Monday, March 21, 2011

Hey, I’m revamping the blog soon.

I’m using the outdated blogger design, and I want to make things look a little neater. With that, I’m looking to remove the background and banner in their current forms, instead going for some original RKS artwork. I’d like to start by giving this place a new and unique banner featuring our title character, Schwer-Muta Casasola Merkle, and I’d like you all to help me out! This isn’t a contest deal or anything; pretty much anyone who sends me a banner that looks like some effort went into it will have it used.

Anyone interested in helping out?


  1. Probably not.

    You and Viper think my art is shit, so I highly doubt that I would even get my design(s) for a BG and banner picked. Unless your opinions about me and my art have changed.

  2. Hi ! I might be too short on spare-time right now, but maybe I'll have a go this week-end if I can ;-)

    Good idea, then. Any news about RKSF ?

  3. If I can take some time off from working on my RKS guide, I might be able to make some sketches then I'll reference it to draw it out on MS Paint. I lost Photoshop after my brother nuked the hard drive, but the Windows 7 version of MS Paint is starting be less of a pain than Windows XP's and Vista's version of MS Paint (especially the Text Tool).

    My guess is that with the recent turn of (unfortunate) events in Japan, I doubt there will be a Summer Comiket with Japan suffering right now. Either that or Rosenkreuzstilette ~Freudenstachel~ gets delayed yet again for the fourth / fifth time in a row. :<

    Jeez, at this rate, Rosenkreuzstilette ~Freudenstachel~ will become the RefleX of Mega Man doujins.

  4. C'mon Viper, You're already a contributor to the blog. Give the non-admins a chance.

  5. Oh, so you want an art battle Viper, my ultimate nemesis? It's on, bro. >:O

  6. Okay Viper, I admit I was going too far when I said "nemesis", but really, who was the one that called out "bipolar spit-fuck" then blocked him out of nowhere even though they were easily able to tolerate all complaints/jokes he has received.
    And not to mention, personally attacked the other person just for different opinions of RKS.

  7. @SuperMoronBros:
    Who the frig said anything about "I want to art battle you", SuperMoronBros? Letty just wants to someone to give him something new for the blog. Nothing more. Nothing less. I've been doing my guide for MONTHS because I'm willing to put my - sucky - artistic talents aside actually contribute to [erka:es] and the RKS fanbase (and unfortunately, that includes people like you).

    If want to turn something that pertains to nothing to do with you and your PMS-ing jealousy BS into something ugly, then I suggest you get your act together or get out of here before something bad happens to you (e.g. Letty bans you from this blog again).

    And F.Y.I.

    "Happy birthday worst friend ever!"

    I take that as offense, douchebag.

  8. @Viper
    'Bout time I get a reply from you.

    I will confess, yes. I am jealous of the many things you've done that I couldn't. But I've already been banned from the writer's section here after trying to make one of my thousands of many points. And for what? Just posting a little picture of your favorite RKS character that reveals the buttocks? Plus, even if I was banned, I can still come on here as an anonymous poster and still spread news regarding to RKS that neither you nor Mint were able to catch on. And that's why I wanted to get involved in writing on this blog in the first place.

    Plus, you've pretty much helped out enough with the RKS series. You tried to start a contest which only got 12 or so entries, and then I started one which only had 1 entry, that I was never able to showcase anywhere because I wasn't a blog writer yet, and then there's the whole "bringing RKS back to RockmanPM stuff." Just because you know much more about the series than I do (and because you hate my autistic personality and somewhat lower-than-average artistic skills) doesn't give you the right to call me swears. Remember that "worst friend ever" phrase? That's because you broke the deal we made in November 2009 (like not complementing my Bayonetta fanart which was anime-styled, even though you favorited a pic which had Bayonetta as a chibi, in obvious anime style). Many of the (fan)art I do is solely to please you. Yes you. I just wanted you to at least acknowledge the things I've done to try to get your attention and words. And FYI, I got the term "art god" from you and Mint, because your tolerance levels regarding art are super high.

