Wednesday, February 25, 2009

RKS, Pixiv, and You

This picture is so badass I had to post it. Found here.

Some of you may be familiar with Pixiv, and if you're not, there are a few tutorials around that show you how to register and work with it. It's actually quite the treasure trove for RosenkreuzStilette artwork in a world of RKS obliviousness, but sadly, there really isn't a lot of it, especially when compared to the ranks of, say, Touhou. Maybe we can do something to send this ship in a different direction.

And so, I encourage Schwer and Schwer Alike readers to try their hand at their own RKS fanart! I know many of you will probably say you can't draw, but seriously, go check out Pixiv. That really doesn't stop a lot of people, and it shouldn't! Be creative with your work. Digital art, hand-drawn creations, even a quick Photoshop like some of the RKS Challenge banners! We need to make the English RKS fandom known, and what better way than through artistic expression! And yeah, this includes fanfiction too. >_> Maybe we can host all this stuff in the inevitable Wiki.



  1. Oh yes ♥
    This picture is why some of my friends know what Rosenkreuzstilette is.

    <- Some little western art. 4,5 pieces, at least

    Yes, I know, deviantart, but it's RKS fanart :P You're right about the fanstuff, though. It'd help for sure. Lets see~

  2. Yes, my lordo! Already found some very nice (and also some not so great) pictures of Freudia. Unfortunately, my artistic talent is nonexistent, but I look forward to seeing what other RKS fans can produce.

    I've been using this page for my RKS fanart means thus far. Looks like there's a lot of overlap.