Sunday, June 27, 2010

End-of-June News

Hello there Schwer and Schwer Alike readers, it's Justin, here with some things to say about recent events about the Rosenkreuzstilette series.

Besides that little preview of Trauare's sprite during development shown in the previous post, there has not been any official updates from [erka:es] regarding RKS in general since November last year. One good thing is that the full release of ~Freudenstachel~ is just a few months away. I predict it will come around August 15th, 2010 the latest, so it's great to know the wait for the first official sequel to RKS is almost over, unless it get pushed ahead (which we hope doesn't happen, since Freudenstachel has gone through three long years in development, and two playable demos).

The RKS Wiki, in my personal view, is currently looking well, aside from a lack of a logo and suitable color scheme, but the well-written content on the wiki is what makes up for it. It's one of the most well-written wikis that I've ever seen (how everything is written, not how accurate to RKS the information is, and I'd like to thank everyone for your great contributions, and for making the Wiki great. And there are also a few noteworthy things that have been posted on Grolla's Dungeon that are somewhat worth checking out. (And since we're on the topic of the Dungeon, I'd love to remove all the cruddy advertisements, but I don't have any spare change to by the "credits" needed to do so.)

Now let's talk about deviantART for a second, just to get it out of the way. Now I'll agree with Viper and say that it is true, there haven't been much on DA to change the somewhat bad reputation of artwork done by the English, but it is slowly (and I mean slowly) increasing thanks to the removal of artwork that should have never seen the lights of day (anything anti-RKS or Super C$ap "fanart"). In fact, not too long ago, I posted two things we could do to get RKS more well-known on deviantART. The first method being the commissioning of multiple artists already on dA with great talent, and the second is the upload of RKS artwork (both official and unofficial) by the original Japanese authors themselves on deviantART. It may seem difficult, but those are the only two methods I can think of.

Well, I'll catch you all later.


  1. Ah, I usually just look on silently, but I see a problem with the end there. Under no circumstances should one ever upload art that is not their own to one of these art site things. It's disrespectful to the original artists and whatnot, and I consider it to be art theft. So you may have to change plans there.

  2. What I meant was having the Japanese RKS artists create accounts on deviantART and upload their artwork there.

  3. Justin, while I'd like to take what you've said at face value, I have to reject your claim that the RKS Wiki is "well-written", "as best it can possibly be", or even "accurate". I'm not going to hold back, so excuse me if I sound a bit condescending:

    First, I've repeatedly explained the story behind this image. Isemiya is a big fan of visual novels, especially Nitroplus and their debut work, Phantom of Inferno. Count Zeppelin's design was inspired by Scythe Master from Phantom as well as our favorite vampire lord, Count Vlad Tepes Dracula. I decided to reinforce this link when I was modernizing the visual references in RKS. Despite having the artist's own words to go on... well, read the caption on the Count's Wiki page. I mean... really...? This is the kind of thing that Zakuro and Hissatsu - two of the character designers for Freudenstachel, I should add - were complaining about a few months back.

    Second, I'm amused and annoyed that many of the Wiki's contributors just accept the plot as it's being presented without examining its narrative depth. I think a comparison to Cloud Strife's backstory in Final Fantasy VII fits pretty well here:

    In the first half of FFVII, the unreliable narrator Cloud has the player and the rest of the cast believe that he was once an elite member of SOLDIER that fought alongside the "great" Sephiroth. Later, we learn that Cloud was a complete nobody in SOLDIER and that he made the story up to make himself sound important -- he merely took the credit for the actions of his departed friend, Zack Fair, to impress one of his childhood friends (who quickly sees through the lie since she was actually there when it all happened - and chooses to stay silent to avoid confusing their new traveling companions).

    Compare Cloud's warped sense of self to Iris. In Grolla's words, "You so desperately wish to believe that you're special...". Iris and the Count are the only people who claim that Iris inherited the power of Rosenkreuz, and the two repeatedly show that they just believe what they want to believe and wouldn't hesitate to lie - even to family and friends - if it furthers their own agendas.

    As for Iris being the heiress of Rosenkreuz's power: when you think about it for a moment, how could that make any sense? Instead of inheriting the strength of her ancestors, Iris gained the power of a man martyred a few decades prior with no blood ties to her whatsoever? Of course, plenty of people try to make a name for themselves by claiming to be the second coming of Christ, so this isn't anything new. And, when proof comes that you're not as invincible as you once thought, a "missing piece" fits quite well (pardon the pun). Much better for the ego than admitting you were wrong from the start, right?

