Tuesday, June 30, 2009

English Patch Progress

I am happy to announce that Spiritia's Story Mode scripts and graphics are done, and Grolla's scripts will be ready for review and insertion very shortly. The hour of completion is nigh, and I, for one, am getting excited.

Nothing new to report on [erka:es]'s end, though. Kiora has some new pictures up on his blog if you're interested. That's about it. I'll report back when something interesting happens. If anyone wants to contribute anything, please do. I need something to post.


  1. Oh my God! Is it really almost finish, Letty?! If it is, then you and TDOMMX have made this Rock Man fan very happy! ^ω^

    As for contributing something... well. I don't to be another Justin who would dump art that you wouldn't find appealing, but I thought of showing those who haven't seen it is this. I know its not great, but as least its decent on the eyes...? :(

  2. Cool. So we'll need our original RKS disc, and I assume japanese language support (as most patches seem to still need the language and/or region support), right?

  3. Viper, we are indeed in the final stretch. I sent the Tia build to the beta team about an hour ago. I'll begin inserting the Grollschwert script once I've received the finalized version from Letty. I don't expect the insertion and playtesting to take very long, but if (God forbid) something happens to hold up the release, we'll let you know ASAP.

    Dragnfly, I've modified the executable so that you don't necessarily need to have Japanese language support enabled to play the game in English (it runs perfectly on my brother's French Canadian laptop w/o Jap support installed). I would highly recommend installing the East Asian Language files so that the log file can be generated properly (we left it in Japanese so [erka:es] would be able to use it if need be), but you don't need to leave your system locale set to Japanese to play the game.

    You will however need an original RKS game disc to install the English version; our installer dummy-proofs the process, installs the necessary system files, the game itself, the Freudia Voice Enhancement, and our English localization. In effect, you get Version 1.05 since that's what our graphics edits are based on. Unfortunately, NSIS isn't nearly as intelligent as [erka:es]'s custom patcher, so the installer filesize will be a little larger than I would like (though it won't be quite as large as the English Trial - that contained two versions of the game instead of just one).