Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Zorne's Birthday

You know, I'm really surprised at the amount of love for Zorne, especially considering her position in the popularity poll, but hey, the more RKS fans, be they Zorne or anyone else, the better. To commemorate all the Zorne love, here's Kiora's other mini-doujinshi called "Zorne's Birthday". Thank you, Kiora!

Download: (Mediafire)


  1. I guess people like Electra complex girls.

  2. Nice graphic style again for Kiyora. As usual, quite near the borderline of sadness (T_T)

    Hey Zorne, without your cool claw, you wouldn't be "the" Zorne !

  3. I was a big surprise.
    I thought, I forget she's birthday...
    But, I was relieved to know this.

  4. oops, my apologies, I made a typo, Kiora :-/

    Total support, for what you did with Usual tears in general !

    And don't worry about english, you're doing well. It's not my usual language too, you'll improve quickly for sure ;-)
    頑張れ ! ;-)

  5. Comic - That was so nice. Funny ending, but when I saw the Bad End page I fell over laughing. Also, the added little bits of colour make it so much better. In a lot of cases only colouring specific things can look better than full colour. She does look good in that dress:) And The Count looks pretty cool too.

    As for the english, I can't speak for everybody but I can understand you just fine. And understanding is the important part of language:)

    Good comic. :)

  6. Hi, everyone. I'm just making blog.

    Killing Doll,
    Thank you!
    But I'm poor at read.
    Sometimes I can't understand anyone's response:<
    I use dictionary many for write a sentence.
    What's tenor ":-/" ?

    Thank you!
    I'm glad you said that.
    I not do well full color. Just study yet.
    Actually Zorne look good in dress.
    Becouse, she's fassion isn't nothing special at other times.

  7. Kiora,

    ":-/"はエモーティコンです。 "-_-"に似た。

  8. Okay, thank you Letty.
    My blog custom soon be over.

  9. I'm late, but Letty said it well for me !

    Tell us when your blog is okay, Kiora ! Good luck.

  10. http://superjustinbros.deviantart.com/art/Super-Justin-Zorne-s-B-Day-125581127

  11. That ending has epic lawlz... D:

  12. Killing Doll,
    My blog is Okay!
    I uploaded any picture.

    I can't understand ""lawlz".

  13. Yeah. To make language even more complicated, the internet has it's own terms which are different from country to country. Tho rest assured, we both use "orz" to mean the same things.

    Tho a lot of them are just people being stupid, some actually came from long long ago when they were actually needed.

    I used to have a 300baud modem and I'd NEVER want to make a post this long with it. HAHAHA.

    Tho I didn't know wwwwwwwww was the "lol" (and related) translation. I'd see it all the time on japanese sites

  14. Letty,
    Thank you.
    I know "lol".
    But, I don't knew "lawlz".
    I'm learned it.

    Japanese, apply the word Grass to "wwwwwww".
    Other country's slang is very interesting.