Tuesday, March 3, 2009

It looks like sperm.

I wish I was making that line up. Once again, another page of this mysterious doujinshi has appeared on the RKS uploader. Everything is incredibly vague, and honestly, I can't really think of what's going on or who the author could possibly be. Oh well, we'll just be on the lookout for more pages. By the way, WOMI made an update in the staff blog today. Something about enjoying metal music. He also revealed that he updated the page for Spiritia and didn't post about it, because he was feeling lazy. I can stand by this guy.

Oh, also.


  1. Iris, you evil megalomaniacal maniac! Just who do you think you are, using Sichte as a human shield in front of Grolla, huh?!

    Anyway, cool screenshot. Hey Letty, did you actually make it, or make an edit to the game and take a shot of it by any chance?

  2. Poor Grolla ;_;

    Indeed. Iris stop it! Nifty screen all in all.

    The...comic is odd, though.