Friday, March 13, 2009

RKS Challenge 006: Double-Cross

Challenge #07 will have a cash prize. Just throwing that out there. Today's Physical Challenge is called Double-Cross! Already shuddering at the sound of it? I hope so, because this will probably be the most fun one yet.

Enter the password, and head straight to the only available stage. Beat Sepperin Stage 1. As soon as Spiritia teleports off-screen, pause the game and end it, saving your replay.

- During the stage, the only powers you are allowed to use are Eins, Zwei, and Geister Wand.
- You must buster-duel the Cross Wall.
- You cannot slide (except when necessary to progress).
- Any damage taken will add 5 seconds to your time.

Now, do the same thing as Grolla.

- Any damage taken will add 10 seconds to your time.

Best total time wins!

To submit your replays, please use the RosenkreuzStilette Uploader Site. Please follow these easy instructions.

1) Name the .rpy files whatever you want, ZIP both of them, and upload the zip here. (Note: Please make sure your replay is in a .zip archive.)
2) Enter "Double-Cross" in the comment box.
3) Click here to upload the file.

Please leave a comment with your name and the number of your upload. Good night. Good luck. And Go. Beyond. Go Beyond.


  1. Just to clarify, sliding with Spiritia is forbidden except for that one part where it cannot be avoided, thus differing from your next post where you link to a replay of yours, in which you slide in other occasions, too?

    And you can dash with Grolla without restrictions, right?

    Oh yeah, what's the due date?

  2. Yes, with Tia, you cannot slide unless you have to. Also, the replays I posted do not apply to the contest. They are just for reference.

    And yes, Grolla has no restrictions. She wouldn't let me.

    Due date is one week from the time of posting.

  3. Cremator -

    Grolla was a bit of a generic chore but the Spiritia part was certainly interesting.

    The times are 1'47'09 and 01'37'10 (+20 secs for damage abuse). I'm eager to see if you can beat times in the small amount of time you have left.

    Good luck and have fun. :)

  4. Tanin with #12.

    Spiritia - 1'50'25
    Grolla - 1'35'86 (+30)

    For Spiritia's, managed to use a few tricks to theoretically cut time on Cremator's run, but poor execution killed whatever advantage I had and we got to the boss at the same time. And Cremator just does better than me at that part.

    For Grolla, I screw up part of the stage and get hit one time too many, but my base time is less than Cremator's, so I'm satisfied.

  5. I'm not done yet! The Grolla version was a bit sloppy on my part, so I redid it. In fact, I made two versions; one which takes two hits and another which takes three hits and finishes 0.8 seconds faster (mainly for reference purposes). The Spiritia run is the same as before.

    Cremator - #13

    The times are 1'47'09 for Spiritia and 1'33'40 (+20 seconds penalty) for Grolla. The three-hit version clocks in at 1'32'60 but because of the +30 second penalty it doesn't apply for the contest, of course.

  6. I should've watched Tanin's replays before redoing the Grolla run. Great strategies, Tanin. I didn't even know you can dashjump off ladders. <_<

  7. Moonblade13 as #14 (So close to my favorite number >.<)

    This is my first challenge I've tried, but I can't say I did too well compared to the others ;>.>

    Ah well, it was fun doing it anyway. btw, awesome naming sense for the challenges so far. =P