Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Good Tidings We Bring To You and Your Kin

Happy Holidays, everyone!

Sorry that we've been silent for so long.  Rest assured that there's damned good reason for it.  A few among you have already figured out what's been going on given a few hints scattered here and there.  In the spirit of the holidays, I figure it's about time for an official announcement.

That's right, it's official:  Active Gaming Media, whose work you may already be familiar with if you're an anime or video game fan (BlazBlue, Catherine, Demon's Souls, Final Fantasy IV, Full Metal Panic, King of Fighters, No More Heroes, Soul Calibur, and Steins;Gate, to name a few), will be releasing an official English version of Rosenkreuzstilette via its Playism portal!

Unfortunately that's about all I can say at the moment.  There are too many questions that we're unable to answer at this time.  Not that we don't want to answer them, but we can't answer them.  Not yet, anyway.  Please keep that in mind and bear with us for the time being.

That said, which of these do you prefer?  This, or this?  Whichever you choose, in the end, it'll sound a lot more like this.

From Darkside Translations and Schwer and Schwer Alike, we wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Saturday, April 6, 2013

The Move Begins

Within the next few days, I'm going to be deleting this blog and preparing for a move to a new place. In the mean time, please follow us on Facebook and/or Twitter for new updates. A new Google+ group will come up soon as well. Thanks for following the Schwer Blog for all these years, and I hope you guys will join us in the (planned) future!

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

The Planned Future

We here at Schwer and Schwer Alike strive to keep things fresh, even if we're really bad about posting new content sometimes. Well, in an effort to get things rolling and continue the new year well, we're going to move to a new site soon! All of the important content featured here will be archived for future browsing, so don't fret there!

In addition, we will be utilizing our Google+ more in the coming days. However, in order to better ensure such utilization, we will be setting up a new G+ page. I encourage you to check that out when it's all said and done. Our Facebook page will remain as is, and we will be using both it and our new G+ page for some upcoming surprises! Hopefully, I can finally give out Kiora's doujinshi... *hint hint*

I hope everyone will stick with Schwer and Schwer Alike in 2013. Thank you for helping us stay a reliable (?) RKS resource!

Oh, and our translator has the RKSF script. Just throwing that put there.

Friday, January 4, 2013

Meet the new [erka:es]

Yesterday, an anonymous commenter on Schwer and Schwer Alike reported that the main [erka:es] homepage has been moved to a new URL, complete with a revised banner link, featuring Eifer Skute. The biggest feature is now the homepage and devblog have been merged onto the same page, and the tabs have been relocated onto a sidebar present on the left.

Just click the banner to embark onto your journey.

Oh yeah, and since it's part of the new devblog entry, Freudenstachel, along with its predecessor, has been made available on Though I'm certain by now everyone has both games.