Monday, May 9, 2011

No Ice This Summer! RKSF Delayed with No Release at C80

Well, it’s the moment everyone’s been waiting for (and maybe secretly dreading). The latest update to the [erka:es] blog brings us news that a Freudenstachel release at Summer Comiket isn’t even possible. Here are the details according to our resident translator:

  • No changes, even the weekly updates are gone.
  • So WOMI's pretty much just going to just wait it out now.
  • He's continuing with his part of the game as much as he can, enemies and such.
  • Summer Comiket is an impossibility.
  • Even if WOMI wanted to go (because they've already applied for it), it's in Isemiya's name, so WOMI can't do anything.
  • [erka:es] is run by Isemiya, so if it happens to just up and disappear, then updates will be posted on WOMI's site. He also has backups of stuff, so that shouldn't be a problem. Hopefully.
  • He thanks people for sending e-mails, but he doesn't want to jinx anything, so he's just going to shut up about it getting completed and just work on what he can while he waits for Isemiya.
  • And if Isemiya doesn't come back, then RKSF will turn out according to what's in WOMI's head. Which can't be good.

Knowing what I do about WOMI, I would actually love to see a special edition of RKS that features nothing but his ideas. It could only be the Modern Warfare 2 of the doujin world, the pinnacle of independent game, nay, of human creation. Just kidding. It would probably be terrible in the best way, and I’d still pay money for it. Alas, we’ll see how all of this turns out. Until then, have fun playing the original game over and over again. Maybe you can start practicing for the inevitable RKS Challenges I’ve got planned up~


  1. Welp, see you in winter guys.

  2. By this rate, RKSF won't be here until 2015. :|

  3. "Modern Warfare 2 of the doujin world"

    I'm not sure I want an RKS game that is based entirely around multiplayer.

  4. Actually, I think WOMI's idea is to make a RKS hentai game. :|


  5. I doubt that RefleXkreuzstilette ~Freudenstachel~ will get turned into an h-game should these setbacks continue to happen... right, Remilia?

    Worst-case scenario: [erka:es] gets shut down. Isemiya and WOMI gives up on working the game. And Rosenkreuzstilette ~Freudenstachel~ will never see the light of day. Never, ever... forever...

    Best-case scenario: Another doujin circle adopts Rosenkreuzstilette ~Freudenstachel~ if Isemiya and WOMI can't ever finish developmet of the game themselves and it gets release by adopted circle, just as Hellsinker did. Hopefully the developers Isemiya and WOMI give it to knows what they're doing.

    At least in the meantime, there's Skullgirls and Dust: An Elysian Tail to keep my mind off these delays until Winter Comiket.

  6. Well I was thinking more of WOMI and/or Isemiya contacting fellow non-major game developers they know of and recruiting them to help speed-up RKSF's growth. The only ones in the job besides I&W that I know of are the music composers.

  7. An RKS eroge would be awful. Well, unless you play as Carl and can have sex with Iris, because Iris is adorable. Plus they would get to use the April Fool's material, so that would be good.

    1. an RKS eroge would be awful, especially if you play as Carl and can have sex with Iris. because Iris is underage and Carl is an adult. It's awful either way though! I also don't approve of ANY of WOMI's perverted ideas, including his drawings of Star Ocean. and I don't approve of anyone who approves of them, either.

  8. This is unrelated to the blog post, but thought over my RKS animation, and realized I can't write a script.

    I am blaming my failure on my inability to write. In the end, it's my fault, since I did almost everything myself. The only thing I didn't do myself is create the sound and images.

    I need someone to help me with something. Like, review it before it goes on the web? Spell and grammar checker?

    I might decide to redo the animation, but for that, I need someone to write me a script to follow, down to the dot.

    Maybe then, I'd be able to make something worth something, you know?

    While I'm at it, I could try and find an animation program or two, since I have none. It's a pain enough to animate without any animation programs at all available for use.

    Maybe I could find some voice actors as well...

  9. @ anon

    Iris is not legal
    besides, I like to see a game where she is playable as the main character

  10. @Hugh Man:

    I might decide to redo the animation, but for that, I need someone to write me a script to follow, down to the dot.

    You could always ask, ya know.

    Honestly, I think the biggest problem with the RKS sprite film is something that a few people on Something Awful have addressed, which makes a valid point:

    "He also admits that he didn't like it. I'm sure he realized this at some point in the creative process. So he was working on something he hated, but he kept working on it until it was an hour and a half long."

    "Plus, the point stands of why is to so long!? Didn't he say earlier that its about 8x as long as the assignment required? If he hated that much, why did he make it so long?"

    "Still, the point is, if he didn't like it, and it has so many anime cliches that he had to call it a parody of whatever the hell he was referencing in the first place, then why didn't he just start over from scratch and do something he actually would like?"

    What it boils down to is that you shot yourself in the foot by creating something that was AN HOUR AND A HALF LONG. That's admirable in its own right (this is the kind of stuff I would've loved to see for the RKS Fan Contest), but when something is that long, if you have any second thoughts or creative sparks that make you rethink a part, you literally can't do anything. You've bound yourself to something so grandoise that you can't back out and start from scratch.

    If you want to try something like this again, make it SIGNIFICANTLY shorter, and plan it out like any animation. You want storyboards; you want sequences; you want plans. And some of us don't mind helping.

