Friday, October 16, 2009

RKS Challenge 009: Time Attack

And here comes the triumphant return of the RKS Challenge series! I'll try my best to make this bi-weekly, so it'll give us something to do. That said, let's get on with the show.

This one is a Freudenstachel Web Trial Demo challenge, so load that one up, and make sure it's updated to v0.04a or whatever the latest one is. Your objective is to beat the prologue stage and Sichte's stage under specified conditions within a certain time range.

Prologue Stage Conditions:
- You may only slide when it is necessary to progress in the stage.
- Any damage taken will add five (5) seconds to your overall time.
- Every time Eifer uses her vine attack, three (3) seconds will be added to your overall time.

Sichte Stage Conditions:
- You may not fire any weapons during the course of the stage.
- When fighting Sichte, only one shot at a time may be fired (no holding the shot button).
- Any damage taken during the stage will add two (2) seconds to your overall time.
- Any damage taken during the boss fight will subtract seven (7) seconds from your overall time.

The goal is to get as close to eight minutes (8:00) as possible without going over.

To submit your replays, please e-mail them to us at grollschwert [at] gmail [dot] com with the subject line "RKS009: Time Attack". You may only submit one replay, and all replays must be received by one week from today. Good luck!


  1. It's about time the contests make a comeback. It's been a long time.

  2. My my, this seems quite restrictive !

    Let's try out, after all victory's not in the line, but fun is definitely ^_^

  3. A few questions:
    - So the challenge is supposed to be done in one go, both stages in one replay?
    - Are the amount of deaths by any means restricted or penalized (other than the damage taken)?
    - "Any damage" refers to each time you get hit, correct? So, for example, getting hit 6 times in the intro will add 30 seconds?

    Also regarding that timer glitch that was mentioned previously: Is it still there and how exactly does it affect the timer? Note that I haven't watched the replay.

  4. Oh yeah, and should the replay end right after defeating Sichte or in the weapon get screen?

  5. - All in one replay.
    - Number of deaths do not affect time.
    - Only refers to damage taken by Freudia.
    - The timer glitch requires actually human input to work and will not affect your replay. It's not easy to do.

  6. Oh, my bad. Replay should end at the password screen as per usual.

  7. So the due date, to my knowledge, is Oct. 23.

  8. Too bad I don't want upgrade to 0.04 :P But don't mind me, I'll probably try it with my harder version anyway just for my own fun.

  9. 0.03a replays will be ineligible, because the changes in the game are distinct enough to make a difference. I tried running one of DAD's 0.03a replays on 0.04a, and he just ended up dying repeatedly and not going anywhere.

  10. The fun thing is actually that the TAS's "take damage to save time" became actually "take damage to loose time". ^_^'

    As for me, I can't manage to go across Sichte's stage without being hit, as we can't fire Freudenstachel. I tried to adjust time at the end, being hit by Sichte, we'll see what it does...

    I didn't used so calculations or something, I just send the replay I thought good enough ;-)

    Hope we'll get some nice entries !

  11. Sorry to go off-topic, but WOMI put up a new blog entry, this time featuring new Dolis artwork.

  12. I just checked it out. Love what he cooked up.

  13. Don't worry I know that, that's why I said for my own fun ;)

  14. Aww I give up. Cant win in 8 minutes

  15. Don't worry, dude, there's always Challenge #010 to look forward too. ^_^

  16. How many entries have already been sent, for this challenge ?

    I don't really see how you could be undamaged in Sichte's stage...

  17. >I don't really see how you could be undamaged in Sichte's stage...

    You can't. Don't even try.

    However, a good run of Prologue + Sichte's stage will only take about 4-5 minutes, and really, abusing Sichte's boss fight for time pretty much guarantees that you won't go over 8 minutes.

    The trick is to keep tab of both your overall elapsed time and your time penalties on the fly, and adjust as necessary.

  18. Actually, you can, it just takes practice as well as several tries. I've often watched FallenAngelVeronica's replays for the C75 Trial version, and all of them involve using only the default weapon and taking no damage. She must've been that skillful to have done these.

  19. Sichte's stage was not available in the C75 Trial.

  20. Also remember that you can't shoot in Sichte's stage in this challenge. There are 2-3 places where taking damage is absolutely necessary to progress because there's no room. One of them might be possible to clear without getting hit, but you'd need to use a moving platform with a flamer skull on it, which requires almost infinite patience to get it right at all, if it's possible.

    Regardless, the point stands; you're not supposed to get no-damage clear in Sichte's stage under these conditions. One simply cannot.

  21. >Sichte's stage was not available in the C75 Trial.

    Yeah, I know that. Liebea's stage was in it, though.

  22. Sichte's stage != Liebea's stage, so the fact that Liebea's stage was there is irrelevant.

  23. Exactly, Cremator... If we could fire any weapon, I wouldn't be really hard to make a no-damage clear, but that isn't the case.

    The moving flamer skull and the first two spear men, I can't figure out any opening.

    Sure that isn't the point of the challenge, but te whole no weapon thing is quite interresting. You can manage to spare your ammo throught almost the whole stage ! O_o

  24. I hate to go off subject again, but what exactly is the new blog post on [erka:es] about anyways? I've been wondering about it for a bit.

  25. The hour is drawing near. I've sent my contest submission already, though I doubt I'll win... :b

  26. Neither do I, Viper, but it's for the fun of trying ;-)