Monday, April 11, 2011

Here are some words about magical girls.

I got bored. Here are words.


As the chamber doors closed behind her, Spiritia stepped softly yet firmly through the deep snow, slowly approaching the lady in the white dress who stood silently at the distant cliff's edge, staring into a blue emptiness. The wind was strong, blowing sheets of snow almost completely horizontally. The icy woman's dress flowed somewhat violently, like the waves of a storm-ridden ocean. As Spiritia got closer and closer, the chill that ran down her spine was not from the frigid world around her. She stopped and looked upon her dear friend while she gathered words to speak and the courage to speak them.


Before she could utter a full syllable, the princess of ice, her best friend Freudia, broke the silence, her back still turned.

"Tia," she spoke with a hint of happiness, "it overjoys me to see that you've changed your mind, for certainly, you've come for no other reason."

Spiritia's heart ached, but she remained steadfast in her decision.

"I'm sorry, Freu," she replied. "I can't let you do this."

Freudia bit her lip as her teary eyes stayed out of view. Her heart, too, ached with a pain that only comes from love and loss.

"Tia..." she nearly sobbed. "Surely you've not sided with those who hunt us."

"No, Freu." Spiritia shook her head. "I haven't sided with anyone. Both we and the Empire are wrong!"

Freudia's voice suddenly cracked from one of sadness to one of disbelief and frustration. She turned to face Spiritia, staring coldly into her eyes.

"How dare you place us on the same level as our persecutors!" she exclaimed. "Tia, what has become of you!?"

Spiritia, slightly taken aback by Freudia's sudden change in tone, responded in turn. "I should ask you the same, Freu! RKS would never start a war like this! You would never do something this heinous!"

Freudia began to walk towards her. Her footsteps sounded as though she walked on concrete; her feet never once sunk beneath the white. She moved atop the snow, like a god on water. Her eyes glowed a passionate blue. Her hands visibly trembled.

"You say we are the heinous ones!? Tia, do you not recall our own childhood!? We watched as Imperial soldiers destroyed our homes, our families, and for what!? Because we were born gifted!?" Freudia's voice grew angrier as she reminisced of the history she and Spiritia shared. "The Holy Empire is nothing more than a devilish hypocrisy that fears our kind. They began this holy crusade to end our existence years ago, and since the beginning, there has been no retribution! That ends today, Spiritia!"

Freudia raised her hands, manifesting gigantic sharp icicles from the air around her. "RKS shall stand above the Empire and rain upon them the justice our people wish to be served!" With a swift swing of her arms, the icicle spikes flew in Spiritia's direction, flying past her and crashing loudly into the ground behind her. This was but a taste of Freudia's righteous hate. Spiritia did not flinch.

"Freudia!" she cried out, her hand beginning to glow. "Justice cannot be served through fire! You're the one who taught me that! Are you saying that we should throw away our ideals for the sake of a stupid war!?"

Freudia turned away once more.

"The rules have changed, Tia," she said. "We have done nothing but uphold our end of the bargain since Father Rosenkreuz's sacrifice. Now, Liebea's brother is a prisoner-of-war. The Zeppelin family is in a panic. There are even rumors of Magi who've allied with the Empire! We stand here, on these grounds, victims of circumstances we did not bring upon ourselves." She turned back to Spiritia, an icicle summoned to her hand. "To hell with ideals! We must take a stand!"

"There has to be some other way, Freu!" Spiritia begged. "I'm sure of it!"

With tears forming in her frozen eyes, Freudia asked once more. "Tia, my sister..." she said. "You have been gone far too long. Please, Tia. I ask you again. Will you stand by us?" She extended her free hand. "Will you stand by me...?"

Spiritia, stricken with grief, shook her head one more time.

"No, Freu," she replied. "I won't let this go on. I'll show you myself that there's another way. I'm sorry..."

Freudia slowly lowered her hand. "You're a fool, Tia. ...I will make you understand." Suddenly, Freudia fired the icicle from her other hand directly at Spiritia. In an instant, Spiritia returned fire with a magical shot from her hand, shattering the icy spear on impact.

She looked to Freudia with horrified eyes, only to be met with an icy gaze. Two sisters, two best friends, stood on opposite sides of a battlefield, engaged in a duel neither wants to fight in a war for which neither asked. In those two shots, there were more words and more feelings than any other time that either could remember. Two women, firm in their beliefs, now stared their destinies straight on. Spiritia couldn't leave things as they were. She needed to defeat the one she loved more than anyone to prove that this war need not be fought, and Freudia was going to resist her every step, every shot, of the way.

The curtain had risen on a duel of fates. On that day, into the tundra, destiny would forever be etched.


  1. wow u r good in writing this

  2. Whoa. I'd like to see the outcome of Spiritia and Freudia from you. ^^

  3. Wow, They need to hire you to make the script for RKS 3.

  4. Pretty tragic. But what ever happened to Lily?

  5. I actually thought about including Lilly, but I decided that in the part before this excerpt, Spiritia tells Lilly to stay behind, as this is something she needs to handle alone.

  6. Just another [erka:es] blog update today, just letting us know of the staff's current progress on Freudenstachel.

  7. I could make that into a sprite based animation form, if I really wanted to.

    It's not even remotely difficult for me to do that one small part. It'd just take time.


    Here's that animated version.