    My point here isn't that the Wiki is copy-pasta'ing details from the game. It's that the contributors to the Wiki aren't thinking what the words they're copying actually mean. While the above shouldn't be taken as gospel, it shows a degree of critical thinking far greater than I've seen in most of the pages of the Wiki. Nearly all of the "Personality" sections are (poorly) paraphrased from the character cliff notes I wrote up during Letty's "RKS Waifu" poll - which took place long before the translation hit full stride. Besides, there's a glaring mistake on Trauare's bio page that no one has ever questioned, far less pointed out, and another on Tia's page that even contradicts gameplay (which someone pointed out, but no one dared approach us about).

  4. That said, I'm glad to see you stepping in while Mint is away, Justin. I'm pretty tied up at work (but, damn, I love my job!), so I don't have much time for anything besides a quick post here and there. Don't take any of my comments too personally; use them as food for thought to make the Wiki really become the best it can be. Remember that I'm tearing our translation to pieces whenever I have the time for the sake of making it even better. Nobody improves when all they hear about their work is "it's good" instead of some honest, if scathing, criticism. I've told you this before about your artwork, and I'm saying the same thing about the Wiki.

    I know you're better than this. And by "you", I mean everyone here.

  5. "Until proven otherwise, the narrative is always right."

    Just because it could make sense that Iris doesn't have half of a god's power like she claims, doesn't mean it holds any ground in the story. The story presents us with an extremely powerful ten year old (or whatever Iris' age is), arguably far more than any of the other Magi in the series, Spiritia included, who is half a god herself. Spiritia ultimately wins not on her own, but using her friends' borrowed powers, including the fact Freudia had to save her life at least once.

    It is not a stretch, as such, to take Iris' word for it when she says she inherited half of Rosenkreuz' power. Who says they're unrelated, anyway? Was Rosenkreuz called Rosenkreuz Rosenburg? Who's to say his bloodline isn't split between the Sepperin and Rosenburg families? For all we know, Rosenkreuz's power circulates in the veins of all Magi, and he could have half-reincarnated as anyone. It just happened to be Spiritia and Iris.

    As a general rule, when taking a piece of literature or story, always believe the narrative until told otherwise. This is especially true in the case of works without immediate sequels or Word of God to contradict statements.

    Should the Wiki outright say Iris has half of Rosenkreuz's power? No. Should it say that according to her, she does, and that she certainly displays the power to go with her claims? Hell yes.

  6. As a final point to this, the gap between "Japanese" and "English" fanbases can never be crossed. Both cultures have significantly different methods for handling things, the language barrier makes it hard for one to see the other's material intact, things like tone and emotion don't carry over as well, and we are used to wildly different forms of narrative.

    Case in point, the western audience is more accustomed to Holywood's style, where everything is revealed to you immediatly mosty of the time. The eastern audience is accustomed to 26-to-52 episodes per season animes, where things are drawn out until the final few moments. Westerners have brick-sized novels and comic books. Easterners have light novels and manga.

    The cultural gap is a mess for the average person, and since the language barrier makes misunderstanding or misreading intentions extremely easy, then it only takes a little spark to start a flame war between the two.

    Case in point, this whole crap about the RKS wiki being shit because the Japanese said so. Really? What I read is that they picked on small details like how we were comparing characters to other characters. Well, you know what? That section is called 'trivia' for a reason. It's useless fluff. It's inconsequential.

    If they want to take it so seriously, why should we want their input?

    What you are proposing is to bend over and conform to something we don't have to. You are absolutely right that there is useless stuff that needs to be pruned off the wiki or that shouldn't be there; in truth, I feel this way about Justin's art, as well, for all the speeches he gives about DeviantArt getting better. He still pollutes it.

    But you are wrong in thinking we should take it so seriously.

    If you really cared about the wiki that much you would lock it so that only people who are adept in both Japanese and English can edit it. That way you're sure only people who can see the original material can offer input and not "dirty" the precious, pure material the Japanese want to see.

  7. "...He still pollutes it."

