Sunday, November 6, 2011

RKSF Update: Strudel Coil and Strudel Jet

S.Coil Screenshot

And there you go.


  1. Ah, so Strudel just sculpts a Rush statue out of ice? Yep. Clearly WOMI wants to make Mega Man 11.

  2. Capcom's not gonna do it, so I applaud that.

  3. I doubt that Capcom will do anything with Megaman anymore.

    Good thing we have WOMI to continue making Megaman type games.

  4. Unless you count that awful Archie comic yeah Mega Man is pretty much dead.

  5. Why would Freu need the jet power-up? Can't she fly already?

  6. Flying and shooting?

    Why not just straight up mix Megaman and Touhou game play styles?

    I think it's better that Freudia isn't flying around and shooting stuff like a Touhou character.

  7. A) In MegaMari, neither Marisa nor Alice do that.

    B) Bass DID do that. That would make Freudia flying and shooting more similar to Bass than Marisa/Alice.

    C) Freu already exhibited that ability.

    It would be hardly mixing Touhou with RKS, since Mega Man already did that power-up before.

    Now, if RKS suddenly became a vertical bullet hell...

  8. New update on the [erka:es] diary.

    We now have a new screen of the pre-Sichte bossfight dialogue showing the old mugshots. I'm guessing WOMI has to update them into his new style and to match the new character appearances.

  9. I think I was thinking about Touhouvania, the Castlevania and Touhou mix.

    My mistake.

  10. Oh right Touhouvania... you know, it would be impossible to do anything Touhou hasn't done before.

    Mega Man clone? MegaMari.

    Mario clone? Super Marisa World.

    Giant Robots? Touhou Hisoutensoku has one. Not counting the Patchy giant robot in MegaMari or the many renditions of Kanako as a Gundam robot.

    The list go on. Basically, Rule 9: If it exist, there's a Touhou crossover of it. No exception.

  11. WOMI updated the blog again; though I'm not sure what he's saying.

  12. Well, I believe WOMI is saying something about having finished the dialogues in RKSF.

  13. And yet we have another blog update from WOMI. Wow. He's on a roll.

    Here we have the "Strudel Coil Get" screen with good ol artwork of Strudel and her Rush sculpture.

  14. New [erka:es] update: WOMI has updated the RKSF section with a new frontpage and new pictures of Freu and Strudel.