Monday, January 11, 2010

A Special Surprise in Store!

Very soon, I will be announcing a brand-new contest on Schwer and Schwer Alike with an actual prize! What is it, you may be asking? Well, I'll tell you!

The prize for this contest will be a copy of Kiora's C77 release, Rosenkreuzstilette UnOfficial AfterStory! Oh yes indeed! So, stay tuned!


  1. Sounds interesting. Contests are fun, but if it isn't an art contest I don't think I could do anything.

  2. Raaah of course I'll stay tuned !!

    Alright, last context I've been owned (2nd, because of the other's disqualifications)... But I'll do my best as usual.

    I hope there'll be more entries. Justin, try it too for instance ;-)

  3. All I can say is I'm shocked about this. Mainly because if we do win, how will we get an copy?

    Second, Let me explain something real quickly. Why the heck are we having another contest? Why can't Kiora just put it up for download so we don't have to get completive and compete over some un-official epilogue for the original Rosenkreuzstilette? (No offense intended)

    And third, I must address this line that Killing_Doll said.

    "I hope there'll be more entries. Justin, try it too for instance ;-)"

    I will not be joining this contest. for a few reasons.

    1. If it is an contest that requires us to play the original RKS or the ~Freudenstachel~ demo, I can not send replays, and I'll tell you why. I'm not an hardcore expert at Mega Man-styled games, so I don't want to get involved in something I'm not good at.

    2. If it's an art contest, the reason is because, as you may all know, I'm not that much of a good artist, and I could easily get defeated by another artist who is much more talented than me.

    3. Just like Dolis Warmind, I too, can become very jealous, especially when there is an prize involved. In fact, this is the main reason why I had dropped out of Viper's contest and participate as an judge, in order to avoid feeling defeated and depressed by someone who draws much better than me. One of my friends had found out, and tried to perk me up, but it rarely helped at all. -_-!

    So I'm not participating in this contest, even if you all want me too. Sorry guys. I feel it would be better just to put the entire thing up for download.

  4. 1) Mailing address. It will be shipped to you from me.

    2) It's a doujinshi. You make it to show fandom and make money. That's how it works. I'm sure that like most doujinshi, you can eventually find it somewhere online, and if you do, whatever. That's your prerogative. We are offering a physical copy. To ask for a download of Kiora's work is kinda rude and messed up.

    3) I haven't even said what kind of contest it will be.

  5. 1)Well, I'd love it if I could get myself an copy without having to do this contest, especially since I am a very hardcore fan of RKS. (I know that would be kind of stupid, but I should get some type of reward for creating an English RKS forum and an RKS club over on DeviantART.)

    2)Yes, but remember the Naruto contest Viper continuously talked about? That contest had no prize, and many people had participated. (plus, I can highly bet Kiora will be receiving no money from this contest. (Again, no offense taken) I'm sure the full doujin will be posted online soon. (And FYI, you are hosting Tearis and Zorne's B-Day for download, which both were made by Kiora)

    3) Regardless of what kind of contest it is, I'm not joining. (and heck, I even stated I was going to start my own RKS Art contest on DeviantART)

  6. 1) You don't know much about getting things from Comiket, do you.

    2) Kiora was personally paid for this copy from my friend who WAS at Comiket and purchased three copies of the doujinshi from Kiora's table: one for me, one for himself, and one for this contest. As for Tearis and Zorne's Birthday, those are released online for free, and we are translating them as we go (though I am quite late on page 8).

    3) Then don't.

  7. Very well then. I'll stop ranting, since I seem to be going way overboard.

  8. Okay, I take that back. I'm planning on entering, no matter the cost, so I can make Killing_Doll happy and so I can try to get my hands on that book.

  9. I suppose I could enter. I am pretty good at playing the games ( I can beat all the stage bosses including Libea without too much difficulty,)
    and if it is an art contest, well, my drawing have improved a lot since I made precise measurements of the characters proportions.

  10. If it is a fanfiction contest, maybe I can try to enter

  11. My point is, no matter winning or not, it's a good thing that the blog's team thinks of contests. That's a nice way to wait for RKSF final release !

    And as a fellow "SaSa" follower, the least I can do is to pay attention when they think of something fun...

    I'm probably better at playing than drawing, but doesn't matter. The more folks, the more fun (if you could say something like this in english) ! :-)

  12. I'm also going to attempt to get a contest copy of Freudenstachel when it's released, so look forward to that as well~

  13. Killing_Doll:
    "I'm probably better at playing than drawing, but doesn't matter. The more folks, the more fun!"

    Glad I decided to join. :D

    "I'm also going to attempt to get a contest copy of Freudenstachel when it's released, so look forward to that as well~"

    Perfect concept for a prize.

  14. Please, teach me for Japanese.
    What Justin said.
    And, Letty's answer.
    ついでに言うとRKS Un Official After Storyは

  15. I will take a picture of the doujinshi book when I receive it, which should be shipped to me some time next week.

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  17. Hurray! I love Kiora's work. Looking foward to it.