Thursday, May 26, 2011

Overdue update? I guess.

About a week or so ago, there was an update to the [erka:es] blog about what’s going on with RKSF. I really didn’t real like updating for a small blog post, but nothing’s happened and I don’t feel like being lazy anymore/waiting for the next big batch of information updates, so here’s what the deal is/was, thanks to our resident translator:

  • First half of the bosses are done, and about 15 new normal enemies and traps have been made and are working in game.
  • Picture is of one of the enemies and a trap.
  • WOMI thinks he'll be able to finish all of the normal enemies in about a week (today), and then he'll work on mid-bosses and then the latter bosses.
  • First 8 bosses are done, but he wants to work on them, not satisfied, etc.
  • Because he's working on just RKSF stuff, his own site won't be updated, so everything will be posted on erka:es' website.

There you have it. They’re pressing forward. Let’s hope for the best!


  1. I wish WOMI would release another trial to the game, just so we can see for ourselves what exactly are the new enemies/traps and what the re-designed characters/Dark Magi look like.

  2. Or at least some screen shots.

  3. @Hugh Man:
    We have screenshots of what's in progress since April here, here, and here. And there's the ones from January here, here, aaaaaaaaaand here.

    I hope hope [erka:es] are planning some of the graphical issues from the first that I brought up eariler after they're able to sort their problems out (namely the weird problem I had with those black pixels all over the game and increasing the screen resolution higher than 640x480 without the game graphics looking messy).

  4. Yes, but what about other things, like...

    *Standing sprites (if completed) of Spiritia, Trauare, Luste, Liebea, Schwer, Dolis, Pamela, Schirach, and the Refrakita twins (including additional screenshots of their respective stages and/or boss battles, you can never have too many).
    *Explanation on the game's stage layout system, like when will the Dark Magi be fought.
    *How the as-of-yet revealed weapons will function.
    *More new enemy previews.
    *Showcases of dialogue system with updated mugshots.

  5. Justin, if you have them reveal all of that, then what surprises will we have left when we actually play it? You're asking way too much.

  6. Well, RKSF has been in development for three years and has been delayed roughly five times. ~__~

  7. I wonder, what's stopping RKS from appearing on game consuls other than the PC?

    No connections with Nintendo/Sony? Is Erka:es not "official" enough for that?

    I wouldn't mind getting RKS on the PSP...

  8. It's a Mega Man clone. Probably wouldn't work so well unless it was published in association with Capcom.

  9. @Justin: As Konata Izumi said in Lucky Star, the game is more fun if you find all of it's secrets it has to offer yourself. And ain't the truth. I was playing Shadow Complex on my Xbox 360 trying to complete the Insurgent challenge in the game, and I was stomped at one point figuring my way around game with height accessibility being an issue. Then I found out what one of my level-up perks could be used for, and finished the challenge.

    @Hugh Man & Everyone:


    Well I actually got in touch with Rockin' Android about that interest of localizing Rosenkreuzstilette about 2 months ago. Adam Milecki, one of the employees at Rockin' Android actually responded to my inquiries about Rosenkreuzstilette's localization, brought Letty and Darkside Translation to their attention since they're the ones with [erka:es] consent first and translated the game first, and the possibility of Rosenkreuzstilette being a downloadable title like Crescent Pale Mist and asked them if they could get the game on Xbox 360 and PC since Rockin' Android plans on getting doujin games out on Xbox 360 and Steam sometime this year (and that time should be now since PlayStation Network stores has gone to bum-f*cked Egypt thanks to those hackers). Adam responded and he said he would take my questions up to Enrique Galvez, and in the past months I have yet to receive ANY sort of response from Enrique or Adam.

    I dunno if asking them about this stuff was the right thing to do, but I couldn't let the thought of seeing Rosenkreuzstilette get released without the original translators working on the game's localization happen. And if Keiko Sakurai and Rockin' Android are planning to give RKS a visual upgrade (hoping for something better than 480p HD), they better not slack from the presentation like they did with Crescent Pale Mist and Acceleration of SUGURI X-Edition and give RKS both the sprites and character artwork a touch-up while making the scenary more vivid.

  10. Looks like the Opening Stage as well as Grolla and Sichte's stages are getting a redesign from what I could tell from the new screenshots on the new [erka:es] blog update.

  11. Grolla's level design seems so... "I need thiiiiis" X_X

    So basically, Womi does all the work, now !

