Monday, June 20, 2011

WOMI’s Latest Update: Part 1

I’m tired of coming up with titles for these posts, so I’m just going to call them the “WOMI’s Latest Update” series. Here’s the latest update.

  • New Grolla screenshot. Subject to change.
  • The new Grolla is different from the one in the web trial.
  • Had a few people test play the game over the last week. Bosses were too easy (beaten on first run), so he's gone back and changed Luste and Trau.
  • Plans on doing Liebea's and Dolis's upgrades next.
  • At the moment Schwer's attack pattern might be undoable on a no-damage run, so he's saving it for last because of how difficult it will be to balance.
  • Can't say anything on release date in fear of jinxing himself.
  • He plans to have Dolis done and screenshots up by the weekend.
  • The new bosses will be done after the originals.

There you have it. Also, come on, Justin. The guy is working on this game by himself. Don’t bother him with extra work like fankits and hi-res images.


  1. "Also, come on, Justin. The guy is working on this game by himself. Don’t bother him with extra work like fankits and hi-res images."

    Don't you say anything positive about me around here? Well okay, once in a blue moon, but honestly, that's how much I love the characters. Plus, it's a very simple process. Just take each piece of official art (which WOMI I'm sure has full body hi-res images of), remove/cut off the background should one be present, crop it, put every image into a single folder, compress the folder, upload it, and then paste a download link online. Plus, it's a nice bonus after the full-res box artwork from the DLSite digital version of the first game.

    I know it may sound stupid and life consuming, but hey, at least WOMI's posting updates on RKSF like crazy nowadays, and I'm dying to see what Dolis looks like ingame. owo Plus, he stated that such like that wouldn't be possible until after RKSF is finished.

  2. I'm impressed how Womi is faster alone than with Isemiya... Is he doing it full-time now ?!

    Duke Nukem Forever is out (even if I'm not playing this...), so hopefully our patience will pay ! ;-)

  3. Well, I can relate to being able to get things done faster alone, than with a friend. I tend to get distracted easily when a friend is around, and I rarely get much done.

    But I don't really know Isemiya and Womi's relationship, so I'm just assuming they're friends who sometimes work together.

    Not only that, but my friends don't know anything about animation, so when they come over it's just to hang out.

    Huh, I might not relate to that as much as I thought.

    And just so you know Justin, what you explained may indeed be simple, but it's a very tedious and time consuming thing to do all that. Especially if you need to cut out backgrounds. That takes tremendous amounts of time to do.

    I rarely make screen shots of my own animations, just because it's not worth all the effort to do so.

    I rather get no screen shots AT ALL if it means that Womi can get the game done faster. Take screen shots yourself, Justin, and upload them when the game is done.

    But I do wonder, does Womi also draw the images/sprites himself as well? Or is he just the programmer?

  4. WOMI was the main artist, and Isemiya was the main programmer. Since Isemiya seems to have disappeared, WOMI is using the programming knowledge he has (which seems to be enough to finish the game) to turn it into a one-man project.

  5. @Hugh Man

    ...However I forgot to say that WOMI perhaps already has the hi-res renders saved onto his computer (possibly in .psd format). and he doesn't need to cut them out from a background. WOMI also stated that maybe (can't put it in bold because my comma key is busted) he would, if he wants to, do it after completing Freudenstachel. Not saying he will or has to create the fansite kit.

  6. @Justin De Lucia
    hold you shift key while you type to get uppercase letters.

  7. @nakomiso

    Everyone knows that already.

  8. Man, it's times like these I wish I could get cracking on the graphics work while [erka:es] is working on the programming. Too bad messing with the demo won't accomplish much since graphics are being updated and replaced left and right. That, and I'm on the fence on whether some terminology should be revised or not....

    Lately, I've been in the mood for graphics editing, so I've been making posters for the panel I'll be co-hosting at Otakuthon 2011. You've already seen what I'm capable of with the English versions of RKS (I loved working on the Game Over screens, and I think it shows), so you can imagine how good our promo material will turn out.

