Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Time Extended

Yea, I'm going to extend this deadline by two weeks, meaning that all entries for the contest are due on April 15, 2010. Real life as well as a little procrastination have prevented me from getting a few things done on the contest front, but I am happy to announce that our good friend Kiora will be a judge for your entries! That said, if I can get the last bit of this done, a huge surprise will be in store for the winner! So get to it, everyone! I'll compile the entries I do have soon and will report back with an amount both here and via my Twitter account. We'll see what happens!


  1. Good news indeed. My entry is already pretty much done already, so let's just hope Kiora isn't too strict with judging it. (no offense intended)

  2. "...a huge surprise will be in store for the winner!"

    Will there be anything in store for the runner ups and everyone else that enters?

  3. I was going to send mine today, but it's better like this.

    I hadn't enough time at home to make the kind of submission I had planned, these days T_T

    Thanks then ;-)
    And welcome in the judge's lair, Kiora.

  4. Okay. I should fix up my illustration a bit.
    I hope Kiora doesn't judge me by his style, because it is totally different from mine...

  5. Sorry to barge in, but [erka:es] just made a news update in their blog. It's mostly responses to fan-letters.

  6. I'm not sure if I like this "huge surprise waiting" business, considering the possibility of it being negative cannot be fully dismissed at this point.

    "There will not be any prize :D", huh?

    Regardless, I might participate thanks to the extension, as there's something I need to finish and this is as good a motivation as any. Might not meet the deadline, but at least I would get started.

    Best of luck and motivation for finishing their projects to any and all who will participate! Looking forward to seeing your heart & soul poured into digital matter.

  7. I promise that if everything works out, the prize will not only exist, it will be well worth it.

  8. Well, let's hope. Because if I find out I did my absolute best to show how much I love the Rosenkreuzstilette series for nothing, I'll be disappointed.

    (sorry if I went a little rough, there.)