    Just because my artwork does not contain perfect or near-perfect anatomy, or smooth, solid lineart/shading, doesn't mean I'm polluting deviantART. Me doing what "Early Justin" did last year would qualify as polluting.

  8. Thank you, Anonymous, for thinking over the theory I presented with a critical mind. I apologize for so blatantly trolling everyone to make my point, though.

    Although the synopsis I presented for FFVII is canonically accurate, the theory presented for RKS is just a theory - no more, and no less. As the author of the English version of Rosenkreuzstilette (I hope you didn't forget that detail while you were responding to my post ^_^;), I have to keep in mind the possible interpretations of each phrase and ensure that the implications of the Japanese version of any given scene are preserved in the English adaptation. That's a lot harder than it sounds, and it's one of the many reasons why I groan whenever I see a poorly-handled translation, be it a fansub, scanslation, patch, or professional release. I wouldn't be surprised if many of you overlooked the dozens upon dozens of stealth puns that are in the English script.

    The theory that Iris and Tia actually did inherit the power of Rosenkreuz and the theory that Iris and Zeppelin made everything up are exactly that - theories. Neither of them deserve to have their own dedicated sections on the Wiki. That's precisely what I was getting at (if in a somewhat roundabout manner).

    Anonymous, something tells me you might enjoy stories featuring unreliable narrators or works that mess with the reader's concept of perspective. Ever 17 is an excellent example of this, if you can find it (its English publisher closed down two years ago), as does Sharin no Kuni.

    Actually, the biggest offenses that Zakuro and Hissatsu were talking about were redacted months ago. I commented way back that my take on Iris's speech patterns were inspired in part by Light Yagami from Death Note (and Laocorn Gaudeamus from Fatal Fury). Someone, somewhere, misconstrued that to mean that Iris and Light had the same goals, mindsets, and motications, and the Japanese character designers used that as one example of things that weren't up to par with the Wiki. I must admit that the quality of the Wiki has improved since then, but I can still find traces of my earlier comments being twisted around here and there.

    In any event, I think RKS has enough serious issues in it to make the story worth taking seriously. Prejudice, discrimination, oppression, hidden agendas; the story has more in common with, say, Fullmetal Alchemist than it does the original Megaman games. On the other hand, I don't think it's so serious that flame wars should break out between its fans (save that for shipper-friendly harem comedies :-P).

    Yeah, I'm tired. I just got back from my night shift. If I start rambling, feel free to point it out. Just don't turn into Nelson Muntz about it.

  9. I suppose I will have to step in and draw the great RKS piece I have been planning.
    Also, I will say that Touhou has some terrible artists EVERYWHERE.
    I see messy hentai, crudely drawn characters, and cut off pieces wherever I look. Every series has its own share of awful art, and I say that we should all make the best art we can for them. If we just try and make people remove their bad artwork, they will never learn to get better.
    Also, I often see Touhou pieces that look great at first glance, but then I notice the artist was lazy and didn't put hard work into it. Then I see pieces that look messy but have much more spirit, and were worked on very hard, and I feel those are better...
    @TDOMMX: I think you mean Vlad "Dracula" Tepes. Dracula is a title I think...

  10. @ShivaDF

    Yep, Dracula is a title, just like "esquire". It identifies Vlad Tepes as the descendant of Vlad the Second (better known by his nickname, "Dracul" or "The Dragon"). Like "esquire", the title follows his name; it's not placed before or in the middle of it. There's a reason for that:

    In plain English, the man's full name translates to "Count Vlad Tepes [the Third], Son of the Dragon". Many translators trip over this detail and use the title as a prefix or middle name when it's meant to denote his father's nickname; "Dracula" literally means "Son of the Dragon" and must follow Vlad's name whenever it is used.

    Konami has proven that they aren't the greatest at etymology (Belnades / Fernandez, Soleiyu / Soleil, etc). Curiously, they got it right in the opening of Symphony of the Night. Still some translators insist that an author's / developer's oversights are never to be corrected. Some examples: the Gratuitous German in Fate / Stay Night ("Scbwester" vs. "Schwester"), "Arucard" / "Arkard" (vs Alucard) in Hellsing, "Teletha" Testarossa (vs Theresa) in Full Metal Panic, "Milfeulle" in Galaxy Angel (as opposed to Millefeuille), and so on.

