Monday, April 19, 2010

Deadline Extended Indefinitely

Hey, everybody! It's your old pal Letty! Some crazy things happened, and now my access to the internet is somewhat limited. As a result, I have not been able to do much of anything in regards to this contest or anything else. I will return when things are back to normal, but until then, the contest deadline has been extended indefinitely until further notice. Sorry for the inconvenience. You'll be seeing me again when my life is less hectic and a little more... energized.


  1. O... kay... This is a surprise.

    I can't say it's a totally unexpected one, though. I myself have been extremely busy as of late. A new full-time job, my social life, and eating, sleeping, and showering don't leave me with much time for anything else.

    Makes me wonder when I'll finally get around to playing through Fate / Stay Night. Or Kanon. Or Clannad. Or Wind Waker. Or Snow Sakura. Or...

    Goddamnit, my backlog is huge. At least I'll have plenty to do when I retire. Here's hoping I'll live that long.

    You young'uns better make the most of your free time. I can guarantee: you won't get it back later if you squander it now.

    Mint, good luck on whatever it is you need to work out.

  2. So, this is why you didn't notify that the contest's deadline had passed the day after it had passed and will no longer be taking any more future entries?

    Why are you still allowing submissions? You already extended the contest's deadline by fourteen days, and now you've extended it until you get your internet up and running? Why not just do it as it was before and just start judging the entries already submitted with your good pal Kiora instead of extending the already passed deadline? (keyword: already passed.)

    I would normally consider this good news, but in this case, it's mostly bad news.

  3. I agree with Justin. This does not seem fair to the ones who were aware of the previous deadline and changed their submissions accordingly.

  4. I agree with Justin and Shiva. This is not fair.

  5. I hope no one is using this to their advantage and making up another entry for the contest. The deadline already passed a week ago. Extending it after the deadline does not help. Only extending it before or on the day of the deadline works.

  6. Same thing there: that's not quite usefull for the regular SaSa blogers that have already posted their entry.

    Anther entry is out of the question, for me. Let's just wait for Letty, then ;-)

  7. Geez guys, quit your whining already. If Letty is going through some tough time right about now, then let him handle the situation. B*tching about the contest deadline is not going to help at all... ~_~

  8. @Viper:

    We are allowing Mint to do what he has to do before he comes back. We were just unhappy with the "extending the deadline after four days after the original deadline".

    Everyone has their own opinions on the situation. Some think it's fair, while everyone else doesn't think the same way.