (O_o) Trau is yandere...? No, I don't think so, and I wrote every single one of her lines. She just doesn't care most of the time. She acts cool and aloof, but her immaturity showcases itself whenever someone slights her or her friends. Notice that she doesn't lose her temper until after Zorne has been defeated *and* Tia and Lilli have talked her ear off for a while.

    You might want to have a look at the definition of a yandere. Trau isn't by any means shy or weak-willed (though I'll admit she's very affectionate with Zorne in official art), and there isn't anything in the game that suggests she's psychotic. Sadistic, yes, but not psychotic.

    Trau's comments during battle do plenty to reinforce her being a sadist. She even echoes one of them after defeating Grolla: "...That was incredible...!". Any sexual connotations to that line are entirely intentional, I can assure you.

    Letty, I think he was talking about the Game Overs for the first nine stages. I don't think I'll need to tweak those any further, so you can showcase those whenever you wish (only the fortress ones and Grolla's need work). Alternatively, I can upload them myself (though they'll just be JPGs). Your choice.

  8. LOL. Trau as a yandere = awesome. It's stuck in my head now.

  9. Schwer-Muta is a yandere. This is canon.

  10. Justin: A modifiable build of RKS? Sorry, I can't help you with that. Not even I have been able to figure out how the levels are stored, so any mods you have in mind would be cosmetic at best. Letty and I were able to unlock the additional Freudenstachel stages by swapping a few of the files around, but we have no way of editing them...

    As for a Mac build: you'd have to talk to [erka:es]. All the changes to the EXE are being done through experimental hexadecimal hacks. Without the original source code, there's no way to compile the game on any platform other than 32-bit Windows. And if the game uses the native Win32 graphics API, it'd never work on a Mac, anyway.

    I'm not totally convinced that Schwer is a yandere, but that theory is more plausible to me than Trau's being one. As the risk of invoking Letty's wrath: she strikes me as being more of an emo than a yandere. She's got a few aspects of kuudere in there as well...

    Well, we'll see in Freudenstachel; I don't have enough from the original RKS to build a solid case for either archetype ...

  11. @ TDOMMX
    A joke. Refer to wikipedia for the definition of a joke. =P

    I was only refering to her little "Ah, this got me worked up a little" while blushing routine, and played things up ;)

    I like to do that.

  12. Finally I'm not the only one who thinks that Schwer's an emo neko-mimi. *braces self for Schwer's wrath* >.<

  13. That's really sad.

    Still waiting for the art. :)

    OH and BTW, one of my friends from school said that Schwer's PJs are based on a fox.

  14. Well, I thought her PJs were based on a cat.

  15. Macha: Heheheh. Okay, you got me this time. I should have noticed you were the one posting... Did I overlook your username because it wasn't capitalized like usual...? Oh, well. That's what I get for splitting my attention while I'm working...

    In any case, there are some weeaboos who like throwing around Japanese terms without actually knowing what they mean. That's one of my pet peeves - people trying to sound cool by using words they don't understand.

    On an only tangentially-related note, has anyone been able to track down all of the original audio tracks used in RKS before the sites started closing down? I've got about 44 unabridged tracks of the final 57, and I'm hoping to snag, tag, and release them all alongside the full patch...

    Here are the ones listed in the Readme that I know I'm missing:

    - "Stage Start"
    - "Shining Man"
    - "Red Pollusion" [sic]

    Blue Sky
    - "Pegasus"
    - "Crash Man"

    - "The Winner"

    - "Meteor Strike" (only the MIDI version is still on the site)

    Also, the version of "Snowflakes Dancing in the Sky" (「雪舞天」) I got from the composer's site ( sounds decidedly worse than the version in the game, for some reason...

    Anyone able to lend a hand with locating the missing tracks?

  16. I know that "Pegasus" is Freudia's Stage theme and "CRASH MAN" is Sichte's Stage theme. I've listened to them on

  17. Um... I have the soundtrack that used to be posted on RPM (the one with the screwed up song names), if that counts? (I'm defaulting to assuming that it doesn't.)