    1. the animation is evil, because almost everyone dies in it (assuming its the one I am thinking of). however, something awful is a bully forum like 4chan, and never makes valid points. it cares not about the magic of friendship, or about basic human kindness. sites like that are not to be praised or humanized!

  11. @ Nako:

    I doubt magicians have any legal protection in RKS world, even with the recent treaty.

  12. @Letty: It was a senior project. There was not enough time to just give up and start over. I did not want to make the animation as it was, this is true. I rewrote and rewrote and rewrote my script so many times, it makes my head spin just thinking about it.

    I did not want the story to be like that, for it to flow so slowly, but if I wanted to finish my senior project, that is what I had to do to ensure it would be completed before my time is up.

    Today, of the day that I am writing this, is the very last day to present my senior project. I went up all the way to the very last hour.

    I barely had enough time to complete what I had. How would I of been able to start over and make something I actually wanted to?

    Well, I got my grade. I got a really technology retarded group for my panel of judges. They gave me perfect scores on everything and called it the most impressive senior project to date. I got 890 hours, and over the years, only a very few senior projects have made it to the triple digits.

    My teachers sure ate it up for some reason.

    Also, you mentioned "Something Awful." Never heard of a site or anything called by that name before.

    And, yeah. Some plans to follow would be nice. Since 2006, I have been doing animations entire on my own.

    I also still like that blog post that you linked to. I would just simply love do an entire animation with a full length version of that script.

    The non animation program I used to make that one hour RKS animation is all set up and ready to go. No need to cut out any sprites, or import any backgrounds, it's all there.

    It wouldn't even be remotely hard to animate that, it'd just take a bit of time.

    I would love to receive scripts and story boards to work with. I would love to receive help with my next animation.

    I don't like to be the planning guy. I don't like doing entire animations myself. I don't like drawing or making and editing sprites myself. I don't like making or editing backgrounds.

    I don't want to plan or write, I just want to animate, plain and simple.


      reason enough for me to just write you off as a bully. It makes me sad to discover how the RKS community isn't really that nice or friendly. it's a 4chan type place. :(

  13. Something Awful is a forum that you have to pay for. It was the source of 4chan.

  14. @Hugh Man:
    How come you didn't think of using GIMP? The program is actually free to download from the authors. It's sort of like the poor man's Adobe Photoshop CS5.

  15. I posted a long comment yesterday, and I don't see it here anymore.

    I'll just write it again.

    I barely had enough time to finish what I had. If I wanted to finish my Senior Project, I had to stick with what I got.

    Interestingly enough, the Judges on my presentation all gave me perfect marks. They thought it was simply amazing that was able to create something like that.

    I guess. I did get my hard earned grade, after all.

    Anyways, I would love to turn that small dialogue and a full version of the script into an half hour animation. Any more than that, and I'll just be running into the same problem.

    Since 2006, I've been making crappy sprite animations and putting them on youtube, all by myself. I would to get someone to help me with my animations.

    I want someone to do the planning and script writing for me.

    And I am certainly asking for such assistance by writing this.

    All I want to do is animate. No planning, no sprite making, no background editing, no script writing, no character designing, just animating, plain and simple.

  16. @Hugh Man:
    Yeah, apparently Blogger was screwing up that we could use and it deleted some of our comments. Well, here's to necro-posting my previous comment...

    How come you didn't think of using GIMP? The program is freeware is it's freely distributed by the authors. It's sort of like the poor man's Adobe Photoshop CS4 or CS5.

  17. GIMP is more like a gimped-down version of Photoshop 7.0. It is a complete hassle to work with, but if you can figure it all out, it'll be better than MS freakin' Paint.

  18. GRRRRRR. I was hoping to make a Freudenstachel fanfiction when the game comes out but now it is delayed

  19. I don't like GIMP. I can usually master programs like Photoshop within a matter of days, but GIMP just isn't appealing to me.

    I also have no current animation program as of right now.

    Does anyone have a RKS fan fiction they want me to make an animation out of? It'll be in the same style as my hour and a half RKS animation, so be warned.

    I only want to animate, so I won't be making any custom sprite frames to meet the needs of the fan fiction and what not.

    I'll move away from RKS eventually, seeing that Freudenstachel is taking too damn long to come out.

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  21. I deleted my last post because my [/url] codes didn't work.

    Here's the original without the tags:

    I forgot to mention that I put my senior project log on my blog.

    It's pretty long, so don't read it if you don't want to know my thoughts about making that hour and a half animation.

  22. Hughman

    U can make animation based on my rosenkreuzstilette fanfiction. Be sure to send me a message once u have done it

  23. We got another nice blog update from [erka:es], this time courtesy of WOMI, and there's a cute little sprite on there of what seems to be a random enemy from RKSF.

  24. Looks like as if this enemy is something that sets off those bombs from Megaman 6, 7, and 8.

    Speaking of, I wish they'd experiment with more human enemies for RKSF.

  25. This comment has been removed by the author.


    I animated Letty's short fan fic thing, and wow, I really half assed it.

    Lilli's still there, even. All I did was rewrite and reorganize a few scratch scripts.

    Only took me a single afternoon to make that. I made it right after school, the last day of school, that is. No more High School for me.

    But I think it was really nice to not think about the story, and just simply make something. I don't like to follow my own scripts, since I tend to not know what the hell I'm doing when it comes to story writing.

  27. The only aggravating thing is, that the original went the Megaman IV fuck you road of ending and didn't close the story properly, other than that it wouldn't matter to much if it gets cancelled.