Sunday, September 13, 2009

A Quiet Frontier

Nothing new in the world of RKS that I can see. There's some new art showing up on pixiv and DeviantArt, I guess. The pixiv art is pretty good; most of the DeviantArt stuff just makes me angry. I really don't want to start ranting about it, so I won't, but for the love of all that is holy, stop doing this. I barely see art on DA from people who are actually fans of the game. 90% of it consists of SuperJustin art trades, and it's really irritating, especially when the characters are portrayed so inaccurately. (While I have to say that there's something quite endearing about that Schwer, THAT'S NOT SCHWER.) It's genuinely rage-inducing.

So I'll be in Atlanta this weekend for Anime Weekend Atlanta half-advertising This Is Not An Anime Podcast!, so if any of the Schwer readers happen to be going as well, we can meet up and yell at people for not cosplaying as RKS characters, unless there is an RKS cosplayer, to which I will hug them, male or female.

That's pretty much it thus far. Unless something big happens prior to Freudenstachel's release, it's pretty much up to you guys to provide content. And I'm open for anything.


  1. I'm guessing you hate this one, too... T_T

  2. Noooo X_X they green-haired-bitched Sakuya, too O_o
    Instant kill !!!!!

  3. Hey now, a Sakuya-Sichte crossover makes sense.

  4. Letty, agreed IF it's well made, which it wans't in this precise case ;-)

    Sichte's abilities are a copycat of Sakuya's just toned down. Big boobs Maid ? <_<

  5. Honestly, if you know anything about Sakuya, that makes the joke even better.

  6. They're both homages to Dio Brando from Jojo's Bizarre Adventure and they're busty (Sichte's bust > Sakuya's bust), so why the heck not dress Sichte like Sakuya? XD Heck, Sichte herself is probably one giant reference to Jojo's Bizarre Adventure.

    Letty, it may not help much with the already bad piles of RKS fanart that deviantArt has to suffer and if it makes you feel better about deviantArt, I did take your suggestion and broke my own solemn promise, as an artist to never bother someone for fanart and requested someone to do fanart of RKS.

    The person I requested does superb work in my option, and when asked him to do RKS fanart, he was more than happy to do it and probably wants to get into the series since he like the characters (and its not because of Justin's reason of liking RKS because it had women in it) based from the e-mails I sent via deviantArt's notes. Don't know how it will turn out, but I DID gave him info from the RKS Wiki, so I think he'll do a decent shot at it...

  7. I meant opinion. Ugh. >.>

  8. That should be better maybe... Sichte's in maid outfit, why not, but I just can't figure Sakuya disguised in Sichte T_T

    Of course I know from who they're inspired <_< didn't you figured already, from what my alias' from ? ;-)

    But Sichte is a complete different type of character in my opinion... Sakuya's a kind of cool-minded madness herself.

    Sichte's not so original but doesn't look a copycat to me, even if she yells "tokiga tomare" every 30 seconds, she deserves better than cosplaying her supposed model ;-)