    A more recent higher-profile example: Louise-Francoise Leblanc de la Valliere. Her name is quite clearly French (which I speak fluently). Strangely, every fanboy misspells her middle name "Le Blanc", turning it into a pseudo-nickname ("The White"). All nouns in French have genders which must match their subject, so, if this was intentional, the name would be "La Blanche" and not "Le Blanc" seeing as Louise is a girl. That's not even counting the fact that colors have a significance in the story and Louise is famous for being colorless / void / Zero.

    ...Yeah, I have thing about blatantly screwing up names. Stems from everyone insisting my name was pronounced "Leaf" since kindergarten. Even the "Word of God" doesn't shut them up.

    Sorry about that tangent. Twenty-two years of lame jokes and puns do that to you.

    Still, it doesn't hurt to question why a name was written the way it was. I did a double-take in Lunar - Silver Star Harmony when I read "Jessica Alkirk" instead of "Jessica de Alkirk", and, as it turns out, there was a well-justified reason for the change. The same is true for the names in RKS - I wouldn't have changed "Trauere" to "Trauare" or "Sepperin" to "Zeppelin" unless I was absolutely sure I knew what I was doing. And you can bet I'll be doing the same in Freudenstachel.

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  13. Sorry about that. For some reason, Blogger posted that comment in triplicate. Fixed. (^_^)

  14. Some little fights, as we've seen many times about the Wiki and artworks... Do we really need this ?

    But that leads to some interresting discussion, about name translation and misleadings. You can count me in for the French ones, it's so fun to see some details which are often grotesque.

    Exemple: the game La Pucelle tactics, with some characters like Culotte (panties... I can't help but laugh).
    Even the Rockman Zero series have some french names placed everywhere without any sense (Girouette, Alouette... What ? Does it have to be ridiculous ?).

    That's always funny... Same for the German things.

  15. "First, I've repeatedly explained the story behind this image. Isemiya is a big fan of visual novels, especially Nitroplus and their debut work, Phantom of Inferno. Count Zeppelin's design was inspired by Scythe Master from Phantom as well as our favorite vampire lord, Count Vlad Tepes Dracula. I decided to reinforce this link when I was modernizing the visual references in RKS. Despite having the artist's own words to go on... well, read the caption on the Count's Wiki page. I mean... really...? This is the kind of thing that Zakuro and Hissatsu - two of the character designers for Freudenstachel, I should add - were complaining about a few months back."

    I'm probably the one to blame, but this is WAY before I knew anything about Phantom of Inferno, Scythe Master, or Nitro+...I doubt this going to help any...

    "In any event, I think RKS has enough serious issues in it to make the story worth taking seriously. Prejudice, discrimination, oppression, hidden agendas; the story has more in common with, say, Fullmetal Alchemist than it does the original Megaman games."

    So did Tales of Symphonia with prejudice and discrimination towards half-elves, too. It's been a long time since I've played Symphonia, though.

    "Even the Rockman Zero series have some french names placed everywhere without any sense (Girouette, Alouette... What ? Does it have to be ridiculous ?)."

    Let's not forget Vile and Vent and Mega Man ZX since those names are French, too.

  16. I think you meant Aile and Vent ("wing" and "wind", respectively). Vile is plain English for "rotten", "wretched", "hideous", "grotesque", or "Justin".

    I kid, I kid. :-P

    Alouette and Girouette are the French words for "skylark" and "weathervane", respectively, for those that were curious.

    On a completely unrelated note, does anyone know a reliable place where I can buy Taiyo Yuden dual layer DVDs? I've just finished burning three Memorex coasters in a row, and I suspect the entire spindle is bad. I've had more failures than successes with this batch, and I thought my burner had gone bad - except I'm using a brand new burner that works just fine with my other media...

    Time to find my receipt and get a refund. Memorex, you'll never get a penny from me again.

  17. I'm not sure if Google searching for Taiyo Yuden dual layer DVDs is going to help since I haven't found a place where they can purchased and many of these links I'm skeptical about.

  18. Personally, I don't really care about RKS's story that much. I habdle it much like Touhou, it's just there to complement a good game with awesome music. Having worked in a videogame(that unfortunately ended in nothing)I have to say that the story is one of the last things you come up while development.

