Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Time Attack Results

Final Times:

1st Place - Tanin - 04'47'69
2nd Place - Killing_Doll - 04'21"45

I am sorry to report that two other contenders, Cremator and ViperAcidZX, have been disqualified. Both Cremator and ViperAcidZX went to other stages during the course of gameplay, adding time to their replay outside the challenge guidelines. Tanin tried to pull a clever trick by running the timer on the password screen, but I deducted the time spent on there, because really, come on.

It would seem that the specifications were not as precise as I could have made them, and the challenge was ripe for exploiting. The next one will not be so... open.

Congrats to Tanin for winning, and thanks to everyone who participated!


  1. Not that I didn't expect this to happen, but still, I'm a bit disappointed that you will not be allowing any creativity or thinking outside the box, Letty. When you know the game the fun no longer comes down to the goal itself, it's how you get there.

    Regardless, it's fine. I had fun and discovered many things about the game while I was playing. Many of which found their way into my replay file. ;)

    Personally, I would've preferred having those replays uploaded somewhere. I consider what people did and how they did it more interesting than the results themselves; after all, all the effort is just a row of numbers until you see them for yourself.

    Anyway, congrats to Tanin for winning the challenge and a high-five to ViperAcidZX for being awesome!

  2. This isn't a matter of thinking outside the box. You were only allowed to go to two stages. >_> I thought that was pretty clear.

  3. What was clear was your intent for it to be only those two stages. On the other hand, if you don't put your intent in unambiguous terms in the rules, somebody's bound to spot it. I know I did.

    From my standpoint, you can write like you do now and enjoy the results (if you'll allow yourself to), or perhaps you can take up legalese as a new language.

  4. Well, it's quite a nice suggestion: why not putting the four submission replays on KreuzChannel for instance, when Letty'll get the time ?
    I'd like to see how everyone performed, too ^_^

    As for the rules, they seemed pretty clear... Two stages, countdown being "in game" with penalties.
    There is probably many ways of improving the timer we didn't thought of, but doesn't a "public challenge" intends to make every submitter play using the same rules ?

    In the same conditions, I'm pretty sure Cremator is far above most of us here, but plain talent is I think the whole point here.

    Congrats Tanin ;-) and I had a lot of fun with it, too !

  5. I knew I screwed up somewhere.. >_>

  6. I don't know why I bothered writing this, I could've just said "please be more specific next time" or something. It's not like I can gain anything from this, only lose. Ah well. Think of it as a constructive advice... <-<; yeah... that'll do...

    >>This isn't a matter of thinking outside the box. You were only allowed to go to two stages. >_> I thought that was pretty clear.

    I disagree. First off, you gave us a goal (beat intro and Sichte with certain conditions) with a ridiculously long time limit. Then you had these statements:

    >>- You may not fire any weapons during the course of the stage.

    >>- When fighting Sichte, only one shot at a time may be fired (no holding the shot button).

    in which you clearly leave a room for the possibility of another weapon. Not only did you not prohibit the contenders from entering other stages, you even implied that it was an alternative.

    Besides, you have to kill time in some way. Doing anything even remotely entertaining didn't apparently cut it, nor did just biding your time. What did you want? A shining, gleeful cavalcade of fail and despair?

    Now, as I said this outcome didn't exactly take me by surprise, and I can see your point, but I would still go as far as to say your instructions were rather vague and ambiguous in the least considering how determined you were to disqualify and punish people for coming up with even something that "suited their plans", in lack of a better wording.

    As such it's not such a big stretch why someone might have not shared your conception of the rules. Also...

    >>This isn't a matter of thinking outside the box.

    Even if you think doing stages was merely about breaking the rules, there's the matter of Tanin's penalty, which - even though it didn't affect the outcome - was somewhat of a questionable choice given that it's just another method to meet the time limit.

  7. I understand the issues, and I will make Challenge #10 more understandable.