Sunday, February 22, 2009

RKS: Freudenstachel Rumor Mill

While RosenkreuzStilette's fanbase may be smaller than most, that hasn't stopped some of the more devoted fans from speculating about what the future of the series holds. We here at Schwer and Schwer Alike have been combing the internet for the latest rumors about RKS: Freudenstachel just to bring you the best out there, whether they're all but confirmed or just wishful thinking.

First on the list is just how the four new bosses could be handled. For the record, these are Pamela Arwig, Eifer Skute, Schirach F├╝hler, and Lecht & Rink Refraktia. One fan believes that RKS:F will involve the Doc Robots in some way. For the uninitiated, after defeating the first eight Robot Masters in Megaman 3, the Megaman 2 Robot Masters came back as ghosts in the form of Doc Robot. Going by this theory, after killing the eight main bosses, the four Doc Robot-analogues will appear. This will give the player one last challenge before finally getting to the fortresses.

Another theory is that [erka:es] is holding back the names of four more bosses. This one is also not without a foundation, since the Doc Robot stages of MM3 came two MM2 Robot Masters to a stage. But where would the other bosses come from? Either [erka:es] is keeping something of their own up their sleeve, or there are more winners of the boss creation contest than we first thought. Both options would lead to a much more challenging game, as the creators have stressed before. And if either is true, there's definitely more speculation to be had.

This brings us to the most enigmatic and strangely persistent of rumors. It all begins with Axelle Blitzdonner, a character created by someone known only as Mint Mania IIDX. Attempts to contact Mint have been unsuccessful, but this has not deterred the fans, who remain firmly convinced that Axelle will appear in the game. RKS fans on 2ch seem to be most vocal about this, saying that it would be unfair if all the winners were Japanese if an American likes the game enough to enter the contest. Could she be one of the unannounced bosses, if indeed there are any? Considering the name Axelle Blitzdonner is positively charged with references to electricity and we haven't had one boss of that nature yet, it's a possibility.

Will the Doc Robots appear once again? Is [erka:es] holding out on us? And what about Axelle? We'll find out as the release date for RKS: Freudenstachel gets closer. If any other rumors surface, we'll certainly bring them to you as well.


  1. Thanks for the info. It's interesting to hear the rumors, I really wonder how Freudenstachel will work.

  2. The other four bosses could just end up being fortress bosses, unlikely I know but it's a possibility.

  3. In Hongfire's RKSF post, we thought some time ago of that theory of Doc's robots... It makes lots of sense.
    We'll see that in C76 only, maybe..