    Now, about DA, just let it die. DA is a den of terrible and idiotic fanbases, along with terrible artists that think they are perfect and refuse to get critique on their work.
    True, there are some exceptions, but if one sees clearly, these people just use DA to expand their art that is usually hosted on other sites, or the author's page.
    I remember a saying from a few years back: "DA is 50% bad artwork and 49% furries, only 1% is worth it."

  19. My dad thinks that deviantART is for artists who want to expand, similar to a freeware game designer who makes free games and then, if they are popular, tries to make games for selling. So of course not ALL of the people and DA do this, but I suppose many of the "better" ones do. I am not in any mood for selling artwork, however.

  20. DA is just for whoring yourself out. I got my own account for 6 years now iirc(2+ years now almost inactive), and there's lots of people who watch my work or fav it just so they can lure me to go to their page to get more views. In the beginning, I used it to upload stuff I did so i could show people in other boards and such what I had done.
    If someone watches/favs my work, fine, but I wont go to their sites. On the other hand, if someone comments on my work and gives advice or critique, I would gladly try to contact that person, either in DA or other places.

  21. Personally, I'm a fan of video games for both the story and the gameplay. If the narrative gets an F, the game doesn't get a passing grade in my book. A great story and great music help make a great game, but a plot that insults my intelligence is a big cue that the game isn't worth my time (if the devs didn't spare the time to make a half-decent story, why should I waste time playing it?).

    As far as I'm concerned, a good story is crucial to a truly great game. See: Portal, Heavy Rain, and a good percentage of Japanese visual novels (I wouldn't be such a huge fan of the medium if this weren't true). Unfortunately, Daniel Floyd is right on the money about designed-by-committee games: why write great stories when merely "passable" ones turn a greater profit? Lion, I highly suggest you watch his video since he makes a lot of great points about storytelling in games that you'd be able to appreciate.


    My brother is pretty active on DeviantArt, but he's the only one in my family who is. I have a lot less free time than I used to, so I have pretty much no incentive to pay the site more attention than I already have...

    Oh, I've found a site that stocks Taiyo Yuden and ships to Canada. Score!

  22. I didn't mean that the story wasn't important, it just really depends on the type of game.
    For example, Super Mario Bros, what's its story? The princess is kidnapped, go and save her. That's it. You don't need a really developed story to enjoy a good game.
    On the other hand we have Visual Novels(although I don't count them as games, just another form of story telling)and games like Metal Gear which are pretty much story driven. In these cases you MUST have a well developed story. In fact, these are the only exception that story should be one of the first things that one has to come up with.

  23. Anonymous who posted those first two big hunks of text returns from vacation to answer things!


    Of course I take your theory seriously; as seriously as any other theory. Theories being just that, they must be investigated, debunked, and if they hold validity, be put somewhere, at least for reference. In the case of a series like RKS, where the canon universe is practically unestablished, where a lot of contradictions can be found, and where so few characters and methods are presented, theories make the bulk of the story.

    For example: Spiritia's wiki entries claims it's the power of Rosenkreuz that lets her copy other Magi's stuff. Really? Because Freudia can do it too. I'm pretty sure at this point all Magi can "copy" stuff. Spiritia has a purer weapon, so can copy things integrally (it IS called Soul Rifle). If I had to attribute the power of Rosenkreuz to anything, it would be Spiritia's infinite ammo, since Freudia doesn't have infinite ammo on her basic spell. 'Soul Rifle' powering on the soul of Rosenkreuz = infinite ammo = makes sense. Iris seems to have gotten spiffy wings and firework out of the deal instead of that.


    Sorry, but you still have no room to talk. Your art has barely improved, and you still have that 'Superjustin Wiki' thing going on. What would the Japanese think about the English RKS fanbase if they saw that? You're practically claiming the characters as you're own, you're making games and facts up, you're inventing character relatives (which, by the way, is what we call Mary Sues and Gary Stus)... jesus, man. You're probably the worst thing to happen to the English RKS fanbase since it EXISTED. Take all that misleading crap down, stop submitting your artwork to Pixiv for the Japanese to see and laugh at us, and then we can talk about "fixing the fanbase".

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  25. Ah, welcome back, Anon.

    Rosenkreuz had the ability to "tap into the strength of others". This much is indisputable.

