Monday, May 30, 2011

Another Freudenstachel update!? Zounds!

Here’s the word on the latest [erka:es] blog update. You know where it is. I don’t need to link.

  • WOMI’s working on it, slowly but surely. First 8 stages are done; Luste’s and Trauare’s are getting revamped with new enemies and stuff.
  • Stages should be done and ready to playtest somewhere in June.
  • Bosses will come later.
  • WOMI listed a new e-mail on the blog: erkaes_wm (at) He felt it was a bad idea to link people of all ages to his incredibly NWS website to contact him, so there’s an e-mail just for talking to WOMI about RKS stuff

That’s pretty much it! Progress is being made. Have at it.


  1. Yep, I knew that was a new e-mail. Maybe I'll go for a chat session with him sooner or later.

  2. @Justin:

    Chat session?

    I would think that he wouldn't have that kind of time.

  3. I meant to say just a basic "hello" scenario. My bad.

  4. Well, yeah, that makes more sense.

    Maybe if he got fan mail, he might be more motivated with people cheering him on.

    Maybe someone should ask if he wants fan mail in the first place?

  5. I probably shouldn't mention this, but WOMI updated his personal website twice yesterday.