Sunday, June 28, 2009

Comment Moderation

Due to unfortunate circumstances, I have activated comment moderation on Schwer and Schwer Alike. I can no longer tolerate certain actions occurring within the comments section of this blog. When things die down a bit, I will reassess the situation, but as of now, my patience has been worn very thin. I apologize for the inconvenience.


  1. I only lurk on this blog, but in my opinion, comment moderation isn't something to be ashamed of having. I run my own blog (on wordpress, which has some different options from blogger as far as I know) and it is moderated. It's just a reality on the internet that entirely open discussion will be entirely open to negative elements.

    I have dealt with some of the same things that I have seen in the comments on this blog, and I have had much less patience than you did with them. I have yet to receive any backlash for it and have I yet to apologize for it. I support your decision entirely.

  2. Wow, it quite turned into a mess, while I was away O_O'

    It's true that most of us are in our (late or so) twenties, and we've not got so much time to argue or anything.

    If that could prevent from spams il the comment section, well then let it be, Letty ;-)

    This'll let the situation cool down a bit, and allow us to speak more about what we're here for ^_^

  3. Wyatt: I think Letty was proud of the fact that anyone could take part in a discussion at the English RKS Headquarters, and now this can no longer be true.

    When I was in college, I was a regular at many gaming forums. However, the sheer amount of stupidity I was confronted with prompted me to leave and never look back. I visit GameFAQs from time to time, but for the FAQs only, not the reviews or message boards (incidentally, I have written guides for them in the past).

    Killing_Doll: Be glad you didn't see Justin's last post, then. My immediate reaction to it was "I think I'm going to puke" (and I told Letty as much when I checked in with him on the English localization progress). I won't go into detail, but let's just say very colorful descriptions of urine and scatology were involved. I don't care who you are; you can't post something like that *anywhere* and reasonably expect to keep your posting privileges. These are the words of a fifteen-year-old? Cripes. For the record, I have been a fan of visual novels (eroge / hentai games, if you prefer that terminology) for the past half-decade - I couldn't call myself squeamish by any means. But this...

    Suffice to say, his shameless self-promotion had little to do with Letty's final decision (though it certainly didn't help any).

  4. I'm all for this. In a magical happy flower world everyone behaves themselves. Unfortunately, this is the internet where not having a face to punch gives people a feeling of invulnerability.

    Wyatt - Welcome to the fanbase. Hopefully you won't see as much crud from now on but please feel free to stay. Actively or passovely is all good.

  5. I just can't believe that Justin of all people was even capable of single-handedly went out and said that on this blog! Sure, I've added hentai (R-18) stuff on my Pixiv account into my favorites, but that's because I AM over 18 and legally old enough to see such images. But I would never look at the stuff that Justin's f*cking mouth had to blur out!
    Not to mention he ruined what promising English fanbase this series had until he showed up and ruined it for everybody! So much so that Kiora had to apologize for his atrocity on 2ch! >:E I just feel horrible for Kiora, I really do, Letty.
    Also, I feel like I'm one to blame for Justin's "colorful" vocabulary for bringing up the RKS hentai doujinshi... T_T

    Killer_Doll, you were lucky you didn't see what happened earlier...

    TDOMMX, I like the Force Armor icon. Though I like the Ultimate Armor from X4 more, but its your blogger account. ^_^

    Letty, I think I, along with other "good" artists of the RKS fanbase would have to be the ones to make up for Justin's atrocity... =_=+

  6. TDOMXX: Yeah I'm glad to have missed it too, as most of us here, I' don't come to see insults or stupid argues like what seems to have happened here...

    Censoring can be an hard decision to take for Letty, but sometimes you have not the choice.

    I'm sure that preserving a "peace" in this blog is vital, especially for those who're too shy for posting there, or foreign contributors like Kiora...

    Commentaries filled with stupidities won't motivate people to post on the blog, so Letty's decision as my full support, even if as I said, I missed most of the story. ;-)

  7. ...I don't think I even want to know what was going on O.o;

    I for one don't think this step is bad or anything you need apologizing for. A lot of good blogs I frequent use it. Sometimes it is simply needed to keep the place readable.

  8. I'm a total RKS newb with very little handle on the actual canonical stuff (which is why I'm waiting on the edge of my seat for the English version) which is why I didn't comment before.

    But you guys are so welcoming I think I'll be less shy from now on! I really do like these games a lot even if I am so, so terrible at Freudenstachel. It makes me feel less a man (I did somehow manage to beat RKS, not grolla mode though.)

  9. Don't worry, Wyatt. Some of aren't that great Mega Man/Rosenkreuzstilette players, like myself. Besides, Freudenstachel is even harder than the first, even for me. Its sad to see the fanbase here in the US, if not the world, was tarnished by "He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named".

    I welcome you with open arms, Wyatt. \^_^/

  10. Actually, I have a sad confession to make. I... I... I never beat the RKSF demo without using tsearch to cheat:( It's the blood rain and zombie part, guys. I just kept falling down pits

    *cries into Zorne's bosom*

    So I use tsearch to give myself unlimited lives. My lowest number of deaths in that area is... 6!

    *Zorne catches on and bombs me to death*

  11. Can't blame you Dragnfly. That part was hard as hell until I was able to catch on the actually pattern to survive that part of Grolla's Stage in Freudenstachel. As for fighting Zorne, well maybe I should put a .rpy file for fighting her in RKSF on the RKS Uploader.

  12. I'm one of those people who have been too shy to post on here in the past- I get kinda nervous among other people, you know? But this little conversation has convinced me to try and speak up a bit.

