Sunday, March 8, 2009

RKS Availability

Availability of RosenkreuzStilette in its physical form seems pretty much few and far between. Paletweb, pretty much one of the only places to purchase doujin software without venturing into kanji territory, has been sold out of the game for months now. I've been on their waiting list, trying to snag my own copy of the game, for so long, I had finally decided to ask a friend of mine in Japan to get me a copy from there and send it to me. This is a disappointing turn of events, especially for those of us who do wish to purchase doujin software (and honestly, this number should be higher than it is, especially for a quality game like RosenkreuzStilette). Therefore, I'm currently trying to think of a way to sell copies of RKS through this blog. As long as there are copies (and according to my source, they really aren't super-rare), I would like to get my hands on them so they can be sold to the people that want to play this awesome game, so that [erka:es] can get what they rightfully deserve.

We'll see how this pans out. Do any of the Schwer and Schwer Alike readers support this endeavor?


  1. I've been trying to get ahold of a copy for myself for quite a while now as well. Himeyashop briefly had it in stock not too long ago, but the day I went back to order it was out of stock again. Have you tried sending a mail to Paletweb asking them about it? They were pretty understanding when I wrote them before about some old Touhou promotional items, even bundled a few in with one of my orders for me since they still had some in stock. Never actually thought to write them about getting rks until now.

  2. Considering that I'm totally clueless about the world of doujin importing outside Paletweb, anything that makes things easier for me is A-OK. If you started supplying RKS through Schwer and Schwer, I'd buy it.

  3. Actually, I've had the pleasure of dealing with Letty's Japanese contact first-hand. The guy was quite friendly, and after a bit of small talk, he proposed a deal and quickly made good on it: a few weeks later, a sealed copy of RKS was sitting in my mailbox.

    Quite frankly, I was going to endorse the guy alongside the release of the English Trial version. He didn't mark up the price, and his payment schedule was pretty fair (a down payment with the rest due at ship time). I'd much rather do business with him than pay ridiculous shipping & customs fees from now on when I import. I've already told him he can expect to hear from me again when Freudenstachel is finally released (if not sooner).

  4. I got my copy the same way you did - A japanese contact. But I've also noticed it's extremely hard to get online.

    I can't say one way or the other since you're bound to run into a lot of abusive jerkwads, but if your site's goal is to spread the love of RKS, then that's a great way to do it.