Tuesday, June 2, 2009

RKS English Preview Video

YouTube user djrelllik has uploaded a video showcasing our preview release of the full English patch for Rosenkreuzstilette.

Good to see that Darkside Translations got all the credit. I'm not bitter. :P

While I have this post up, I'll also say that 2ch has taken notice of the RKS Wiki, so over the next week (or whenever I finish watching Toradora!), I will be hard at work fixing up articles and making everything as accurate as I can. We have to dress to impress to show them that we are serious and love RKS! The Wiki will be complete in time for the full English release, that's for sure.

And still no Freudenstachel web trial.


  1. Hmm. I should do an image of RockJustin showing me fighting Trauare.

  2. http://Superjustinbros.deviantart.com/art/RKS-Sexy-Sichte-124572668

  3. I have started a character poll. :)

  4. justin-kun you will be the end of me. i admire your red hot passion, but please keep your original character stuff on Deviant Art.

    And I enjoy the youtube video! djrelish plays pretty well and the patch looks great

  5. Passionate yeah, that kinda sums it well :-P

    That's nearly a no-hit run in this video, and the quality is good. That's a nice promo for the translation team ;-)

  6. Is it possible for someone to put the Extended Preview up on the RKS uploader?

  7. An unsolicited one at that. Notice that Zeppy goes uncredited and there's a typo in our name ("Darkside translation")... (-_-;) That, and he uses the long URL to the download page instead of the more practical http://www.darksidetranslations.com.

    Personally, I would have started the video off with the [erka:es], Darkside, and Zeppy splash screens instead of an onscreen narration.

    I had half a mind to release a similar video myself before the release to get you guys pumped up, but the clips Camtasia produced never had any sound. No clue why; I'm sure I configured the program properly. Fraps worked fine for me, but I'm not about to upload anything with a watermark of any kind.

    Don't be too hard on Justin. With all due respect intended to the guy, he's still just a kid. Nothing is worse for a kid than to have their ideals torn apart before they can figure out on their own if they're within their abilities. I learned that the hard way seven years ago - then I got serious. And you've already seen what I can do when I get serious (^_^).