  18. Thanks for the offer, but no, the RPM version of the soundtrack wouldn't help any. I downloaded a few tracks to check if they simply re-encoded the in-game OGGs into MP3, and, lo and behold, that's exactly what they did.

    Case in point: download the Opening Stage theme, "Radiant Mother Earth" (mistranslated by Silver Chaos, the original composer, as "The Ground Which Can Shine" - lucky me he included the original kanji in his comments). The original version has a nice outro, whereas the game version loops and fades out.

    Here's the full version, if you'd like to compare:

    In case you were not aware, RPM's old RKS rip is still up at I would rather not deal with re-encoded tracks if I can help it; the quality decreases every time each file passes through a conversion codec. Considering that some of the tracks were originally 96 kbps...

  19. The title "輝ける大地へ" has three parts:

    輝ける - "to shine, glitter, or sparkle"
    大地 - "ground or earth"
    へ - a particle that indicates direction or goal

    The translations of "Radiant Mother Earth" and "The Ground Which Can Shine" disregard the particle, but the former, your translation, completely ignores the potential form it implies. You may want to reconsider your chosen title.

  20. Literal translations are not always the best choice to translate something :)

  21. There is a big difference between
    "something that is shining" and "something that the potential to become shiny." Literal translation often isn't good, but ignoring important details in the context of things is even worse.

    And besides, the artist himself attributed the title to "The Ground Which Can Shine." Is it really right to say "I know you made the song, but your title is incorrect."?

  22. I don't think this is a matter of right and wrong - but simply one of preferance.

    If you know a bit about japanese you should have noticed that the same sentence often can be translated in two or three different ways, depending on what the translator might want to emphasize and their grasp on english (which, in case of the original artist of these songs is probably about as high as their grasp on german...which is flunky at best). Japanese isn't english in code.

  23. I understand preference, but I also understand respecting an artist's work. If I created something, I wouldn't want someone trying to change an aspect of it because they felt it was more accurate, more right, or more suitable. If I chose a name of a piece, regardless of how painfully bad it is, that's my choice, and that's its name.

    But hey, you can do whatever you want. I'm just gonna leave this here.

  24. Anonymous, I understand your rationale and agree with you to a certain extent. I won't claim to be an expert on Japanese by any means; my intent was to point out that the original title was Engrish (try copy & pasting the kanji in Babelfish). The title I provided is just a placeholder at the moment - none of the track names will be finalized until I have run them by Akira and Tanin, the official project translators. Quite frankly, I'd be ashamed of releasing the full set without first consulting the people who know far better than I do, especially if it so happens that I missed an important nuance (like you just pointed out).

    Still, you've touched on an interesting point that I feel I should address:

    My personal opinion (one shared by much of the rest of our staff) is that Engrish, Germish, and their other foreign-language equivalents have no place in a release, be it professional or otherwise. While some may laugh and insist on retaining obvious mistakes such as "Purify Completion", "Situation Clitical", and "All your base are belong to us", I feel that, whenever it is apparent that a someone has little / no knowledge in a particular field or language, I have a responsibility to let them know when they make a mistake (where possible) and help them to correct it. Kind of like what you just did with my title translation and what we have already done with Rosenkreuzstilette. I don't suppose you'd oppose the correction of "Liebesstrum", "Sichite", "Trauere", "Sayfalth" and "Rai Souka", and I don't think [erka:es] would be offended that we corrected these mistakes on their behalf or that they would consider us arrogant for doing so. It's specifically because we respect their work that we have chosen to make these corrections. Plus, having concrete evidence that we know what was originally intended (ie: the original kanji) helps considerably.

    Macha, thanks for the defense. I have already explored some of the problems with literal translations on Darkside's About page ( If you've got a few moments to kill, you might want to give it a read.