Monday, August 2, 2010

The things my posting cannot cut are next to none.

Hey everyone. It's your old pal Letty, here with a much-needed update to Schwer and Schwer Alike about some things that have been going on and need to be addressed. I apologize for my long absence, and while I won't be around as prevalently as I was, I'll be here more often to say and do what needs to be done and face Grollschwert consequences.

First of all, I haven't forgotten about the art contest. It didn't work out as I had planned, so instead of the original resolution, everyone who participated will be receiving a special gift courtesy of Schwer and Schwer Alike with a special prize being awarded to the "winner" as chosen by our glorious panel of judges. I hope this is an outcome that will benefit everyone.

Second, it seems there have been some issues involving our English RKS Wiki, mostly in the realm of argumentative debate (see past comments), so in order to ease tensions and get some accurate information, I will be making an attempt to interview [erka:es] some time in the future, asking them questions about the story of RKS, behind-the-scenes stuff, and the future of RKS Forever... err, Freudenstachel. This will help greatly improve the accuracy of the original RKS script and help us better understand the world of RKS.

Finally, because I'm trying to get back into honing my own writing skills, I will be authoring a fan novelization of Rosenkreuzstilette -Grollschwert-. It is not to be considered canon, of course, and will feature a re-telling of Grolla's journey to both battle the forces of the Holy Empire and stop Iris from beginning her reign of terror. The novelization will most likely be done in light novel format, complete with a small collection of illustrations. It is a project I am very much looking forward to working on, and it should be completed at some point before the holiday season.

That's all for this update. I'll be back at a later time to address some other things. If you have any questions for [erka:es], please include them in the comments, and I will do my best to compile the best ones. I want everything involving our RKS community to get better, and hopefully, this will be the first start. Thanks.


  1. Nice to see you're back, Mint. The fan novelization of ~Grollschwert~ does seem to be in fact a good idea. I also hope the "special gift" you mentioned for everyone who took part in the art contest is worth the wait, just incase I don't get the "special prize."
    I also like the "interviewing of [erka:es]" idea to help improve on the RKS Wiki, and the RKS canon itself.

    And as for what I want to ask [erka:es], I want them to know by heart that I am no longer a bad person attempting to destroy their fantastic series, and that I want to be good friends with everyone that participated in RKS's development, including Isemiya and WOMI themselves.

    Mint, if you'd like me to do anything to help out the RKS fandom in any way possible, I'll gladly do whatever I can. You (and also [erka:es]) have my proud support.

  2. Nice to see you come back, Mint! I think I look forward to your interview with [erka:es].

  3. Ok Mint. hopefully the special gift you mentioned will worth the wait

  4. Hi there Letty/Mint, glad to read you again ;-)

    I hope RKSF won't share Duke Nukem's fate, thought... We'll have plenty of monthes to think about that now, as it looks like X_X

    Well then, see you later ;-)

  5. "First of all, I haven't forgotten about the art contest."

    Don't you mean the fan contest, not art contest? I guess three months of absence can do that to ya...

    Well, I may as well add some questions here for Isemiya and WOMI to answer because there's a good handful of stuff I want to ask them and [erka:es]. Alright, here's goes:

    What was it that brought you, Isemiya and WOMI, together into working on Rosenkreuzstilette in the first place?

    A question for WOMI: who or what was the influence and/or inspiration for your artistic style and why did you decide to work in the hentai doujin industry?

    What was the inspiration for each character in the Rosenkreuzstilette series (Spiritia, Freudia, Grolla, etc.)?

    What was the reason that made you decide to take Rosenkreuzstilette, which was originally going to be an eroge game according to TrickMasterMint, and turn it into an homage of Capcom's Mega Man franchise, among other things?

    A question for both WOMI and Isemiya: who are your favorite characters of the Rosenkreuzstilette series? My guess would be Sichte as one of WOMI's favorite characters because of his preference of women with large breasts, as seen in his artworks of Clair Lasbard of Star Ocean: Till the End of Time and Tear Grants of Tales of the Abyss.

    What are some of the influences behind the world of Rosenkreuzstilette, its settings, and its characters?

    Did you expect this kind of reception to have this much praise of the Rosenkreuzstilette series? If so, what other doujin soft series would you compare it to (i.e. Touhou)?

    What do you think of the Western fanbase of the Rosenkreuzstilette series?

    Can you tell us something about yourselves (your background, what you do, your interests, hobbies, etc.)?

    And can we expect Rosenkreuzstilette ~Freudenstachel~ to go into digital distribution after Comiket just as the original Rosenkreuzstilette did?

    Those are some of the questions I can think of that I want to ask them...

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  7. Hello Mint,

    I myself don't really have any important questions for the creators of erka:es, I only hope that the next game comes out soon. I don't care about the characters much anymore, mostly just the gameplay and music, so... yeah. (That's a little odd for me because I want to be an artist, but I can only wait so long for another game until I reach my breaking point.)

    Have you been doing alright?

  8. I'd also pretty much ask everything Viper stated in his comment, because I too would like to know a bit more about both Isemiya and WOMI, and how Rosenkreuzstilette, it's characters, and it's gameplay style was thought of. I also have these questions for them:

    Do you plan to move from making Rockman/Mega Man clones after the release of ~Freudenstachel~ and focus on other genres besides platform games?

    For WOMI: Why don't you submit any of your promotional RKS artwork to Pixiv or any other sites?

    Do you plan to release a fansite/press kit containing hi-res full-body artwork of the characters in all of their appearances to date?

    Do you have plans for a RKS 4-koma series?

    Do you have plans for different types of RKS merchandise? (i.e. PVC figures, plushies, cosplay outfits, e.t.c.)

    When you started your character-designing contest for ~Freudenstachel~, how did you like the entries you received?

    That's all I can think of for now.

  9. One thing I'd like to mention, just to get it out of the way:

    I hope that the two items (the special gift and special prize), whatever they may be, become available to everyone not involved in the contest.

  10. I'd like to see an eroge from [erka:es].
    Also, a more dark game would be nice, something kinda like Koumajou Densetsu.

    And Justin, all the merchandise that's done for any product/series is managed by external companies.

  11. Are you still accepting questions?

    I wanted to ask them if the new characters introduced in Freudenstachel will be permanent additions to the cast, or exclusive to this game.

    Sorry if this is too late to be of assistance.

  12. @Anon

    I know I'm not [erka:es] when I say this, but I assume since Dolis and Strudel aren't part of the Black Cross, they will probably last throughout the entire series, unless Isemiya and WOMI decide to kill them off in a future game. (the later being what will most likely happen to the Black Cross in RKSF, similar to how Graf Sepperin was destroyed by Iris.)

    And I also have one other question myself. Will we ever get a glance at Karl and Rosenkeuz's appearances?