Monday, January 3, 2011

RKS Site Update? Projected C80 RKSF release? Gasp!

The long-awaited update to [erka:es]’s site is finally here! And what an update this one is. What should I comment on first? Well, I guess I’ll handle things in order.

First things first, there’s an update patch for the original RKS that will bring the current version of the game up to 1.06b. This patch makes the following changes to the game:

  • Changed the Key Config in the Options menu. The game will no longer allow the same key to be used twice for the OK/CANCEL/START/PAUSE functions. Also, controls can no longer be bound to function keys or special keys.
  • Fixed a bug where if you collected an item right before it disappears, the game would freeze. (Did this ever happen to anyone?)
  • Fixed a bug in which non-correct passwords would work anyway.
  • Fixed a problem where the game FPS would skyrocket in the case of losing focus to another window.
  • Fixed a bug where moving the mouse to the top of the screen in full screen mode would crash the game.
  • And a bunch of other small changes.

And now for the moment you’ve all been waiting for… Freudenstachel news! The actual projected release date for RKSF is summer of this year, so we’re looking at a Comiket 80 release, folks! They posted up two e-mails from English speakers about the development status of the game, and they’ve assured us all that they’re working on it, and the planned release date is this year. Will we see another delay? Only time will tell! I doubt it, though.

This is especially because we have some new treats: screenshots! The title screen has changed, and we now have caps of an underwater area and a forest level. As many of you may know, the Wood Zone was originally in the beta but was taken out before the final release of RKS2; the only accessible beta stage is the Hidden Palace Zone, which was reused in Tia & Freu as the resting place of the Chaos Smaragde. Anyway, the water area is probably Trauare’s stage, and the wooded area is most likely Luste’s. In the original RKS, you basically destroy Luste’s little sky palace place a la Storm Eagle, and in the April Fool’s screenshots, Hero of Justice Luste was encountered in a forest level. We’ll just have to wait and find out!

The RKSF web demo is slated to receive the bug fixes from the 1.06b patch. Instead of releasing a patch, they will be releasing a brand-new trial version. I wonder what secrets this one has in store for us?

That’s essentially it. Go check out the screenshots. I encourage traffic to their site, so please go there and stop putting literally everything that ever happens on the wiki. Thanks!


  1. It's about time we get some good news on RKS. We've waited long enough.

    So yea, I knew from first glance that those two stages are Trau and Luste's, and it seems Luste is getting the Guts/Woodman treatment. But hey, at least RKSF is leaning towards a Summer '11 release, then I can finally purchase and play the long-awaited sequel. "fangirl scream"

  2. "the only accessible beta stage is the Hidden Palace Zone, which was reused in Tia & Freu as the resting place of the Chaos Smaragde."

    Is this... a test to see if we're paying attention?


    At first glance of the forest stage, I figured it would be Eifer's given she can manipulate flora (i.e. throwing those leave at Freu). Since the game is back in development, only time will tell... Luste's will the first stage will play in this game! X3

    Oh yeah, that bug in the game where the game freezes if I picked up an item just before it disappears did happened to me once during Iris Stage II. And I was doing a 1CC No Cross Tank run, too...

  4. Hum, I should ponderate this so, er....

    I'd go for Eifer chan's forest stage... Nemure !

  5. Can't wait to spindash Sichte

  6. I'll believe it when I've beaten the game and see the credits, not a moment earlier.

  7. I think Eifer's stage will be the forest one. In the April fool's screen shots, Luste's stage looked much grayer and less rainforest-y.

    My hopes aren't up all that much, but this is a nice surprise.

  8. Keep in mind that Eifer is a Dark Magi and is not on the initial boss list. She may have control over plants, but that doesn't mean much when you consider that much of Sichte's stage took place in a sewer.

  9. Long time since I visited the blog.
    It was time we got some word from it. I had already lost faith on a release.

  10. It goes without saying that we'll be releasing a revised version of the English trial alongside the English 1.06b localization, if not before.

    While I'm not proud of the fact that I've essentially been dragging my ass with RKS-related work as of late (I finished the additional graphics edits ages ago, but stopped the remaining work short of messing with the 1.06a executable); this turned out to be a blessing as all of my rks.exe and rks_e.exe files were corrupted by the unwanted visitor Letty mentioned a few posts back. Given the amount of work required to localize the executables themselves, let's just say I'd be very displeased if I had to redo them from scratch for the fifth and sixth time. It's be nice if I could just copy-and-paste the previous work; too bad it's nowhere near that simple.

  11. Although this late to ask, but is possible for [erka:es] to fix something the window size settings? I want to use the x1.5 setting (800x600px) since the monitor my brother uses is a 1400x900px monitor, but the game always turns out like this.

  12. So I see you got another copy of RKS...

    What's wrong with playing the game in window or fullscreen? I do it, and I'm fine with it.

  13. Happy Chinese New Year, everyone. I won't be back until Saturday cause I am celebrating chinese new year

  14. New [erka:es] update (kinda off topic unless someone says otherwise): WOMI just posted up a new piccy of Luste on the [erka:es] Blog.

  15. Wow, fan-service Loliluste ! O_o

    Not for us girls, thought. But the artwork is pretty neat.

    I'd love a new web trial, now...


    Also Happy (late) Year of Twei Inaba.

  17. must...resist... DAT ASS!

  18. It's impossible for me to resist Luste now. I've haven't gotten my eyes off her cute butt all day yesterday and today! Who knows if it continues all week. X3

  19. Wow, that's one sexy Luste alright. My fan-service level just skyrocketed.

    Though apparently this Luste is based on the original design, not her RKSF incarnation. Still she's hawt, even w/o all that new stuff she got in the sequel.

  20. Oh, and one more thing...

    Viper, get onto dA and send me a note. We got some issues to resolve.