Friday, January 4, 2013

Meet the new [erka:es]

Yesterday, an anonymous commenter on Schwer and Schwer Alike reported that the main [erka:es] homepage has been moved to a new URL, complete with a revised banner link, featuring Eifer Skute. The biggest feature is now the homepage and devblog have been merged onto the same page, and the tabs have been relocated onto a sidebar present on the left.

Just click the banner to embark onto your journey.

Oh yeah, and since it's part of the new devblog entry, Freudenstachel, along with its predecessor, has been made available on Though I'm certain by now everyone has both games.


  1. I think some of you may be wondering why the art showcase for Jan 6th hasn't been posted.

    Well, the rate at which both deviantART and Pixiv's users produce art for the RKS series has been very sluggish lately, even with the launch of Freudenstachel. Ever since the one from last week, only one new picture was put up on pixiv, and none from deviantART (unless you count these fanfics a particular fan is posting).

  2. I think I may know what the next RKS game will be


  3. WOMI has updated his devblog recently, as predictable I have no clue on what he's saying.

  4. WOMI just updated the [erka:es] blog with a cool new shot of Freu traversing through a new stage. Cool, huh? (You really gotta check out those blue variants of the fire plant enemies!)

    1. Huh really wonder what that's about is he planning a separate version of the game (a director's cut if you will) or just adding in some new levels.

      It's using the same tileset as Freudenstachel's opening stage by the way, just throwing that out there.