Sunday, March 28, 2010

RKS Famicom Chiptune Music

Just added this to KreuzChannel. Give it a listen. It's pretty sweet. It's also quiet as hell, because Windows Live Movie Maker sucks. Further info on the tracks can be found in the YouTube video description.

Also, we may be looking at an extension on the deadline for the fan contest. I'll get back to you on that.


  1. Oh no! I should have known I was stupid for submitting my entry so early...
    Shouldn't the people who will enter know the deadline, and if they run out of time it is their fault?
    Anyway, I like the music. I am not sure what the first one is, though.

  2. Great stuff! The 8-bit style really gives the songs extra edge. Will these be available in .mp3 format at some point?

    ShivaDF: I am 93% certain the first track is from Iris Castle 1, ie. the mecha spider level.

  3. Your submission isn't final. You can submit whatever as many times as you need prior to the deadline. I'll compile the entries and let everyone know what the deal is by tomorrow. At most, it'll be a two week extension, and winners will be announced much later anyway. I'm still trying to finalize a few things, and I've been really busy with real-life stuff.

  4. @ ShivaDF: The remixes are: "Red Pollusion" by Maru no IE, "18" by AM3, and "30" by AM3.

    This is definitely the style of a Mega Man in the NES era. Vixy from Rockman PM might want to look at this since she makes some 8-bit remixes of music from video games herself. Rockman PM should make word of this (or anything going in the world of RKS) since they never put anything RKS-related over there. But my guess is their reason of neglecting to report anything RKS-related is that they would fear that Justin would troll against RKS again if word got out, not knowing that he's changed from a hypocritical 1337 f*g to a decent and decent guy who learned his lessons the hard way (no offense intended)...

  5. Oh, I can submit many times? Great. I will work on on my remaining stories/fanfiction before I post them

  6. I must say, I really like these remixes. They really sound like they're from a Famicom game. Makes me wish there was a NES-styled RKS. I would defiantly want to play it.

    Anyways, I'm happy about the contest extension. I'll be looking forward to the news tomorrow.

  7. My dream came truuuue O_o
    I'm a huge fan of these, I loved the FamiMari 8bits arrange of Megamari's soundtrack... And I was waiting for this.

    Did this guy, Cargo, made other tracks like these ?

    I'm alwys on the late side for entries... I'd be OK for April 1st, but if it's delayed, I guess it won't hurt. ;-)

  8. You are the man, Cargo!

  9. I am actually planning to make a RKS flash for the contest if there is an extension to the deadline. But if there is no extension, it doesn't really matter

  10. Letty, what are the news ?
    Delay or not delay ?...

    I still have to send mine T_T

  11. Hope my entries can help me win.