Saturday, June 6, 2009

Everybody's Favorite Bomber Girl (Also Wiki)

Once again, Kiora shows his love for Zorne by drawing this nice picture of her in a cute outfit. You know, if I had better sprite editing skills, I'd probably create some alternate costume patch for everyone... Maybe I can practice that or something.

I finally got around to adding the profiles for the Black Cross Organization/Dark Magi, so check them out if you're curious. Their pages still need work, but I can save that for later. You know, if I had bothered to do any research, I would've known that zaku6 is an H-doujinshi artist and is making an RKS H-doujinshi. Oh boy.


  1. what's your e-mail letty

    and zaku6 will be selling that Freudia doujinshi at summer comiket. There will never be scans of it. unless of course you got some connections in japan. then again you are The Mint with legions of RKS fans at your disposal

  2. Just use grollschwert [at] gmail [dot] com. It's the link with Grolla holding the envelope.

  3. Can someone help me with the VG Info template on the wiki? Thanks.

  4. I did art of Zorne and the other characters several times. :)

    Too bad I'm almost never mentioned here after that "there are no words" post.

  5. Justin - Bad artist stigma. It's killed many a vibrant artist. Actually, I used to run a company and contracted several artists and one of my artists went and drew highly detailed penises on all the female characters (on art that was drawn by another artist, no less) and I dunno, he was good but I just couldn't feel like commissioning anything after that.

    Great pic of normal-armed Zorne-sama - I think my love for Zorne is well known here now, so I'm likely biased but I like this. Colour would help a lot, and I'd honestly never pictured her in a long skirt but she looks really good in it.