Saturday, April 10, 2010

Exciting New Contest News!

Alright, so here's the deal. E-mails have been sent, messages have been received, and now we're good to go on the grand finale! Time for my big announcement!

In addition to Kiora's Rosenkreuzstilette Unofficial Afterstory doujinshi, the grand prize winner of this contest will also receive a special, personalized physical English copy of Rosenkreuzstilette ~The Blades of the Rose Cross~! That's right! What's more is that WOMI sent me a special [erka:es] logo specifically for the game case, so you'll be receiving a one-of-a-kind Schwer and Schwer Alike exclusive! Isn't that exciting!? I hope you think so!

The fan contest ends in about 5 days, so if you want this awesome piece of work, snap to it! I'm not sure when we'll be announcing winners, but I'll be keeping everyone posted. Good luck!


  1. Wow, now that's something worth looking forward to. Of course, I'm fine with just the Japanese version, that I burned to a disc and encased in an old DVD case with the RKS cover art, but I'm interested in seeing the special English version, even if it's just a scan.

  2. You fail to realize that I said it was personalized. Everything from the installer to the actual disc will be specially-made for this.

  3. *speechless*
    (sorry if I'm going a little off-beat with this, and If I upset anyone, especially Letty, but this is really beginning to irritate me to a whole new level.)

    I just wanted to get a preview of the game case artwork you had mentioned, especially the [erka:es] logo. And since you're currently offering it to only a single person, the winner of this contest and no one else, that's even more shameful to me.

    We all had worked hard to make our entries, and we all had our share in helping spread around Rosenkreuzstilette in the past, whenever it was through creating fan art, posting gameplay footage, or just writing a text review, everyone, not just a single human being on this planet, plus you, Letty, should deserve a chance to experience and enjoy this "awesome work", and Kiora's doujin, even if we have to get them the same way we get the official purchasable release of RKS, buying them offline.

    The problem is, the two prizes (Kiora's Doujin and the personalized English copy of Rosenkreuzstilette ~The Blades of the Rose Cross~) you're offering to the sole winner of the contest, are very rare items that are not available via online distribution or download, purchasable or not. This was how I felt when you first announced the contest only a few months ago. If it was a regular copy of the original Japanese version of Rosenkreuzstilette printed, wrapped and shipped exclusively by [erka:es], or if you would allow these items to be downloaded from online somewhere (again, purchasable or not) sometime after the contest's winner(s) are announced (does not have to be right away), then it would be perfectly fine, but the way it is now, It's disappointing me.

    (Again, I have no intentions on hurting anyone's feeling with the above comment, I just wanted to let out my opinion on what's going on.)

  4. Oh, and one more thing I should add...

    I'm not trying to jump on the ban-wagon, armed with a ban-hammer and just flat-out hate this contest, I find it to be a very good idea, aside from the selection of prizes, and the fact a very, very limited number of people will be able to experience the two items in full detail. I'm dying to get these two collectables just as much as everyone else who is participating in this contest, because I just love Rosenkreuzstilette a lot, and so that I can support you, Darkside Translastions, [erka:es], Kiora, and everyone else involved in the creation of RKS as well as it's English translation. And I'm saying this about not only myself, but the entire RKS English fan-community as well, who all have their own special ways of helping expanding it to much greater levels.

    So if you want

  5. Discard the "So if you want", I accidently left that in there. Sorry for triple-posting also.

    I also want to add that yes, I know this is a contest and I know prizes like this are offered all the time. But the way things are, It doesn't seem to work in my opinion.

  6. I got some very dumb questions: now is this special one-of-a-kind English Rosenkreuzstilette ~Blades of the Rose Cross~ going to be at the game's latest version or is it going to be the version of the original pressing? And is this going to be in Japanese or the game has been translated into English with the current English patch?

  7. I got a "dumb question" too...
    Will these prizes really be "one of a kind" to the point they'll never be offered again?

  8. @Anon:
    Kiora's doujinshi is NOT a one-of-a-kind item. Mint got two copies of the doujinshi from of friend of his who was at Comiket to pick up the doujinshi while his friend bought one for himself; one for Mint, the other reserved as a prize for the contest.

  9. I meant one of a kind, as in not counting Letty's or his friend's copies. Only one single person is getting the chance to read and fully enjoy Kiora's work? What if they already read the first few pages and really wanted to see what else happens in the story? (I know the plot was summarized on the RKS Wiki, but well, it's spoiler material.)

  10. "Only one single person is getting the chance to read and fully enjoy Kiora's work?"
    Again, besides Letty or his friend.

  11. Oh yeah, I am going to work even harder

  12. I may as well throw in my two cents on these developments since I'm sure a few among you are wondering what my stance is on this matter.

    First off, what I know for sure:

    The aforementioned physical English pressing of Blades of the Rose Cross is a standalone release and will feature the revised script and at least a handful of cosmetic tweaks here and there. The only (planned) difference between this version and copies patched with the upcoming v1.06a update will be the customized installer (with a special message for the contest winner) and that the case insert might be autographed by the translation team (assuming we find a way to have the package make the rounds).

    On that note, progress on the revised scripted is somewhat stalled at the moment since Ryusui and I have been quite busy (my new job rocks! ^_^). We'll ask that you please bear with us; I know many of you are already loving the little taste I gave you via the Dungeon.

    As far as I'm aware, Mint will be making both the disc art and the jacket freely downloadable on the site for whoever wants to print them out themselves (Mint, correct me if I'm wrong). The physical copy we make won't be anything too fancy (an inkjet label or a printable CD, as far as I know), so you shouldn't worry too much about being left out.

    As for making a commercial print run of RKS; I see a number of problems with this. First is the obvious intellectual property issues. There is no doubt in my mind that [erka:es] deserves the bulk of the proceeds, and I personally don't feel right about selling an amateur translation as a commercial product (if Rockin' Android joined forces with us for a commercial English release, that would be an entirely different story). Second, many of the so-called fans of the game have bitten the hands that feed them on more than one occasion. I'll spare you the spiel on pirated copies and illegal uploads (though I'll give kudos to JimBond007 for respecting our wishes). Pressing discs is not cheap, and when only 33 people have put their money where their mouths are in nearly a year, I'd have a hard time convincing anyone that a modest print run of 200 copies is worth the investment. I'm nowhere near arrogant enough to assume that the inclusion of our work is suddenly going to get people to open their wallets.

    On a related note: LostSeraph and ColonelRVH have officially earned my disdain. I was kidding when I told Mint I'd bow out of working on Freudenstachel the moment I saw something like this happen, but their repeated offenses are not-so-subtly encouraging me to rethink my decision. Seriously: stop it.

  13. As far as I'm aware, Mint will be making both the disc art and the jacket freely downloadable on the site for whoever wants to print them out themselves (Mint, correct me if I'm wrong). The physical copy we make won't be anything too fancy (an inkjet label or a printable CD, as far as I know), so you shouldn't worry too much about being left out.

    Let's hope so, because I certainly don't want to not have this "awesome" product.

  14. Drat, I forgot to put TDOMMX's quote in brackets.

  15. I participate just for the fun, but that's a nice idea you got, a one-of-a-kind edition of the game ;-)

    I finally send my submission... God I'm always late >_>

  16. Well, the deadline has finally arrived.

  17. Yes, the time hath come !

    Good luck to all the contestants ;-)

  18. Whew now is past the deadline. I hope everyone have chance to win though including me. Good luck guys

  19. *sigh* another extension. =_= Will this contest's deadline ever come?