    It likely means that Rosenkreuz was able to recognize a person's inner strength and show them how to harness that power to improve their lives. Iris, in her dementia, may have interpreted those words too literally and figured that Tia's copy ability was somehow related to Rosenkreuz's talent. As far as I've seen, there is nothing in the game or official documentation linking Spiritia to Rosenkreuz other than the ravings of a certifiable lunatic. Freu mentions that Tia is the only person that can beat Iris, but that may simply be because she's copied the powers of all of her friends and isn't still recovering from having her ass handed to her - not because she must allegedly fight the other half of her own soul. We never hear Freu's explanation, so that will have to stay up in the air for now.

    Seelegewehr's having infinite ammo is already explained in the manual. It has nothing to do with Rosenkreuz or copying abilities. If the mana in an area is depleted, Seelegewehr becomes powerless.

    Also, Freudia has never shown that she can copy powers. She can adapt her ice manipulation powers to create a new attack based off of those she sees, but she can't perfectly copy an enemy's attack. The closest she can come is trying to slow down time, which, as Sichte's bio notes, isn't so much stopping time as speeding herself up really, really fast.

    Lion, I'm curious what you think of Snatcher, Policenauts, Trace Memory, Hotel Dusk, the Ace Attorney series, Time Hollow and the Suikoden side-story titles. Many of these are regarded as great games, yet you posit that these aren't games at all... No offense intended; I'm just trying to pick your brain.

    Quick update: I'm going to be unavailable for the next little while. Without going into too much detail, I have to file an appeal with the Canadian government to have some confiscated goods returned, and I think this is going to take a while. I never thought I'd have to fight for the right to play an RPG, but I'm up for the challenge.

  26. Damn it. What's with all these "Request-URI Too Large" errors causing multiple posts...?


  27. @TDOMMX:
    All the games you listed, except Suikoden, are like old-school adventure games, games which it's main focus is to tell a story, with some little gameplay to enhance the experience. It's like text adventures but with graphics so you don't have to relay that much on your imagination.
    I do refer to them as games, although I have an inner debate with Snatcher and Policenauts. On the VNs, although some have gameplay elements(Utawarerumono, Rance), you pass most of the time reading. You may say "brb, gotta play some Rance" but you may never say the same with Umineko or Ever17.

    About Suikoden, I haven't played any of them. I had the first 2 lying somewhere around, but there's so much on my backlog(games and VNs[haven't even read Umineko 5])that I have to finish before I can add something else to it.

  28. @ Anon:
    You seem to fail to realize that the Super Justin Wiki has been entirely closed down for several months, with all of it's articles now blank. The only things that remain to this date on that wiki are broken redirects (redirects to non-existing articles), and a message I left myself after it was closed down. I have also, as stated in the above blog entry, taken down all references to Super Justin (which include pixiv.) that I could myself. The only things that I upload to pixiv, as of this date, are fanart of other popular series. Never again will I do or upload anything related to Super Justin, ever.

  29. Oh, and one thing...
    "Your art has barely improved"

    Go to my deviantART and take a closer look, and compare anything that was uploaded in June/July this year to the same exact time last year. I know I'm not the perfect artist, and will never be, no matter what I do, say, or draw.

  30. @TDOMMX:
    May I ask what was confiscated?

  31. Hey guys, I just heard from Mint on twitter that he's finally going to adapt some new ideas to the site, and give an update to April's Fan Contest.

  32. I took care of joven's spam comments, for now.

  33. Ha, the spammer just got Justinized !..

    That's good.

  34. Has anyone noticed? The diary on the [erka:es] site hasn't been updated since April. How wierd... I wonder why... Probably because the staff has been too busy?

  35. I hope so, they must have a lot to do with RKSF right now...

    But it's weird - And kind of scary - that they don't give any news of the projet.

  36. Well, as of the day I'm writing this, the release date is 20 days away. So I think at this time, [erka:es] is probably spicing up the last few details of the project, testing it, and making the case artwork. WOMI possibly will keep us occupied with a picture of Pamela Arwig days before (or after) the game's release at Comiket.

  37. I just checked the Comiket catalog and I didn't see [erka:es] listed there...

  38. Looks like we're doomed... Again X_X

  39. So... does that mean all that waiting is for NOTHING?! ;.;

  40. I'd hate to be the one to say it, but I think it's fairly safe to say the games probably not going to come out. Ever.

  41. I knew this would happen, but I kept my mouth shut because people would call me a pessimist.

  42. Winter comiket 2010 maybe