Saturday, March 19, 2011

Go donate to Japan. Do it.

Yeah, something really crazy happened over there, or something, and they need some MORNING RESCUE, so go find some Japan Red Cross outlet to donate to Japanese relief efforts. Isemiya and WOMI would be grateful, I’m sure.

★ - ★ - ★ - ★ - ★ - ★ - HELP JAPAN NOW ★ - ★ - ★ - ★ - ★ - ★ - ★­.
★ - ★ - ★ - ★ - ★ - ★ - ★ - ★ - ★ - ★ - ★ - ★ - ★ - ★ - ★ - ★ – ★

Links taken from this amazing video about the current state of the hip-hop industry.


  1. If I find nearest donation charity I can find to help Japan after the tsunami / earthquake and nuclear meltdown, my money is going to help them.

  2. I already helped Japan via Farmville. Yea I play that game. Don't try to deny it.

    And Viper, Do the world a favor, unblock me on DA, and shoot me a note. I want to resolve our little issues. I know you (and Letty) probably hate me, even going as far to remove me as a staff member of this site, but I'm giving you a second chance.

  3. Also Mint, Why exactly do you think I'm not fit to be a staff ember of this site? Is it because of my autism? Is it because I just wanted to make a point that Shiva DF already stated?

  4. and what does autism have to do with anything being a dick to Letty Whiterock?

  5. In Malaysia, I donate every time I see the charity for Japan

  6. @gojira4291
    Well, pretty much everyone on this site thinks I'm a dick, but that's only because Mint hasn't done anything for me, like er... I dunno, put up a link to Grolla's Dungeon? Apply my custom RKSF background to the site? Well listen, you guys think I'm a terrible artist only because I'm not perfect at anatomy, you guys think I'm a douche to Letty because I discuss his and Viper's flaws based on what ShivaDF said (like "he can't take criticism properly?")?

    And Viper, you forgot about this.