  9. @TDOMMX: Like sprites and such?

    Letty can write a wonderful story, and I spend my time animating. You could handle the graphics editing, since I can't edit sprites very well.

    Maybe we can all do a cooperative RKS fan project, after Freudenstachel is released.

    I've already proven that I can't make an animation project alone.

  10. No, no, no. I'm not a spriter, but I have a real knack when it comes to graphics editing. With the exception of the "RESULT" text in the Game Over screen for the Final Stage of RKS, I handled *every* graphical edit in the Rosenkreuzstilette English localization (the "RESULT" was Bernd's handiwork).

    If you've used the RKS Data Archive Decoder on any of the .dat files I modified, you might have noticed a log of all the changes I made packed inside each archive. Some of the changes are pretty obvious, like replacing Japanese text with its English equivalent. Some are much more subtle, such as my improving the Stage Select cursor or tweaking the backgrounds in Sichte's stage (some of the darker textures were the wrong color - you wouldn't notice on a CRT monitor, but they stick out like a sore thumb on an LCD display).

    I'm particularly proud of Luste's and Sichte's Game Over screens as well as the stage titles and both sets of ending credits. Note that there are 70 graphics for just the stage titles - seventeen stages, doubled to include Grolla's titles, doubled again to include their alpha masks, and another two for the "Bist du bereit?" overlay and its alpha mask. Even if RKS only lasts three hours, that doesn't change the fact that I revised literally hundreds of graphics. That's not even mentioning those I had to rebuild from scratch (ie: the Waffenenergie subscreen - there's a reason I couldn't reuse the "cloudy sky" image for Seelegewehr - and the Options and Replay screens).

    Okay, that's enough ego-stroking from me. It'd be nice to get paid to do this for a living, but oh well.

    At the moment, I'm busy preparing for the Otakuthon panel, so I'll have to say "no" for the time being. That, and I'm not particularly fond of fanworks in general (nothing personal). If you needed me as a spriter, I'm sorry to say that I don't have the skillset you're looking for...

  11. @TDOMMX: Do you think we come see what you've worked on outside of Otakuthon 2011 afterwards?

  12. Sorry, Viper, I don't think I understood your question properly. Did you mean you want to see what work I've done aside from the Otakuthon material, that you'd like to see all my work after Otakuthon is over and done with, or that you'd like me to work with you after I've cleared my plate? Your question is a bit vague, and I'm pretty bushed at the moment from a return trip from Saint-Bruno (ie: me no thinkie well right now, so me go Zzzz...).

  13. I want to see Fraudia with Geass powers!!!

  14. @TDOMMX:
    Sorry, I meant to say is that can we see what you're worked on for Otakuthon after the event is done with.

  15. Sure. Hell, I'd like to show you now, but the dates and locations on the posters are just placeholders. I don't want to run the risk of an attendee seeing those and memorizing the wrong time and place (I've done this myself many, many times, and it's positively infuriating when you realize your mistake), so I'm not going to release them until I'm ready to send the posters to the printers. Suffice to say, if you're an Evangelion fan, you're in for a real treat.

    Sorry for the tease; I'm just having so much fun working on these that I had to mention 'em.

  16. @TDOMMX: Don't worry, take your time. I got my summer ahead of me.

  17. @TDOMMX

    Sorry to break the conversation, but do you still use your e-mail? I wanted to have a little chit-chat with you outside of SASA.

  18. Will do, Viper.

    Yes, Justin, I still use my
    Darkside account, but I don't check it as often as I do my personal or professional accounts. In any event, I received your message; it'd be fine with me if you and I sat down and had a little chat. I can't promise I'll do anything about what you tell me, but I'll at least hear you out.

  19. Part II anyone? There was a new blog entry last weekend, and it hasn't been translated yet.