Tuesday, June 9, 2009

RKS Fanfic: "Love and Duty"

Schwer reader Dragnfly has provided us with a fanfic entitled "Love and Duty" about two brothers who stand together to protect their master at any cost.

Read it here!


  1. Cool.

    Did the person post any artwork based on the story?

    BTW. My B-day's coming up.

  2. Interresting point a view Dragnfly, telling us the story of "basic" ennemies, that's unusual. Nice one-shot ;-)

    And I noticed that Grolla's love for beer still lives. The beerfest must go on. How nice ^_^

    By the way, happy B'day Justin, then ;-)

  3. Such a beautiful, yet sad ending... Nice use of the enemies' point of view.

    Oh and Happy (early) B-day Justin. :D

  4. BTW, How do you get that counter on the top right? and how do you expand the maximum width of the main page?

    Also to Letty, could you showcase another one of my artworks (Mabye this: http://Superjustinbros.deviantart.com/art/RKS-Spiritia-and-Freudia-124800333 )
    Plus a few other things... like votes to this character poll I started, and followers to my blog.

    Don't worry, I'm not forcing you guys, but it would make me very happy.

  5. Justin, make something exceptional, and it'll go here. I promise.

  6. I find your art to be humorous, don't get me wrong. But when there's a Superjustinbros picture, people know exactly what to expect. Show us something really exceptional and amazing and different, and I'll definitely showcase it.

  7. Hmm... Draw me a picture of Spiritia and Lilli in suits wearing top hats and monocles while sipping tea. Make it amazing, and it will be posted, no questions.

  8. Letty - aw, now you're just abusing him. Although a pic like that would be absolutely awesome. By the way, thanks for posting this. I don't normally write fanfics so this is actually the only fic I've ever had on the internet.

    Justin - Happy birthday. In regards to the counter, do you mean the hits counter on SaSa's front page? Click on the counter. The 1-up animations are just seperate animated gifs.

    Everyone else - Thanks. I wanted to use a less common perspective. I was worried the flow would be bad tho because I'm usually writing in script format. Prose is hard. LOL.

  9. Dragnfly: No. I want to know how you put a counter on the blog.

    To Letty, I have completed the image.


  10. Click on the counter. It'll take you to the counter's website. Register and follow their instructions and you have yourself a shiney new counter. To get the RKS heads by it, just use image insert tags before and after the counter's html code.