Friday, June 3, 2011

Remember when Rockin' Android said they'd localize RKS?

Well guess what? It's NOT going to happen. I have gotten in touch with Adam Milecki, an employee at Rockin' Android through e-mail to ask him questions about that interest of localizing Rosenkreuzstilette (among other things) that were sent to Enrique Galvez, and he has confirmed to me that Rockin' Android has no plans of localizing the Rosenkreuzstilette. The interviews you may have read about from a very old blog post here at Schwer and Schwer Alike clearly had some misconceptions and misunderstandings with such and such interviews that my have you (myself included) believing they would translate and publish the game to North American shores.

"Hello, ViperAcidZX, sorry for the delay. Unfortunately, any articles you've seen saying that we will be localizing Rosenkreuzstilette are erroneous. We have no plans to do so. Apparently there was some misunderstanding during that interview. Sorry to disappoint you."

So for those of you hoping that Rosenkreuzstilette would maybe get released on PlayStation 3 (and maybe even on Xbox 360 and PC via downloadable purchase through Steam), it's not going to happen unless someone else in the gaming industry has an interest of localizing the game, which will probably be never unless Capcom doesn't mind a direct Mega Man-clone circulating the gaming market. Although I certainly hope Rosenkreuzstilette's localization is not handled by the likes of SNK Playmore after their beautiful handiwork of localizing Studio SiestA's Trouble Witches NEO!. But hey, fans of the original PC game still have the updated English patch to look forward to.

With that, I bid you guys adieu...


  1. Well the enormous amount of so-called "tributes" pretty much killed the whole thing. Turns out too much nostalgia isn't good in some cases.

  2. Emphasis on the words: "Misconception" and "Misunderstanding".

  3. Adding to my previous comment, we already have people who translated the game.

    Also there's another update by WOMI on [erka:es] diary. There's a screenshot of Freudia fighting Trauare (so far her attack pattern looks almost identical to the first game) Rosenkreuzstilette ~Freudenstachel~, and if Google Translate is wrong as alreadys, WOMI been working on the eight bosses and the opening for the game.

  4. So apparently I was right when I said Trauare had brown boots in her RKSF redesign.

  5. Wait a minute... How is this news? Back in January 2010, I stated that I'd heard from Enrique Galvez himself about the prospects of an official English-language release of Rosenkreuzstilette. He said that the Gamasutra interviewer had misquoted him and that there were too many copyright hurdles for an American release to be feasible. On the positive side, he did note that he was glad to have Darkside Translations approach him for a joint venture since he prefers working with passionate fans over those who just do what they must to earn their paychecks (ie: if not for the copyrights, the partnership would have been a done deal).

    As for Trouble Witches Neo: this is yet another piece of evidence that Japanese schools think they do a decent-enough job of teaching their kids English fluency, but they really don't (I could say the same about weeaboos who think they've learned enough Japanese to make a decent fansub, but let's not go there...). You can tell from the accents that the voice actors are Japanese...

  6. TDOMMX, you got start writing here more.

  7. @TDOMMX: I figured it had to someone Japanese trying to do English voice acting in Trouble Witches NEO. Mitsu Satou's English voice for Sakurako sounded way too stereotypically Japanese-sounding. Just when I had Hard Corps: Uprising English voice acting as bad, Trouble Witches NEO just takes the cake (I haven't heard or seen English this bad since Castle Shikigami II). Outside of voicing Grolla in Rosenkreuzstilette, I do like Junka's voice roles for Meil Mail (Venus Borialis in the English translation) and Gloriana from 2CCP's DYSNOMIA Exburst, but she really needs to work on her English (no offense to her).

    But if the English voice acting isn't bad enough, check out the description for unlocking the game's Achievements. Bad punctuation and grammer abound.

  8. What a shame. I did get an answer to my "why won't RKS come out for any other system" question answered.

    I never have played RKS yet, and I would of bought a copy too, if it came out for any other system but the PC.

    My computer is a piece of junk, so it wouldn't be able to handle it. I had to borrow a computer just to do my senior project.

  9. Junka got a professional voice acting gig? Nice. The last time a good amateur voice actor landed a pro contract that I can think of was Cristina Vee becoming the official voice of Noel Vermillion (she's done a lot of English fandubs, some surpassing even their professional equivalents).

    On the flip side, sometimes pros fandub just for the hell of it. See: Vic Mignogna (the English version of White Night ~True Light~) and Lucas Gilbertson (Megaman X4 redub).

  10. OMG! New Freudenstachel update! This time we've got new shots of Freu fighting Liebea and Pamela and a new portrait of Pamela herself. XD

  11. OMG is right.

    Now let's see what I can say from this...

    From the screenshots、it looks as if Liebea's stage will be snow-based. And the Dark Magi may appear in a Doc Robot-esque fashion after all、given how Pamela's name tag is a different color than the basic bosses' (red with a different、possibly the Dark Magi's Logo).

    What a wonderful early birthday treat.

  12. Argh... Pamela's sprite, the sunset background... I WANT this so bad ! T_T

    Womi's unfair. Even my breasts are bigger than my patience. Can't wait X_X