Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Keeping a Promise

Wow. In true Calypso fashion, Superjustinbros. drew pretty much what I asked him to (that's what I get for not specifying), and as promised, the piece gets showcased here. I have to say that it's actually colored pretty well. Keep this up.

Letty's Request


  1. You should stop linking this crap.

  2. lol at spiritia wearing a hat and monocles...

  3. Letty's right, don't be so hard on Justin... Improving needs practice ;-)
    Doesn't this suimsuit looks like Zorne's one, or it's just me ?

  4. Almost the same style as her's but not quite. So can we assume the swimsuit stripes will reflect the girl's hair colour?

    Indeed, the only way to improve is to practice practice practice. The same goes for anything in life. If it makes you feel better, you can probably draw better than me.

  5. @Killing_Doll
    How can you become better if you don't know the basics of drawing? Evading the criticism himself for not using the "wooden figure base" as his journal say is not an excuse for not developing better skills.
    If you become depressed by criticism, even if it's bad, you are never going to progress in life.