Monday, March 23, 2009

RKS Popularity Poll Results

And the popularity poll ends! The fans have spoken, and the winner of the poll is the Princess of Permafrost, Freudia Neuwahl with 25 votes. Our original heroines, Grolla Seyfarth and Spiritia Rosenberg, trailed behind her with 17 and 14 votes, respectively. Poor Raimund and Michael, our Castlevania clones, just couldn't get a break this time and were beaten out by a bunch of little girls with amazing scores of 0. It's a shame, really.

Thanks to everyone who voted in the poll!


  1. Sweet :) Poor big-breasted Tia. Freudia is flat...

    I demand another vote! :)

  2. Tia-sama should've won

  3. I expected more for Schwer... Even in her own blog, she lost: how sad !

    With decent score from Luste too, I'd say flatness is the true way of winning.

  4. Maybe we should vote on the best designed level or the best stage music next...

  5. @PreddY:

    Or maybe what genre the next RKS game should be!

    BTW, Freudia, according to everyone, is awesome,

    I hope in RosenkreuzStilette 3, they make Trauare playable. Why? Cause she's blue! Blue is my favorite color!

    Or mabye Gorlla should be in RKS 3.

    And WHO THE H### is Tia?

    Now before I wrap things up, the perfect RosenkreuzStilette game, in my opinion, would be a Super Mario clone, with most of the female characters playable. Because if you want an awesome game, have a s###load of playable characters!

    Oh, and I think [erka:es] should do some male characters for a change.

  6. Nah, I like the female characters and that the male ones are special/evil characters, females have better warscreams, soundsets and such...btw, its Spiri(Tia) ;)

  7. I wish Schwer-Muta would've gotten more attention. Glad to see I'm not the only one, though.


    I'm going to wholeheartedly disargree with you in general.

    Per my experience, two or even one deep & complex playable characters are better than a flock of one gimmick clones. For example, compare Mega Man Powered Up to Mega Man Maverick Hunter X or Mega Man X4. All of them are great games, but MMHX and MMX4 have clearly deeper control systems while niftily avoiding any one-trick-wonder problems, which I found to be a problem in MMPU.

    On that note, Trauare might work, but that'd mean either having a Grolla clone or not having Grolla at all, neither being very enticing possibilities in my book.

    Having majority male cast would be pointless because at least 90% of all single player games are already like that. For a perfect example, see the entire Mega Man series. In my opinion having more of the cast male would take away a lot from the cuteness in the game.

    I don't like the idea of making RKS a SMB clone, either. 'Sides, there's already Super Marisa land. Not related to RKS in any way, but it's probably a worthy stand-in for that. Then again, if you're excited about doujin gaming in general you've probably played it already.

    Of course, some times game developers hit a gold mine while doing some changes in a game series' genre, but I especially like this particular sub-genre ("Mega Man" genre, if you will, or to lesser extent, "Metroidvania", though random wandering isn't my cup of tea), which is why I'd prefer that [erka:es] would keep exploring this genre even further rather and taking a 180 degree turn to something... less desirable.

    That's what I think, anyway.

  8. (o_O) Woha, thanks.

    And no, I didn't play Super Marisa Land, although I downloaded it and can't get it to run.

  9. Whatever you do though, don't play Super Marisa World, it's horrible.

    @Cremator: I didn't really mind the way they did characters in MMPU, it was sort of to be expected in a classic game that they really couldn't do much with the bosses... the only one I'd say they didn't even TRY to do anything unique is OilMan, but he just sucks all around. And TimeMan, GutsMan, and Roll were different enough from the others.

  10. Any definition of "flat" that includes Freudia is a bit... skewed, if you ask me.

  11. I highly approve of Majutsukai's comment. I knew I forgot to mention something earlier.

    Also, PreddY's fixations are starting to scare me.

  12. I'm surprised that I'm the only voter, IN NEW JERSEY, that voted for Grolla-san. I would vote for Luste, 'cuz she's cute and remains me of a certain otaku in an anime (hint: "A flat chest is a rare status symbol among women!"), but Grolla is too bada** for words... well not as bada** as Zero from Mega Man, but she's bada** nonetheless.