Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Hugh Man's RKS Sprite Movie

So this is done. I haven't watched it yet, but I can say this for sure: reception has not been kind. For those of you familiar with the likes of Retsupurae, there's a thread on the Something Awful forums created by a user named LesBeardly that, like Retsupurae, provides a voice-over highlighting many of the things wrong with the Let's Play community on YouTube. While LesBeardly didn't specifically point out the RKS fan video, someone else did, and the criticism over it has been... quite scathing, I should say.

Honestly, if you have an hour and a half to kill, give this a shot and post your criticism here. Like I said, I haven't watched it myself, so I don't know the scale of the positive or negative (though I can say that a preview screencap that says the Seyfarth have been "wiped out" is less than attractive to my Grolla-fanboy tastes), but I think it would be beneficial to Hugh Man and the RKS community as a whole if this is watched and critiqued. I think.


  1. I'm not going to even bother commenting here, because the instant I say something negative, everyone gets all pissy.

    Though this project would have been a lot more enjoyable if there was more originality, some comedy, and was a lot more fast-paced and with music that actually wouldn't require me to mute the entire video.

  2. Well the movie is nice but only the ending not I was hoping for. I was hoping for Spiritia's friends to be revived and reunited with Spiritia

  3. I tried to have the original video have the look and feel of the original RKS game, down to the plot ad visuals. I could not do that due to the noose the senior project board slipped around my neck.

    Because of the fact that it is a senior project, my production time had to be slashed, so I was forced to compress the plot, and add bull shit to the beginning of the animation.

    Everything up to the Luste/Freudia battle was somewhat in my original plan. Everything else had to be replaced, or removed entirely.

    How many of you noticed that 'link power' is a Megaman Starforce reference? And how about the 'power of friendship' anime cliche? Yeah... If you'd seen any of my other animations, I'd never stray to that direction normally.

    The end script had changed so much, I decided to call it a 'Parody,' though it wasn't.

    My original ideas were scrapped, and replaced by a single image "war scene" shot.

    The real impressive thing about my animation, in my opinion, was that I did NOT use any animation programs to animate this. No Adobe Flash, no Pivot, no Gimp, nothing. It was animated through MS paint and Scratch. Neither of which are remotely impressive programs.

    If you felt very disappointed by this animation, know this: I am as well.

    But still, I said I'd make an RKS sprite movie, and I did.

    Not like a special someone who still hasn't finished the RKS 2 game...

  4. You know this is still a copyright violation unless you got permission first, right? Doesn't seem particularly wise to do for a school project.

  5. We got another [erka:es] update from WOMI, once again concerning RKSF.

  6. After translating the new entry (with Google Translate, of course), It seems as if not much progress was made since the last entry. And WOMI unfortunately for us has plans for RKSF not to be completed in time for Summer Comiket 80 this August.

    So that pretty much means RKSF is delayed for the eighty-millionth time.