Monday, June 13, 2011

RKSF Update: PSMO Edition

Alrighty, here’s some more info from the latest [erka:es] update, courtesy of our resident translator.

  • He finished tweaking (more like completely remaking) Luste's and Liebea's bosses this week.
  • Finished most if not all of their graphics as well.
  • Liebea's was in one of the trials, but her tower stage theme got sucked in with Trau's stage, so now she has a new one with all new movements.
  • Put up Pamela because of the request. But he doesn't have any movements or attacks or anything done for her yet, so you can expect a lot of changes of those pictures from now until the end.
  • He's fixing up Grolla now. He plans on taking out the slippery floor in the boss room because screw that.
  • Apparently they changed Freudenstachel to go back to max power after losing a life? Taking a while to balance that out with boss difficulty.
  • Mail form should point to the new address, so you can use that now. Don't expect any answers from Isemiya though.
  • Hissatsu mailed in laughing that Dolis was overpowered. Apparently Dolis's dodging during her attacks in the later half of her lifebar is too good, so he plans on changing that.
  • He'll work on her or Sichte afterwards.
  • He's going about randomly but Schwer will definitely be last, because her attack pattern will be the most complicated.
  • The next trial will probably come out after he's finished up the game, so it'll be a while.

We got a Pamela update thanks to ColonelRVH, so that’s pretty cool, and apparently WOMI has enough programming knowledge to turn this into a one-man show. Will we see a return to Isemiya? WHO KNOWS? Will we see a winter Comiket release? Almost without a doubt. Stay tuned!


  1. I feel kinda stunned that WOMI is able to complete more of the game than Isemiya. Though I don't know how Hissatsu was able to see how Dolis' attack pattern would look, even if WOMI didn't release neither a sprite nor a screenshot of Freudia fighting Dolis on the website. I guess he just discussed the topic with WOMI.

    Well if ColonelRVH can get WOMI to post a partial-body render plus a low-res sprite of Pamela, then I hope I can get WOMI to splotch together a fansite kit (though I don't know how long it took for him to reply to ColonelRVH with his request for Pamela pics).

    P.S. Who is this "resident translator"?

  2. I can relate to how this news post mentions that Schwer will be done last due to complexity.

    She was rather annoying to program in my hour and a half RKS animation.

    It was most due to the movement patterns of the metal shield blade things.

  3. The resident TL is one of the translators of the game.
    And it's not exactly that Hissatsu has seen Dolis, just that he responded to WOMI saying that Dolis was overpowered in his last post. WOMI then responded to that with how Dolis's attacks worked.

  4. I just hope they will finish it this month, not actually the whole game but the trial. I'm excited what will Freu get when she will beat Schwer, Trau, Luste,and Dolis. I hope the attacks that Sichte, Grolla, Liebea, and Zorne gave her is still the same. I'm pretty sure Freu will get the Snow Flakes coming out from her if she will beat Schwer. Keep up the good work!

  5. We got another update from WOMI. There's a bunch of question being answered, and a new screenshot of Freudia fighting Grolla with a new screen-filling attack. I hope RKSF brings more of a challenge to the table, because I want to put my Spiritia skills to the test.

  6. Correct me if I'm wrong, but is that Lucifer from Ghouls n' Ghosts in the background?

  7. So drawing from this new update, I can see the only things WOMI replies to are questions from fans and co-developers.

    But in the journal itself, many people appear to be commenting about the trial's forthcoming difficulty adjustment.

    And turns out, my message was replied to, with WOMI saying that sometime after RKSF's release, he may start working on the fan/press kit.

    I'm still surprised about how WOMI is able to complete more of the game alone than with Isemiya. I'm guessing each blog update will provide one-three images/screenshots.