    I'm actually from England- yes, RKS has british fans as well! I've only been a fan for a few weeks, but I feel as though I want to add to the RKS community and help make it better, even if only a little.

    As for the whole comment moderation thing, I understand. It's neccesary to keep some sense of order here, especially after the last few days.... Hope things get better soon!

  13. Here's the .rpy, Dragnfly. Excuse the typo on the file name.

    Oh, Zorne-chan. Can I have a word with you? ^_^
    Zorne: "What is it?" >_>
    FALCON PUUUUUNCH!!! D:< *Falcon Punched Zorne*
    Zorne: *dead* ... X_x

  14. Viper- Yeah, I'm happy to have missed that again. As Macha said, we're not very curious about what happened, we'll let you guys handle this... ;-)

    Wow, my best score for the RKSF demo was about 13mn without any cheat... If Dragnfly wan't manage it, that's surprinsing, but then I may not be so bad, actually ^_^'

    Sorry Dragn, but you just made me... relieved, kind of, so thanks ;-)

    And by the way: welcome, Wyatt !

  15. Yay! I now have one less 'M' in my handle and one more 'X'! That makes me... "The Darkside of Megaman XX", I guess? Sounds cool! Though I'm not sure people would be happy if one more of 'em slipped in there. Bow-chika-wow and all that...

    Oh, wait - that's what Rule 34 is for. Damn it. ;-)

    Wyatt, this is a little overdue, but welcome to the blog and enjoy your stay. Granted, this is Letty's turf, but I guess I can speak for him this once: we're happy to have you.

    The forum is also open to the public now, but I guess no one really knows since I didn't make a front-page announcement yet. Feel free to post here or there whenever you want to chat, be it about RKS or anything else.

    Also, don't feel bad about not being a "L33T G4M3R". I can make the RKS characters say or wield anything I want, but I've only managed to finish the game as Grolla *once* without cheating. I should applaud you for waiting for actual canonical material rather than "poisoning the well" with plot summaries or fanon (no offense intended to the creators of such material). It won't be long until the full game is ready for release... If you want to whet your appetite, have a look at the RKS section of Darkside in the meantime: the story and character sections are taken straight from the manual.

    Viper, I've actually had the same avatar for the past eight years or so. I just never got around to adding it to my Google account. Incidentally, I have no idea if it's really supposed to be "Force" or "Fourth". The former makes more sense since we have the Max Armor, the Hyper Armor, the Ultimate Armor, and so on (no, the "Light" and "Giga" Armor names are not canon; in fact, "Giga" was the working name for the Gaia Armor). However, the official figurines label it as "The 4th Armor", so I'm inclined to side with that romanization.

    I prefer the Ultimate Armor too (Nova Striking - a weapon spammer's dream come true), but X4 doesn't have any decent artwork for it, X5's is cropped, and X6 warps it beyond recognition...

    Oh, and comparing Justin to Jack Thompson is a little harsh (though I'll admit they both use some of the same tactics). Let's save the "he who must not be named" for those who actually deserve infamy.

    Killing_Doll: I wouldn't say Justin's posts were stupid, but they were undeniably of the "Sir, I'm sorry, but I'll have to ask you to leave" variety. I have no intention of criticizing his fetishes, but there are some things you just can't say in public.

  16. Wyatt don't feel bad.

    I can't beat most bosses. Granted, I have zero manlyness to begin with, but I don't think gender means much when it comes to utter fail.

    I mean, I would have a defense, if I'd just fail against Grolla (since I'm weak against swordswomen) but I can't even bet Zorne well at all.

    Enthusiasm counts!

  17. Awww, TDOMMX, needless to say, my hand slipped a bit while writing your alias T_T

    Sorry for the mistake ;-) , please don't Zornes-Bombe me this time T_T

  18. Thanks for the replay. no RKSF on this computer but I'll play it once I go to a friend's place. I'm Canadian so it's a holiday. well, tomorrow but I work nights, so I technically it's my holiday now. I'll have plenty of chances to check it.

  19. Regarding RKSFS: If it makes any difference, Wyatt and Dragnfly, I haven't been able to beat the Freudenstachel so far... and I won the Double-Cross challenge, for one.

    The demo has many trial & error spots and the boss patterns are relatively hard to predict & dodge(can't say I'm excessively happy with the development concerning the former); it's only natural these things take time.

    In other news, TDOMMX is now a hero in my book; he's expressions have been spot-on in the last few posts. I enjoyed reading them.

    While I was rather baffled in seeing how Letty seemed to 'ban' Justin for saying it's OK to make typos, it certainly explains things if the things brought up in these comments are true. That said, I don't like the idea of approving of posts to get them posted, even if there's a valid reason to do so.

    I also find it relatively interesting that RKS might've been a hentai game, but seeing there are 13 hentai games in a dozen doujin games, and because Mega Man clones aren't exactly common (the other one I know would be MegaMari, and maybe you could also count Touhou Heibunroku as such, though I had troubles getting that one run correctly (read: I failed at it)), so I actually prefer how it turned out.

    I like long sentences.

  20. While I was rather baffled in seeing how Letty seemed to 'ban' Justin for saying it's OK to make typos, it certainly explains things if the things brought up in these comments are true. That said, I don't like the idea of approving of posts to get them posted, even if there's a valid reason to do so.

    The comment in question that he made was deleted. As TDOMMX said, it mentioned some very unfortunate things involved human excrement, and I preferred not to look at it.