Sunday, March 1, 2009

Big-Breasted Tia and Why Freudia Sucks

So this one slipped by me. Apparently, [erka:es] updated the last slot of the RKS Freudenstachel character page with a picture of Spiritia. Everyone seems to have gotten a boob job for the upcoming sequel (except for Luste, who is still flat as a pancake of justice, and possibly Schwer, who for all we know could be a boy), and I'm not really sure why. Sex sells, I guess, and I know WOMI's got a thing for enormous chests (featured on his incredibly NWS website), so maybe it's not all that far-fetched.

Everyone who has played the Freudenstachel demo, be they from this side of the Pacific or that, can pretty much agree on one thing: Freudia, as a playable character, sucks. She takes as much damage as Grolla, deals as much damage as the pea shooter Seele Gewehr, and has no special abilities to speak of (such as being Grolla). People on 2ch are currently wondering what in the world Freudia's going to get to make playing as her not a chore. Most of the ideas seem to revolve around special weapons she'll get from bosses, which include clones of weapons like Megaman X's Chill Penguin weapon "Shotgun Ice", Megaman X2's Crystal Snail weapon "Crystal Hunter", Megaman X3's Blizzard Buffalo weapon "Frost Shield", or even Megaman 1's Ice Man weapon "Ice Slasher". Other ideas include a suitable Beat clone (maybe Strudel will prove to be better than Lilli) or a hovering mechanic a la Megaman X4's Boots upgrade. Or maybe she'll just be terrible, and no, Freudenzwinger isn't enough to make her worthwhile. Don't get me wrong, I love Freudia as a character, but let's face it. The surgeon that did her boob job must have taken out something that made her good, because she just doesn't have it. A pity, really. :(

Here's hoping!


  1. Breast are truely exagerated and out of the point, otherwise the redesign is quite good for Libea or Grolla... Let's wait for the final game.

    I think Freu's "uselessness" compared to Grolla, is part of the new hard-orientation of the game... The challenge is bigger, as for the chests.

    We could expect another mode like Grolla's for this game too, maybe ? Schwer "super-slow motion" mode ?
    "While running, can Schwer finish the intro stage in less than ten hours ? Try out !" ^_^'

  2. I didn't think it would be possible for her breasts to get any sillier.

  3. Even though I haven't played the demo yet, but they might improve on Freudia when given the chance. As for Spiritia, They should give players the option to play as either Tia or Freudia.

  4. Actually, Freudia doesn't take as much damage as grolla does. some enemies, for example, will inflict 2 damage to spiritia, 3 to freudia, and 4 to, really, freudia isn't THAT bad in terms of stamina. Also, while freudenstachel cannot be charged, it rips through normal enemies like no tommorow and can hit enemies that are normally too low to be hit by seelegewehr

  5. Don't forget that Spiritia *also* has access to Freudenstachel (there's a reason she sometimes has the nickname "Freu-tia").

  6. Personally, I wish they'd have made Freudenstachel ala MMX9 or so - Like X/Zero/Axl as possible playable chars (Tia, Grolla<3, Freudia) and you pick one and go frm there.

    Oddly I am better at playing Freudia than Spiritia...

  7. Haha ^^

    Better not, though - while I talk some about the game, I'd actually be an embarassment to every fan of it.

    ...I die to Libea. ^^;

  8. Ha ha. Well, regardless, we are in need of some sort of general meeting place for RKS discussion... I wish people would use the Facebook group. Oh well, I guess I'll have to wait until my site goes up.

  9. Are there even many RKS fans to begin with? I'd imagine the number would be rather small because it's probably a rather obscure game. I did see some fans on Livejournal (that's where I got the info about it from, first) but that's about it...

    And as for facebook...I don't even know what facebook is xD Can you eat it? A forum would probably be easier.

  10. From the community I know, we're like ten or so... In the whole world, there is surely a significative fanbase maybe... But they don't presumably talk about it in a forum or so...

    With the new RKSF's Libea, more people have reasons to die at the first "konfrontation", now ^_^'

  11. Oh my God, Tia is moƩ. :D
    I dunno about you guys, but I kinda like playing as Freu over Spiritia, aside that Freu takes double damage like Grolla. At least she can still fire Freudenstachel if its energy runs out (think Metroid Prime 2: Echoes, sans charging the weapon to fire it). Hey it could be like Macha said; Spiritia, Grolla, and Freudia could be the RKS versions of the X Trio (Mega Man X, Zero, and Axel respectively). ^_^/