Thursday, February 9, 2012

Interest Check: SchwerCast

Lecht and Rink!

So I’m thinking of starting a podcast dedicated to RKS, doujin gaming, and general ridiculousness. Would you guys listen to a weekly or bi-weekly show? Accompanied art is by まさきち. Click for the big version on Pixiv!


  1. To be honest, I don't have much admiration for podcasts of any shape and form, rather just read the information online. However I might look into it (keyword, "might") just to make sure you're not plotting some secret scheme against me or the rest of the under-par Rosenkreuzstilette English fanbase with our terrible fanarts and semi-negative criticism to the games.

  2. Is this going to be like This Is Not An Anime Podcast that you used to do with VicViper and Nanael a long time ago? Love your Queen's Blade rant, and I still have Episodes 1-9. Sadly not the rest...

  3. Kyaaaa~ Lecht/Rink art is so cute !

    I'm not a big podcast fan, but it's worth hearing it before telling ;)

  4. Sorry if it's off-topic, but it looks like WOMI updated the [erka:es] blog again, this time with a chibi version of Luste.

  5. I read this part of the [erka:es]
    Our remaining task pleasant ---------------------- -----
    -To make images, game over bug fixes that are currently known, the implementation of (strudel) weapons and special configuration of the weaknesses of-Zakopane enemy boss (we forgot to such over to make. About 5 minutes stage remaining.)
    RKSF · CV-tournament first audition (also known as a tour site in the human)
    Character-drawing for the determination of conversation · BGM setting of CV and CV requests and script to create CV, set in the script conversation.
    · Coordination and difficulty driving and final text of the draw-End Roll Test (up to challenge) the picture package
    Another mode of implementation------------------------------------

    Not really like it ...... it would take time and completion percentage in particular, such as that approaching or it is related to painting and testing.


  6. I don't get it. Why the last two times WOMI drew Luste did he not include her enhancements from RKSF? Is it because he still classifies the redesign as "???" on the RKSF site?

    Otherwise, I know who's going to drool a pond over the Luste pic.

  7. @Justin

    Luste's body
    can make guys drool?
    Am I on an another


  8. @mhakk

    You are far too naive. Haven't you ever heard of pedophilia? At least 1% of the population has it.

  9. And we're ending that conversation right here.