    Plus, the reason why I wanted to art-battle you was so maybe you (and perhaps Mint) could realize that I have some admiration for RKS after you falsely claimed I didn't have any in your conservation with SimirrorofShadows on dA, and that I can draw some good art worth looking at that's not by a god. Plus, if Mint thinks I'm too much of a rat-ass-fcuk to even be able to write a post on this blog now and then, then I should be able to contribute something to the site.

    And I assume the RKS FAQ you're working on will contain a lot of "Touhou-chat". What exactly is it? You probably know from all those jokes that you were able to tolerate on deviantART.

  9. @Viper

    Anyways, fine. I'm sorry if I upset you. At this time, it's in my best interest not to let this consume any more of my time. I'm sick of arguing with you.

    I am not going to communicate with you anymore. I should have not called you Worst Friend Ever. Sometimes I say something before I think about the consequences.

    That's it. Goodbye. TT__TT

  10. Good idea, Mint. So I can move on to my real life and stop chatting with Roger/Richard.

  11. I found yet another issue with the game, but this time it's the replay. I have 15 different replays saved stored in the game's replay folder and I wanted to make another one to work with my guide. However, the game seems to hit it's maximum number of saved replays and will not allow me to save another one when I'm prompt to do so (either from quitting the game or the Game Over screen or clearing the game) unless I overwrite one of the older ones.

    Now here's the funny part. I went into the replay folder, copied some of the old ones and pasted them somewhere else, renamed them so they don't overwrite each other and throw those back into the replay folder so there's 17 replays in it now. I went to Replay from the title screen and there's another page for replays. So here I am thinking Okay, maybe now I can save the new one.

    Unfortunately the game still refuses to allow me to save more than 15 replays unless I overwrite an old one. I have the game stored into my brother's 1TB external hard drive and the game doesn't want to use all this file space it has to make more replays. So is it an issue with the hard drive it's in or there's something wrong with the game that [erka:es] needs to know about?

  12. Just rename the .rpy files. Infinite space.

  13. Hey, I got a good idea. Why don't we all raise a campaign to kill Justin and remove him from this society? He is a douchebag, rite? >:D

  14. To the anoymous who said this! You should be removed instead not Justin

  15. Original RKS banner for the revamp?

    Well, I'm working on something RKS related.

    What is it exactly? Well, a 700 hour project, that is.

    A sprite based animation that is movie length at one and a half hours.


  16. But you guys just love calling him a troll and a pathetic artist!

  17. And even though he apologized we still love to rub what he did in his face. >:)

  18. @Lee: That's easily Justin telling us how much of a sad, sore loser he really is.

  19. @Hugh Man

    Oh hey, you can do sprite work? I may need your help on a personal project as well. Certainly not 700 hours worth of project, but it's something. Let me know if you're interested.

  20. @Viper

    "That's easily Justin telling us how much of a sad, sore loser everyone on here, including me, thinks he is."


  21. @ Letty Whiterock:

    Sure. It also depends on what you want me to do. If it'll take more than a certain amount of hours, or it's something rediculous, I might charge you.

    If it's a short, five or less hour project, no problem.


    You can explain more here. It's the email account for my swords of sorrow series. I don't have enough fans for fan mail, though.

  22. This just in: we got a new erka:es update and now we get our first look at Karl Palesch (or Kahl as the site calls him). And it looks like he'll be a playable character and have a classic Castlevania playstyle, too!

  23. Wow, Karl's design is so cool (no seriously). Maybe now we'll start to see more males in the series. So that takes care of the other playable character scenario, and now the series has just taken a step to becoming Castlevania like.

    This is why I think I should be a writer of the blog. Because either Mint or Viper actually do a new topic based on a major update in the series, besides doing whatever they can to try and bring me down, despite the fact that I have changed.

  24. And you see that last statement? That was not being immature. The comments sections on this site is handled poorly, only because none of you guys can learn that I'm maturing, and not the same SJB I was way back then.

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