Sunday, March 15, 2009

Further Assistance Required

I've received more than one instant message claiming that my challenges are evil. So I uploaded this for you guys.

Here's a set of replays that I made a while back. In them, I defeat the Cross Wall with both Spiritia and Grolla without taking damage. Use this as a reference. Are there better ways of handling it? Yes, especially with Tia. I just wanted to give you guys a little help, considering everyone finds the Cross Wall so impossible. :3

And if you don't remember how to download things from the RKS Uploader, here's Luste again.


  1. Your challenges *are* very evil. That's why they are challenges, though, I thought that was the point ^^

    People should be happy. At least they are able to get the damn wall below half HP >=/

  2. I sooo suck with Grolla in this stage, with the cross-wall ! :'(

    I'll try to improve this week-end.

  3. ...beating the stage on the last life with Grolla, and totally failing with Spiritia, seems kinda weak :(

    Funny stage for sure though <3 Reminded me of that dragon in Megaman II I believe...who was far easier...

  4. It is indeed Willy Castle 1 from MM2, except some cosmetic changes, and harder...
    Arg, why do I fall so much ?!