Thursday, March 26, 2015

New Years, New Moves

Hey guys. Letty here.

A lot has changed in the past long while, and this place has been all but abandoned. I've talked about "CHANGES COMING SOON" quite a bit, and while they are coming, life takes precedence right now. That said, I have a time table that I'm going for, so here we go.

On May 1, 2015, the SaSA blog will officially end. The URL will remain, but we will be purging all content from the site and giving you the link to our new home. General Rosenkreuzstilette news will still be offered at the new site, but unfortunately, aside from the future AGM release of RKS, there's not much to say on that front. We'll definitely keep you posted, though, and as far as I'm concerned, RKS will never die. Maybe we can take that somewhere in the future.

It's been an interesting and fun time with SaSA currently in its 7th year of existence, but all good things must come to an end. I do encourage you guys to follow our Facebook page and our Twitter (which generally just mirrors our FB posts), because we do occasionally post updates and fun stuff there. Eventually, those too will be reformed into our new brand.

We hope you will continue to support us as we continue to link the East and West RKS fandoms, as we hope to bring you a promising future for the girls of the Rose Cross. Thanks for playing!

- Letty Whiterock