  12. Xbox 360? What a shame, I don't have that.

    But that's still good news for the future of RKS.

  13. @VIper

    It's actually interesting to hear you tried doing that. But with how much unoriginality the RKS series has to Mega Man (just look at them spoofing the Hippo mini-boss from Mega Man 4) it may be a little difficult to distribute it properly via Stream and XBLA without Capcom stepping in unless of course the series goes for a huge genre shift and becomes something else.

    Once again I'm not saying that to offend the series itself but it's pretty much true.

    @ the new update
    Also what's this? A new e-mail address? Oh please god tell me WOMI is going to start replying to all e-mails now.

  14. @Justin:
    And yet no one at Nintendo seems to care about the fact that Shadow Complex is a Metroid-clone. Like ZUN's artwork, Rosenkreuzstilette is never going to change or deviate from a Mega Man-clone anytime soon. *sigh and facepalm*

    Well, I just send Rockin Android an e-mail about the questions I asked earlier, hopefully Adam and Enrique will answer this time.

  15. @Viper

    Once again I'm not saying anything to be rude, but honestly. I've said it more than enough.

    After researching Shadow Complex, it does house based on it's screenshots some similarities to Metroid, but it does not blandly copy the enemies, HUB, and whatnot as RKS does to Mega Man. If it really did, then somewhere deep within we'd see a Ridley and Metroid impersonator, and possibly a Mother Brain one too, as Rosenkreuzstilette did with MM2's fire-spewing dog enemy, MM4's Ringman Hippo enemy, and the list goes on.

    And I'm pretty well-aware that clones of popular games do get released on consoles, but RKS has too many similarities it seems as if they're just trying to make a spinoff title with an almost all female cast to Capcom's well-selling title. Rockin' Android probably will let this slide since they'd just release it on Stream and such, but if it really wanted to see a release on XBLA, WiiWare, and PSN, some major things would have to come into play, like the following:

    *Re-design the HUD and menu systems, including the Sepperin and Iris castle introduction sequences.
    *For the sake of being fair, dropping or lighting the difficulty of the instant death-traps, like the Freudia's Quickman Laser Overflow, the Iris Garden of Spikes, and especially the ones in Schwer's stage.
    *Redesigning the "Zornesbombe blocks" into just a red block with a small imprinting of a bomb slapped on it, and change the secret Bomberman room in Sepperin Stage 4 to remove the Bomberman HUD and other refrences.
    *Speaking of Bomberman, instead of the blocks appearing inside the room once the "Hurry" signal goes off, have Zorne light the fuse of a bomb attached to the ground with a small bomb blast, the when it goes of, tears apart the floor and sends Spiritia to her death. Zorne survives by clinging onto the wall and jumping out the hole she created when the battle began.
    *The lift enemies in Trauare's stage should be given a more bazare, gothic like appearance, but their performance should still remain the same.
    In Schwer's stage, the texture of the SMB room should be changed, the SMB HUD should no longer be present, but the coins should still be there, but not look similar to the ones from SMB.
    *Also, the Evil Rush and Evil Eddie enemies would have to be given alternative designs (same applies to all other enemies).
    *The character teleportation sequences should be changed to them just fading out, rather through the "beam of light" method.
    *You know what I'm going to say about the Game Over screens.

    Again, Viper, please understand that if Rockin' Android does acquire the rights to RKS, please have them (or someone else) explain to [erka:es] that they need to drop the video game references if they wish to publish it to major gaming consoles, otherwise Capcom may end up approaching poor WOMI and Isemiya with a ban-hammer in hand. This is for their own good. It can still be the same RKS and RKSF we know and love, but it just needs some butchering. That's all.

  16. Justin is pretty much speaking the truth here. RKS will never go beyond a doujin series in its current form. Everything about the original is not just heavily inspired by Mega Man; it's a straight-up homage with plenty of copying. The game is designed by Mega Man fans, for Mega Man fans; it does what it does so people who play Mega Man will go "Oh ha ha, I know what this is from!" Freudenstachel does the same thing. If RKS is to go beyond that, it needs to be entirely revamped.

    Shadow Complex is a Metroidvania-style game. Its influences are clear. However, there's no point where you have to fight Metroids, and not a single area looks like Zebes or SR-338. That's what sets RKS apart.

    Seriously, the only way it'll happen is if Capcom gets involved, and then there's a good chance [erka:es] will no longer have 100% control over their game. That probably isn't going to work out.