Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Rosenkreuzstilette AfterStory Sequel in the Works

For those of you who follow us both on Twitter, you may have noticed that Kiora and I were talking a while back about further RKS-related doujinshi works. Eventually, Kiora sent me a link to a blog post containing the latest page in his AfterStory tale. For those of you not in the know, the original AfterStory… story has Zorne seeking revenge against RKS for the death of her father while Iris attempts redemption by allowing Spiritia to kill her. Freudia appears to be overcome by Zorne’s overwhelming power, and Iris asks Tia to end her life.

Here’s the first page of the sequel. As far as I can tell, Spiritia is a very forgiving lady and doesn’t comply with Iris’s request. However, who knows what sort of things may be going on behind the scenes with Freudia and Zorne, so here’s hoping that we’ll see some serious action in the future!

If you want to keep up with this stuff or just see what Kiora’s up to on a normal basis, then you should follow him on Twitter and on his blog. I’m sure we’ll be seeing further updates. You’ll probably see them faster than you would here, since I’m really bad at keeping up this blog and RKS news and all of that.

There’ve been some complications on my end, so I can’t say for sure when you’ll be seeing the next “WOMI’s Latest Update” translation post. As a matter of fact, if anyone can read and write Japanese, I could probably use your help with some things here at Schwer and Schwer Alike, so please post a comment or drop me a line. You’d be a huge help. Well, that’s all for now. Thanks for reading!


  1. If I knew Japanese, or any foreign language, I'd love to help with the translations.

  2. I'm in the same boat as Justin.

    My skills are limited to making crappy sprite based animations.

  3. Another new [erka:es] update! This one features one of Freu's learnable abilities, the one learned from Dolis, which is now named Frostklinge.

  4. And just as I had expected (IMO), WOMI destroys Freudia's curtness with a new more serious expression.

    At least now we know the game is not far from it's final release.

  5. Serious facial expression in a semi-serious game series? Now, that's just unacceptable.

  6. @Justin

    Who the heck is Mint and why did you reply to their message?

  7. Hugh: TrickMasterMint, Letty Whiterock, and RuriHoshinoLover are all handles referring to the webmaster of Schwer and Schwer Alike. Some of us use his handles interchangeably, just like you could call me TDOMMX, TDO, or Leif and I'd answer to all three.

  8. Huh, did not know that.

    Well, thanks for the info.

    I guess I myself have two handles in that case. Castle Pokemetroid and Hugh Man.

  9. Yikes! Another new [erka:es] update has just been released, this time with a screenie of some of Freu's learnable abilities. It seems that her Luste ability has gotten the same name that her Grolla ability in the previous Trial versions has, plus she has two new abilities in the form of those similar to the Rush Coil and Rush Jet. From what I can tell, they appear to be Strudel-Coil and Strudel-Jet. Both seem to focus on the use of her fairy companion, Strudel.

  10. Hmm. I wonder how the Strudel Coil and Strudel Jet work. It's not like Strudel can actually morph into a spring or a jet-pad; well the RKS series is all full of magic and sorcery, so anything pretty much can happen.

  11. Strudel-Jet ! The sole name of it made me laugh :-)
    I can't help thinking about a flying cake !

    Justin the re-drawing of the characters seems to disturb you, but IMO the more serious expressions fits well to Freudia. We'll see when the game will finally be released (fingers crossed !).
    No words on the boob-job on the contrary(who said I'm jealous ?! >_>')

    I don't have much games for the moment that feeds my japanese greed... Can't wait for the final release or just another demo, at least T_T

  12. Freudia in Freudenstachel = Mega Man 5's Mega Man?

    Eislanze's icon looks more powerful and can do some damage and penetration. Wonder if it will bounce off walls from the earlier versions.