Friday, June 24, 2011

RKS Facebook Group Updated

I did that update group thing on Facebook for the RKS group. Only 77 members as of this writing? Silliness. Join up, everyone.


Monday, June 20, 2011

WOMI’s Latest Update: Part 1

I’m tired of coming up with titles for these posts, so I’m just going to call them the “WOMI’s Latest Update” series. Here’s the latest update.

  • New Grolla screenshot. Subject to change.
  • The new Grolla is different from the one in the web trial.
  • Had a few people test play the game over the last week. Bosses were too easy (beaten on first run), so he's gone back and changed Luste and Trau.
  • Plans on doing Liebea's and Dolis's upgrades next.
  • At the moment Schwer's attack pattern might be undoable on a no-damage run, so he's saving it for last because of how difficult it will be to balance.
  • Can't say anything on release date in fear of jinxing himself.
  • He plans to have Dolis done and screenshots up by the weekend.
  • The new bosses will be done after the originals.

There you have it. Also, come on, Justin. The guy is working on this game by himself. Don’t bother him with extra work like fankits and hi-res images.

Monday, June 13, 2011

RKSF Update: PSMO Edition

Alrighty, here’s some more info from the latest [erka:es] update, courtesy of our resident translator.

  • He finished tweaking (more like completely remaking) Luste's and Liebea's bosses this week.
  • Finished most if not all of their graphics as well.
  • Liebea's was in one of the trials, but her tower stage theme got sucked in with Trau's stage, so now she has a new one with all new movements.
  • Put up Pamela because of the request. But he doesn't have any movements or attacks or anything done for her yet, so you can expect a lot of changes of those pictures from now until the end.
  • He's fixing up Grolla now. He plans on taking out the slippery floor in the boss room because screw that.
  • Apparently they changed Freudenstachel to go back to max power after losing a life? Taking a while to balance that out with boss difficulty.
  • Mail form should point to the new address, so you can use that now. Don't expect any answers from Isemiya though.
  • Hissatsu mailed in laughing that Dolis was overpowered. Apparently Dolis's dodging during her attacks in the later half of her lifebar is too good, so he plans on changing that.
  • He'll work on her or Sichte afterwards.
  • He's going about randomly but Schwer will definitely be last, because her attack pattern will be the most complicated.
  • The next trial will probably come out after he's finished up the game, so it'll be a while.

We got a Pamela update thanks to ColonelRVH, so that’s pretty cool, and apparently WOMI has enough programming knowledge to turn this into a one-man show. Will we see a return to Isemiya? WHO KNOWS? Will we see a winter Comiket release? Almost without a doubt. Stay tuned!

Friday, June 3, 2011

Remember when Rockin' Android said they'd localize RKS?

Well guess what? It's NOT going to happen. I have gotten in touch with Adam Milecki, an employee at Rockin' Android through e-mail to ask him questions about that interest of localizing Rosenkreuzstilette (among other things) that were sent to Enrique Galvez, and he has confirmed to me that Rockin' Android has no plans of localizing the Rosenkreuzstilette. The interviews you may have read about from a very old blog post here at Schwer and Schwer Alike clearly had some misconceptions and misunderstandings with such and such interviews that my have you (myself included) believing they would translate and publish the game to North American shores.

"Hello, ViperAcidZX, sorry for the delay. Unfortunately, any articles you've seen saying that we will be localizing Rosenkreuzstilette are erroneous. We have no plans to do so. Apparently there was some misunderstanding during that interview. Sorry to disappoint you."

So for those of you hoping that Rosenkreuzstilette would maybe get released on PlayStation 3 (and maybe even on Xbox 360 and PC via downloadable purchase through Steam), it's not going to happen unless someone else in the gaming industry has an interest of localizing the game, which will probably be never unless Capcom doesn't mind a direct Mega Man-clone circulating the gaming market. Although I certainly hope Rosenkreuzstilette's localization is not handled by the likes of SNK Playmore after their beautiful handiwork of localizing Studio SiestA's Trouble Witches NEO!. But hey, fans of the original PC game still have the updated English patch to look forward to.

With that, I bid you guys adieu...