Sunday, March 22, 2009

RosenkreuzStilette Music Mod

As heard in my last mod video, I'm currently experimenting with a music replacement mod for RKS. It's not that I don't enjoy the music already put in the game; I just think it would be neat to change the soundtrack up a bit. Check out these two videos, and let me know what you think so far.

Last day for Double-Cross entries. Also, last day for voting.


  1. Meh, although I like mods, im completely against replacing any music in RKS. Why improve something that is already perfect? I wouldnt download this.

    But, how far is your translation mod? Was nice to hear what Tia is saying to that Spider :D

  2. Althought I'm a complete fan of the original soundtrack (I even listen most of its songs while driving my cars), this is a nice thing to do.

    It adds even more replay value to this game, changing our habits, and the music choice you made go along quite well. Even if you didn't replace the "Goldene Schloss" one ^_^

    I'm really curious to test this mode once completed, good luck !

  3. While I like the two Freudia choices as well as the Schwer-Muta one, I'm not so fond of replacing the music as such.

    It is interesting that you can do it, though. I wonder what else one can change o.O

  4. The translation mod would surely be better to work on, Letty :) Music mod will just have minor interest, while translation will have huge.

  5. I heard you the first time, PreddY. Please stop bugging me about it.

  6. Yes... I can see the potential with this mod. And I'm not talking about rickrolling in the final boss, although I don't think that's a bad idea, either.

    Mind giving me the names of the tracks? Some of the tunes sounded pretty nice.

    Since where on the subject of translating, is there a site where one could find the translations for the game script? Or perhaps YouTube vids where the translation is annotated like in your video, Letty Whiterock?

  7. >Mind giving me the names of the tracks? Some of the tunes sounded pretty nice.

    They're in the description of the YouTube videos.

    And we should have something for you guys very soon. :3 Be on the lookout.

  8. Hi guys, some news of this mod ? :-)

    I'm looking forward to it, as well as the other things in preparation ^_^