Monday, May 30, 2011

Another Freudenstachel update!? Zounds!

Here’s the word on the latest [erka:es] blog update. You know where it is. I don’t need to link.

  • WOMI’s working on it, slowly but surely. First 8 stages are done; Luste’s and Trauare’s are getting revamped with new enemies and stuff.
  • Stages should be done and ready to playtest somewhere in June.
  • Bosses will come later.
  • WOMI listed a new e-mail on the blog: erkaes_wm (at) He felt it was a bad idea to link people of all ages to his incredibly NWS website to contact him, so there’s an e-mail just for talking to WOMI about RKS stuff

That’s pretty much it! Progress is being made. Have at it.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Overdue update? I guess.

About a week or so ago, there was an update to the [erka:es] blog about what’s going on with RKSF. I really didn’t real like updating for a small blog post, but nothing’s happened and I don’t feel like being lazy anymore/waiting for the next big batch of information updates, so here’s what the deal is/was, thanks to our resident translator:

  • First half of the bosses are done, and about 15 new normal enemies and traps have been made and are working in game.
  • Picture is of one of the enemies and a trap.
  • WOMI thinks he'll be able to finish all of the normal enemies in about a week (today), and then he'll work on mid-bosses and then the latter bosses.
  • First 8 bosses are done, but he wants to work on them, not satisfied, etc.
  • Because he's working on just RKSF stuff, his own site won't be updated, so everything will be posted on erka:es' website.

There you have it. They’re pressing forward. Let’s hope for the best!

Monday, May 9, 2011

No Ice This Summer! RKSF Delayed with No Release at C80

Well, it’s the moment everyone’s been waiting for (and maybe secretly dreading). The latest update to the [erka:es] blog brings us news that a Freudenstachel release at Summer Comiket isn’t even possible. Here are the details according to our resident translator:

  • No changes, even the weekly updates are gone.
  • So WOMI's pretty much just going to just wait it out now.
  • He's continuing with his part of the game as much as he can, enemies and such.
  • Summer Comiket is an impossibility.
  • Even if WOMI wanted to go (because they've already applied for it), it's in Isemiya's name, so WOMI can't do anything.
  • [erka:es] is run by Isemiya, so if it happens to just up and disappear, then updates will be posted on WOMI's site. He also has backups of stuff, so that shouldn't be a problem. Hopefully.
  • He thanks people for sending e-mails, but he doesn't want to jinx anything, so he's just going to shut up about it getting completed and just work on what he can while he waits for Isemiya.
  • And if Isemiya doesn't come back, then RKSF will turn out according to what's in WOMI's head. Which can't be good.

Knowing what I do about WOMI, I would actually love to see a special edition of RKS that features nothing but his ideas. It could only be the Modern Warfare 2 of the doujin world, the pinnacle of independent game, nay, of human creation. Just kidding. It would probably be terrible in the best way, and I’d still pay money for it. Alas, we’ll see how all of this turns out. Until then, have fun playing the original game over and over again. Maybe you can start practicing for the inevitable RKS Challenges I’ve got planned up~

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Hugh Man's RKS Sprite Movie

So this is done. I haven't watched it yet, but I can say this for sure: reception has not been kind. For those of you familiar with the likes of Retsupurae, there's a thread on the Something Awful forums created by a user named LesBeardly that, like Retsupurae, provides a voice-over highlighting many of the things wrong with the Let's Play community on YouTube. While LesBeardly didn't specifically point out the RKS fan video, someone else did, and the criticism over it has been... quite scathing, I should say.

Honestly, if you have an hour and a half to kill, give this a shot and post your criticism here. Like I said, I haven't watched it myself, so I don't know the scale of the positive or negative (though I can say that a preview screencap that says the Seyfarth have been "wiped out" is less than attractive to my Grolla-fanboy tastes), but I think it would be beneficial to Hugh Man and the RKS community as a whole if this is watched and critiqued. I think.